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The process of achieving the goal is always a long and time-consuming way, long work on yourself. The decision to lose weight includes not only the motivation to reduce weight as soon as possible, but also the search for full internal harmony with yourself and your body. However, not many people are ready to accept this and go the whole way from the beginning to the end, changing their thinking and lifestyle. Many people literally struggle to find workarounds: diets, starvation, exhausting training, taking “medicines” for weight loss… Not a dozen people are familiar with this situation, so spending time on the treadmill and chewing their grief with salad, unwittingly creeping up thoughts about how great it would be to just sit on a chair and burn calories literally with the power of thought. You won’t believe it, but it’s really possible. Now let’s explain why.

Slimming by the power of thought

Let’s say right away: this method does not imply complete ignoring of proper nutrition and exercise, with the help of which you will not achieve a relief and tightened body. Ask what is the essence of the method and its usefulness? Thanks to the gifts of technological progress, we know exactly how many kilocalories per day we spend on walking, how many on exercises in the hall, but do not think about how much energy our brain “eats” per day.

The brain is only 1.5-2% of body weight, and the energy consumption of the total metabolism is about 25%. The most energy-intensive function is concentration of attention. At the same time, the process of glucose consumption by the brain is increasing so much that it is able to completely deplete its reserves in just half an hour. By the way, glucose is the only substrate for brain nutrition and that is why simple carbohydrates cannot be completely excluded from the diet. This is especially true for students and intellectuals. Thus, our brain is able to “burn” about 20% of the energy of the basic metabolism per day. Accordingly, it is easy to increase this percentage by doing mental work related to concentration and logical tasks. The brain will spend most of its calories on multi-level tasks, which will involve different parts of the cortex. But be careful! Constant mental strain can lead to fatigue and stress. Of course, stressors also speed up metabolic processes and increase energy consumption by 30-40% in combination with brain function, but it is important to remember the importance of health and balance of your own nervous system.

Slimming by the power of thought

Thus, it should be learned that it is not necessary to replace the exhausting training in the hall for a long-term brain strain, but to include in your schedule a useful habit associated with mental work, will be extremely useful. It should be noted that mental work in this key stops not only at solving logical problems. Energy consumption will require any activity: from memorizing poems to learning a foreign language.

Perfect yourself, pump your brains and lose weight in your mind!

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