Simple exercises and routines for weight loss and slim figure

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Simple exercises and routines for weight loss and slim figure

The contents

  • Bath as a tool for weight loss
  • Beauty treatments
  • Diet for a slim figure
  • Physical activity for weight loss
  • Alternative ways to become slim

To make a coherent piece without too much stress for many women. And these desires are quite feasible. There are several ways to lose weight that can give a guaranteed result. Some of them will require applying slight physical effort or willpower, others are able to make the weight loss process comfortable and even enjoyable. The use of multiple methods in the same complex will not only become slimmer, but also to fix the result for a long time.

Bath as a tool for weight loss

Russian bath – one of the most pleasant ways of getting rid of extra pounds. And thanks to the “steam” can not only lose weight, but also significantly improve the body. In order to achieve the desired effect, we need to practice the following algorithm:

  • mix the honey with the salt and gently rubbing this mixture in the body (especially problem areas);
  • sit for 5 minutes in the steam room, then get out and wrap yourself in a warm Bathrobe;
  • after 5-10 minutes, rinse the honey-salt mixture with warm water, wipe the body dry with a rough towel;
  • re-apply and repeat the procedure.

Such calls in a steam bath should be from three to five. While there, it is recommended to do massage problem areas with a broom. Such procedures stimulate weight loss, help detox the body of harmful substances, decomposition products and excess fluid.

A temperature increase provokes the acceleration of the metabolism, heart rate and blood circulation. The result of peeling honey-salt mixture, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. Only it is important to know that it cannot be applied to the body in the presence of external damage (scratches, wounds, ulcers), as well as various dermatological diseases or allergic rash.

One such bathhouse “promises” weight loss of 1-2 kg even without correct nutrition. During the procedure, it is recommended to drink only tea, preferably herbal and in small quantities. Also, before visiting the baths should be taken into account and its contra-indications: these include diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, diabetes, serious diseases of internal organs and the gastrointestinal tract, the acute form of rheumatism and arthritis. In addition, care can’t be combined with diuretics.

Beauty treatments

Good results in weight loss can be achieved by using the procedure of cosmetic body wraps. They contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the tissues, the excretion of excess fluid, the lymph drainage, saturation of the cells with nutrients. In addition, such procedures make the skin soft, supple, smooth and delicate, as well as eliminate cellulite.

If you do not want to adjust the power, but want to reduce the volume of the body by 2-4 cm to 2-3 times a week to do seaweed, clay, coffee, honey mustard or pepper wraps. After application it is necessary to wrap the body in several layers of cling film and wrap yourself with a warm blanket (or warm in another way). After 40-60 minutes you need to wash the mixture with warm water and apply body cream.

After these procedures, will be not only weight reduction but also reduction of cellulite. Before you do wraps, you need to conduct an Allergy test and be aware of the following contraindications: skin, cardiovascular, gynecological and oncological diseases, pregnancy, acute form of diabetes.

Diet for a slim figure

For quick weight loss you can use the so-called Express diets: cabbage ten-day, three-day Apple, or buckwheat, is designed for a week. They promise weight reduction of 7, 2-4 and 6-10 kg, respectively.

Slightly less resulting in a “light” diet. It is possible to lose up to 1,5 kg of excess weight per week. The downside of these methods is the high probability of failure and a rapid return of weight loss when switching to the old diet. Therefore it is better to adjust the diet and change eating habits. How to do it:

  • to start eating small meals 5-6 times a day;
  • drink per day 1.5-2 liters of clean water without gas;
  • always eat Breakfast;
  • dinner 3-4 hours before sleep;
  • consume at least 1 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight and 30 g of fiber a day;
  • to abandon harmful products (semi-finished products, fast food, smoked, sweet, fatty, fried food, pickles, etc.) in favor of healthy food (fruits, vegetables, berries, low-fat dairy and dairy products, lean meat, etc.).

It is also recommended to cook in a gentle way (boil, braise, bake, cook for a couple) and to count calories to ensure a deficit. This will help to make losing weight the correct, comfortable and safe.

Physical activity for weight loss

Physical activity helps to become slim faster and maintain them in the desired form. To improve the terrain of the body is recommended to conduct regular fitness training, including exercises to reduce waist, strengthen the press, correct posture, development of all major muscle groups.

However, for weight loss and achieve harmony you can do without exhausting sports training. You just need to be active at any time and under any circumstances. So, doing daily chores, you can do leg swings to produce the tilting in different directions, perform squats and lunges. While watching a movie or favorite show you can quickly walk in place while in transport to practice static exercises, but the joint.

In their spare time or during house cleaning, it is recommended to include rhythmic music, dance to it or just do active movements. It helps to improve blood circulation and start a spontaneous process of weight reduction.

Alternative ways to become slim

There are other ways to become slimmer without sport and nutritional intervention:

  • Calcium intake, accelerating metabolism, and vitamin C, which helps in its absorption.
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and retraction of the abdomen when walking. It also helps to strengthen your abs.
  • Laughter. People who often laugh are almost always in a good mood and less stressed, which is one of the reasons for overeating. Besides frequent “uterine” laughter helps to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscles, so it helps visually make you slimmer.
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