Slags and toxins: how are they trying to profit from us again

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Slags and toxins: how are they trying to profit from us again

How often do you hear the words detox, toxins, slags? At the present stage, many sources are trying to assure us that our bodies are full of “garbage” to be disposed of, and as soon as possible. And especially if you plan to lose weight in the future. The choice varies, presenting the buyer with a huge selection of products, ranging from detox-food programs consisting of all kinds of smoothies, and ending with mixtures and complexes of dubious composition. However in practice all these systems can be called one concept – biologically active additives. With a big, big stretch. In fact, this is just another trick of near-medical marketing. We explain why.

Let’s start with the fact that there are no exact scientific studies that would accurately confirm the presence of toxins and toxins in the body. If we think about it, we can come to the conclusion that the concept of “toxin” is quite real, because in fact it is those substances that have a poisonous effect on the body. Toxins of various origins come to us regularly, this is indeed true. However, for their processing does not require any additional funds, because twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week diligently cleans our body liver. And if suddenly it stops performing its functions, believe me, the magic detox mixtures and green smoothies are unlikely to help you.

Slags and toxins: how are they trying to profit from us again

As for the concept of “slag”, there is no such concept in medicine in fact. If you enter this word in the Google search query, Wikipedia will tell you first of all that slag is a by-product or a waste in metal production. But many people persistently believe that slag is exactly what they have in their bodies. And in the fact that they urgently need to be removed. Someone resorts to the same magic mixtures and mixtures, someone thinks that castor oil will do, and the most courageous resort even to enemas…. But the problem is that, having an absolutely healthy intestinal flora, you can quickly lose it during such “cleansing”. So think again before you brew the powder from the bag to “remove toxins”.

Thus, if you look at the current trend towards “internal cleansing” from the outside, you can only see the evil marketing move and another way to clean up more money from naive people. Therefore, in order not to become another victim of advertisers, we advise you to drink more water and lead a healthy lifestyle. Then you definitely will not be visited by thoughts about “something extra” in your body and its removal.

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