Step aerobics for weight loss: the rules of classes and simple exercises

Step aerobics today is practiced in more than 50 countries around the world. This type of fitness is popular due to its high efficiency in terms of weight loss, training of the respiratory, cardiovascular systems and muscles of the whole body. The founder of the classes on the steppes is Jin Miller – a fitness trainer who invented the first kinds of steps and their combinations when she was at home in a regular box for restoring a damaged knee.

Step aerobics and its types

Step aerobics is a kind of cardio training, during which an athlete performs various steps, their combinations, exercises and dance moves. All this happens at a high pace, to the music and with a walk on special platforms. Their surface is equipped with anti-slip coating, and the height is adjusted to reduce or increase the intensity of training. Today there are several types of this fitness:

"Power Step" – training, which includes, in addition to walking, a lot of strength exercises;
“Dance Step” is a kind of step aerobics, which includes dance moves and contributes not only to weight loss, but also to the development of plastics;
“Advanced Step” – a direction for advanced athletes who have experience in training on steppes and who want to master complex combinations of steps and exercises with jumps;
"Basic Step" – training for beginners who have just started to master this fitness, basic steps and their bundles;
"Step-combo" – high-intensity classes on the steppes, including many complex combinations and requiring good preparation and coordination;
"Step Interval" – the most appropriate type of fat-burning step aerobics for quick weight loss. Trainings are conducted with alternating calm and high-intensity intervals;
"Double Step" – training conducted using 2 platforms at once.

Benefits and benefits of this type of fitness

Benefits and benefits of this type of fitness

Practicing "steppers" and coaches who teach step aerobics, distinguish a number of its advantages:

the opportunity to study at home in a confined space;
no need to purchase expensive equipment, because the platform can be replaced with a conventional bench – wooden or plastic;

weight loss and simultaneous strengthening of almost all muscles of the body;
training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
increase endurance;
acceleration of metabolism;
minimal negative impact on the joints;
prevention of osteoporosis, arthritis;
improvement of the vestibular apparatus, coordination and flexibility;
normalization of pressure;
the ability to independently adjust the intensity of classes, changing the height of the platform.

In addition, step aerobics contributes to the overall improvement of the body, improve mood and well-being.

Slimming equipment with step aerobics

To practice this type of fitness will require a minimum of equipment and inventory. In particular:

Step platform with rubberized or embossed surface. Beginners are recommended to use an elevation of 10 cm, advanced "steppers" – higher, depending on the level of training. At home, you can use a bench or small stools. The main thing is that they are sustainable and shoes do not slip off.
Dumbbells that will increase the effectiveness of training and speed up weight loss. At the initial stage, it is recommended to engage with projectiles weighing 1.5-2 kg.

In addition to inventory, you must purchase suitable clothing – breathable and non-restrictive movement. Shoes should be with a hard shock-absorbing sole, which will prevent injury to the joints and getting a dislocation of the foot.

Recommendations for classes

What you need to know when starting a step aerobic exercise:

Always warm up before the upcoming loads.
Do not slouch, you should always keep your back straight, and your belly – to pull in.
Make sure that all steps are springy, stand on the platform only with a full foot.
Finishing the training, do not stop immediately. First you need to go to less intense exercises, reduce the pace of work and only then complete the lesson.
Practice fat-burning step aerobics 3 times a week for 45-60 minutes.
Drink water in small sips during the workout to restore the hydrobalance.
Catching up at home, turn on suitable rhythmic music.

Also review your diet. This will not only improve your well-being, but also accelerate weight loss.

Simple exercises for beginners "steppers"

Simple exercises for beginners "steppers"

In fact, step aerobics is a combination of walking up the stairs with dance moves and exercises that can be both simple and complex, strength and without weighting. Beginners are encouraged to start practicing this fitness with the most simple movements:

Put the left foot on the platform, then the right. Get off the dais, legs down in the same sequence. Perform movements as fast as possible.
Duplicate the previous exercise, changing legs when lowering from the platform.
Put the right limb on the step, the left one – bend a little in the knee, lift it above the floor and fix on the weight for 1-2 seconds. Return to the starting point. Duplicate movement by swapping legs.
Put a straight left leg on the platform, right knee – pull up to the chest. Return to the starting position. Duplicate exercise, changing limbs.
Make a triangle with your feet: put the right on the right edge of the steppe, the left – on the left. Get down on the floor, putting the foot together.

Disadvantages of step aerobics

Despite a number of advantages and useful qualities, step aerobics has its drawbacks:

time spent learning complex steps and their bundles;
injury of joints in the presence of pathologies in this part of the body;
underload of the upper body;
probability of injury to the Achilles tendon in violation of the technique of movements.

In addition, not all workouts can be equally effective, since each coach makes his own adjustments to the program and selects exercises on his own.

Contraindications to classes

Step aerobics is a high-intensity aerobic type of fitness, therefore it is forbidden to practice them if there are the following contraindications:

violation of blood pressure;
varicose veins;
pathologies of the joints, musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system;
a large amount of excess weight.

Also classes on stepe should not be carried out during pregnancy and for 3 months after delivery.

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