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Simple diet for 5 kg

Diet for weight loss 5 pounds in a week will save you from extra pounds. On the Internet you can read about hundreds of different options of diets, how do you choose the correct diet that will allow you to cope with the extra weight?

The main difficulty of following the diet is that many of us often find it difficult to withstand the growing feeling of hunger, which is common for most variants of fasting. As a result, a few days later we threw your chosen diet, return to their previous diet, which leads to the fact that we re-gain weight.

You’ll be surprised that weight loss is often not required to sit on a hard mono-diet, which is popular only because it can give the desired result as soon as possible. If you select a more gentle version of the diet, it will allow you not feeling the hunger, to get rid of extra pounds. But the first results of this diet will be visible only after several weeks after starting the diet.

How to choose the optimal diet

The choice is largely up to you. If you feel the strength to overcome the feeling of hunger and are able to dramatically limit their diet to a solid mono will be a good choice for you. If the time to get rid of the extra pounds you are not critical, you can choose a sparing diet that largely normalize the diet, and thereby allow you to lose weight.

Weekly diet for 5 kg includes essential quantity of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which will allow you to begin rapidly losing weight. In the first days of following this diet you, it may be difficult to cope with the feeling of hunger. I can recommend you drink as much as possible, and that will allow you to “trick” the stomach and to overcome the feeling of hunger. After enduring a week-long course, you will be able to see the result in dropped pounds. That dramatically and gain weight the diet should be careful.

Not immediately after the diet to pounce on the food. Needas to satiety, you will regain your old weight, and all your work and deprivation during the diet will be in vain. Try even exit with a diet plan to adhere to the rules of proper nutrition that will allow you a long time to maintain your optimal weight, without the danger of a sharp set of pounds. In compliance with all conditions such a simple diet for weight loss 5 pounds will allow you to quickly lose weight.


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