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Slimming knees: the best exercise and nutrition

The contents

  • The rules of weight loss in the knees
  • Exercises for beautiful knees
  • Proper diet for slimming the knees

Some women in order to make your legs slender and beautiful, must not only eat right and engage in minimal physical activity, we also work diligently to form a beautiful zone of his knees. Its appearance depends not only on the natural forms of the patella, but also on the amount of excess fat and physical fitness levels. Doing special exercises to work the knee, can cause the necessary muscle tone, remove them body fat and make my legs more toned.

The rules of weight loss in the knees

Consisting of fat and skin, too overhanging patella pads considerably spoil the appearance of women’s legs. For getting rid of such excess fat is necessary to make a complex action that will ensure as a General slimming of the body and tightening target muscles:

  • you need to perform regular exercises to develop and strengthen the muscles of the thighs, paying special attention to the quadriceps muscle;
  • to ensure efficient fat burning throughout the body and in the knee region in particular, doing aerobic and core exercises;
  • to support the principles of good nutrition, creating a small calorie deficit and at the same time making the diet balanced;
  • to ensure the improvement of metabolic processes in the body through receiving a variety of nutritional supplements, healthy diet, adherence to work and rest, regular and moderate physical activity.

Exercises for beautiful knees

The training process aimed at the formation of beautiful knee length, has two main objectives:

  • total weight loss whole body, which is also getting rid of excess body fat in the knee area;
  • creating a strong muscle corset, which will allow the knees to attain a beautiful and slender form.

First of all you need to do cardio, conduct that should be 2-3 times a week. Select any aerobic exercise, such as Jogging, jumping rope or Cycling, and start the workout with 10 minutes, gradually bringing them up to half an hour. So you start the process of efficient fat burning throughout the body, because, as you know, lose weight in certain parts of the body impossible.

Training the target muscle is recommended in round-Robin format that will allow both to strengthen muscles and to burn their extra fat. This requires a complex of about six exercises to repeat in a circle, making short pauses to rest after each cycle. Performing a single exercise, no matter how effective it may be, will not bring the expected result and will not relieve you of the pads over the knees, because the muscles get used to the same type of load very quickly and cease to react to it.

The complex of exercises for slimming in the knees:

  • If you are a beginner then do squats with the weight of his own body, otherwise it can be used as weights dumbbells. Stand straight, place feet slightly wider than shoulders, toes need to look in different directions. Not rounding the back and averting the pelvis back, perform a deep squat, feet hold tightly to the floor.
  • Stand up straight, then take a large step to the side and perform a squat so that your knees do not go beyond the level of the toes, and the pelvis moved back. Such attacks are well work the inner thighs, tightening and also knee muscles.
  • Jumping itself is an effective way to strengthen leg muscles and help lose weight whole body as if to follow them, crossing over the legs can tone the muscles above the knees. Stand straight with feet together, jump up and land so that his legs were at a distance slightly wider than shoulder width, then jump up again and put them crosswise, each time changing the front and rear leg places.
  • Spread your legs wide, feet expand around. Keeping your back straight, squat until both thighs are parallel to the floor, make a short springing motion in this position and straighten your legs.
  • Stand in the position of the strap on outstretched arms, your body should form a straight line. Bend one leg and press it to her stomach, the same make and with the other leg.
  • Prepare a low stool and stand to face her. Stand on it with one foot, and the second in a bent position pull your belly next time, repeat the element with the other leg places.

Perform each of the exercises 20 times without interruption. After one lap, pause for 3 minutes and proceed to the second. All you should perform about 5 cycles. Also using these exercises, you can do interval training, which efficiently deals with the problem of excess fat. To do this, do each exercise for 40 seconds with a 10 second break, only need to perform 4 such cycles.

Proper diet for slimming the knees

A proper balanced diet is an important part of the fight against excess fat on the knees. It is important to choose only healthy foods, refuse foods, fast food and harmful processed foods, eat more protein products. Among the carbohydrates — only complex; you should eat more vegetables and drink clean water. Also don’t forget to eat fats, but choose predominantly unsaturated vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, avocado. Eliminate from the diet, the following sources are harmful to the figure of fats: fatty meats, lard, mayonnaise, margarine, canned. It is desirable to reject any sweets, replacing them with dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, fruit and honey, to drink less coffee and alcoholic beverages.

It is also important to make your power fractional, frequent and regular. That is, in each of the 5-6 meals you need to eat only a small portion, maintaining an equal time interval between them. You can carry with you in case of impossibility to eat a small healthy snack of dried fruits and nuts.