Signs of poor nutrition in the restaurant


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Signs of poor nutrition in the restaurant
The contents

  • Too fast service
  • Extensive menu
  • Food in restaurant network
  • Tasteless steak
  • Fried seafood
  • The problem with the replacement food
  • The smell from the freezer
  • Uncleaned toilet

Food in the restaurant is not cheap, since it is assumed that there is (in contrast to the usual cafes and street food) you can enjoy freshly made food of excellent quality. But not all restaurants meet expectations and can confirm their high level. Often to increase profits staff goes to various tricks, for example, gives customers pre-prepared meals that heat up in the microwave. In terms of quality these dishes are inferior to fresh, and to pay for a high price, at least offensively. Moreover, they may contain food not fresh, which is fraught with poisoning. How to calculate these dishes and keep themselves safe?

Too fast service

The first indication that the restaurant offers pre-cooked meals, is suspiciously fast service. Because cooking food takes time. And if the food was already waiting in the wings in the refrigerator, enough of them just warm. It usually takes a few minutes. In the end the waiter can perform much faster, as usually happens in restaurants, qualified for fast food. If this happens in the institutions of higher rank, you should think about the quality of the food. On culinary sites or in specialized books it is possible to know in advance the time required for cooking or other restaurant meals.

Extensive menu

If the menu is a volume reminiscent of the philosophical treatise, and the number of items in it — a list of references in the thesis, this is another reason to be suspicious. Even in the most reputable restaurant with an experienced chef will not unduly overload the list of dishes, this is because it will be hard to handle. Excessive variety of food in the restaurant is possible to explain only one argument — a big part of the menu is already pre-cooked. It is very difficult to have a lot of ingredients, especially seafood. So often cooks are stocking up on semi-processed, or frozen food with questionable expiration dates.

Food in restaurant network

Typically, a network of catering establishments different fixed menus with duplicate ingredients and range. Taste of the same dishes in all restaurants of the chain will be the same. It is quite difficult to achieve if the branches are different chefs. In such cases, it is easiest to serve already prepared meals or collect them on the specified schema from pre-defined ingredients that should always be at hand. But not the fact that this dish will be a success daily. So, food can lose its freshness. Often these institutions have a common kitchen, which produces special blanks, which are then frozen or semi-finished form are delivered to all branches of the network. And it is unlikely that the food in these places you can quality compared with exclusive restaurants, so the cost of meals should not be too high.

Tasteless steak

A good way to check the level of the chef and places in General is to order the steak medium rare. Usually it is prepared at least 15-20 minutes. Freshly made, the meat should be really juicy and not tough. If the steak chewed like rubber, dry or has almost no taste, then most likely it is the result defrost pre-prepared semi-finished or low-skilled cooks. But even undercooked fresh meat is markedly different from pre-cooked and warmed up. The fact that under the influence of heat in the microwave disrupted the old texture of the meat, which is not the best way affects the taste.

Fried seafood

If seafood menu is represented only in roasted, it also looks suspicious. Restaurants that only offer fried seafood, usually do not serve fresh fish. Seafood, deep-fried or on the pan, the easiest way to frozen foods. It is possible that they were treated not chefs, and employees of the fish plant.

Some unscrupulous kitchen staff can re-throw in the pan once fried fish or shellfish. Whether such a diet useful and safe? It is difficult to say. But if you want to eat really fresh seafood, it is recommended to book them in safe places with the opportunity to choose the ingredients on the bench with ice, which is usually located in front of the restaurant kitchen. And even better to visit places located directly on the sea.

The problem with the replacement food

Customers good restaurants or cafes should not be difficult to replace some of the ingredients in the dishes. For example, if a person doesn’t like cheese or garlic, it’s usually the waiter does not see any problems and reports on the client’s wishes to the chefs. As a result, the guest receives the personal order. If the staff denies the request of the client, then, most likely, the dish was already prepared, and its composition is difficult to change.

The smell from the freezer

Anyone who ever warmed up frozen foods or leftovers of yesterday’s meal, probably noticed while eating the smell of the freezer or refrigerator. In addition, the effect of the cold or otherwise changing the consistency of food and affects its aromas, shades and partly form. This is especially true when the basis of meat food products. Often on the surface of the steak was pre-cooked and warmed up, it is possible to detect the characteristic grayish spots, which left it cold from the freezer.

Uncleaned toilet

One more, very non-standard indication that the restaurant may be poor nutrition, is untidy bathrooms. Before you make the order, it is useful to go and check the cleanliness of the toilets in the school. According to experts, self-respecting restaurants will be very hard to treat the appearance of such premises and to regularly keep them clean and tidy. If in the toilets observed with dirty floors, cracked mirrors, broken plumbing, broken faucets and other deficiencies, it indicates negligent attitude of the staff and owners to work. And it is unlikely in such places would be decent kitchen.

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