Strength and cardiovascular exercises on weight loss machines for the abdomen and sides

One of the most problematic places in the female body is the region of the abdomen and sides. This is due to both the physiological structure, and lifestyle and nutrition. All sorts of diets and nutritional restrictions can help in general weight loss, reducing body fat and on the abdomen as well, however, to form a beautiful press and a slender waist, exercise should always be carried out. The use of a variety of simulators helps a lot in achieving the result, some of which are available exclusively at sports clubs, and some can be fully applied at home.

The use of simulators for slimming the abdomen and sides

To date, there is a wide variety of simulators that can provide significant assistance in reducing body fat on the abdomen and waist. In order to determine which one is right for you, you need to carefully examine the range and effect of each. Some of the models offered by manufacturers can be purchased for home use, while others are only available in the gym, which may also determine your choice of equipment for training.

All simulators can be divided into strength and cardio, they are equally useful for losing weight of the abdomen and sides, while having different effects on the muscles.

The benefit of cardiovascular equipment is to simultaneously load each muscle group of the body. While working on them, the cardiovascular system is well strengthened, the metabolism is accelerated, fat is burned evenly throughout the body, ensuring effective weight loss. Power simulators do point-like effect on one or another group of muscles, well developing and strengthening it. In this case, muscle mass increases, and the body acquires a beautiful relief. For the formation of a taut figure, it is ideal to combine both types of physical activity, choosing those simulators that better than others affect weight loss in the abdominal region and sides.

Aerobic exercise and simulators for her

Aerobic exercise and simulators for her

It is known that for weight loss in a particular area should work on the whole body as a whole, and for this purpose cardiovascular machines are best suited. Fat burning is best done by such ones:


It is an effective simulator, whose work is to simulate walking on the stairs. During repeated actions, many muscle groups of the body are loaded: hips, abdomen, buttocks and calf muscles. In addition, such active physical activity contributes to a large consumption of calories, for example, in half an hour of training it is possible to actually burn up to 270 kcal. An important advantage when choosing such a simulator is the ability to use it even at home, since it is quite compact and affordable.

Exercise Bike

Not as effective for working on the hips, abdomen and buttocks, as the previous one. However, its main advantage is a reduced exertion on the knee joints, which in some cases is very important. It is recommended to carry out the first training no longer than 20 minutes, gradually increasing their duration. To increase the load, you can stand up from the seat and pedal while standing, but this requires strong knees, because the load in this position on them increases.

Rowing simulator.

It is compact enough and uses all the muscles of the body, making a special emphasis on the abdomen and arms. Conducting training for an hour, you can burn about 550 calories, and regular use of the simulator will help to create the perfect slim figure. It is recommended to begin classes with only five minutes of work with this device, gradually increasing the duration of the training.

Orbitrek, or elliptical trainer.

It has a very effective and at the same time careful exercise on the muscles and joints of the whole body. Work on it simulates skiing and contributes to the rapid weight loss of the legs and abdomen, as well as a positive effect on the joints.


It is one of the most popular simulators for slimming the abdomen and the whole body, which is most often purchased for home use. The level of load on the treadmill can be adjusted in several ways: by changing the speed and angle of inclination.

Weight loss fitness equipment

Weight loss fitness equipment

During the use of power simulators on the body is isolated physical activity, which is convenient for a more thorough study of individual parts of the body. Strengthening and developing the muscles of the body, you can speed up the metabolism and fat loss processes, which will positively affect the slimness of the waist. For weight loss of the abdomen and sides, the following sports equipment are most suitable:

A hoop or hula hoop is a simulator designed specifically to form a thin waist and a flat stomach. It is very convenient to use, as you can twist the hoop at home, and on the street, and in the gym, as well as listening to music or watching your favorite TV series. Many of his models are collapsible, which allows you to conveniently store and transport the simulator. It is recommended to start training from 15 minutes a day, while choosing the most suitable hoop from a wide variety of them.
Fitball, or gymnastic ball, allows you to put in the work of the muscles-stabilizers, improve balance, strengthen and stretch all the muscles of the body. You can work with him at home, or in group exercises for weight loss, where the coach will offer a whole range of exercises for the whole body.
Disk "Health" is a circle that rotates. He works directly to strengthen the muscles of the waist and abdomen, allows you to quickly remove excess fat from the sides. To achieve a good effect, you should work with it every day for at least 15 minutes.
The press roller is a very effective and at the same time simple simulator for working out the abdominal muscles. In the course of its use, the muscles of the arms and chest are also loaded, and the correct technique for performing the exercise plays a key role for obtaining the desired effect and for the safety of the training.
The Roman chair is a bench for pumping the press, equipped with a special mount for the legs. To increase the load, the tilt angle of the simulator is adjustable, and it is important to strictly follow the technique of performing the exercises on it.

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