Stress enhancing nutrition: 7 unwanted foods

Stress can push a person to rash acts and behavior, aggression and poor nutrition. On the one hand, hearty food and delicious drinks help you get distracted and improve your mood. But some foods beloved by many contribute to the development of anxiety and nervousness. What should not be abused under stress?


It is found not only in coffee, but also in tea, cocoa, energy drinks and chocolate. It produces adrenaline hormones that help a person cheer up and wake up. Excessive caffeine intake can cause palpitations, dehydration, and increased nervousness and anxiety. High doses of caffeine negatively affect the natural hours of sleep and complicate the process of falling asleep due to a decrease in the release of adenosine, a chemical that signals the brain about fatigue.

Alcoholic drinks and stress

Alcoholic drinks and stress

There is a stereotype that alcoholic drinks help at least temporarily forget about problems and reduce stress. Indeed it is. But the effect is achieved by reducing the control of the brain over important functions of the body: dull vision, hearing, impaired attention, control of emotions, mental abilities, confused speech. Excessive alcohol consumption activates the production of enzymes that cause inflammation and other health problems. This entails additional discomfort and pain, and with them anxiety and anxiety. The state of a hangover is often accompanied by emotions of fear, longing, remorse, anxiety.

Sugar diet

Sugar is included in the daily nutrition of most representatives of the planet and it is quite difficult to completely eliminate it from the diet. Examples of common high-sugar foods are: ketchup, packaged juices, soda, sweet sauces and coffee additives, chocolate bars and energy drinks. The human body needs carbohydrates or glucose, but sugar itself does not contain nutrients. In large doses, it contributes to obesity, diabetes and increases the risk of problems with pressure, heart. In addition, excessive consumption of sugar-containing products can worsen the regulation of neurotransmitters, which will adversely affect mental health: in particular, increase the level of anxiety and depression.

Packaged juices

Their wide range, accessibility and ease of storage bribe many. Juices from packages often supplement the daily nutrition of both children and adults. But studies of the composition of most packaged juices showed that they contain a lot of fructose and sugar. In times of stress and depression, such drinks can only increase nervousness due to the release of adrenaline, triggered by an increase in sugar in the body. Passion for such juices can lead to heart problems in the future.

Food additives

Food additives

Nutritional supplements are one of the greatest discoveries in the field of nutrition. They can significantly improve the taste of the product and its safety. But if you use them too much, they can cause serious harm to both physical and mental health. For example, high fructose corn syrup is a refined sweetener. It is used in the manufacture of processed or frozen foods, in flavored and carbonated drinks. It has a lot of calories, and if it is often included in food, then you can provoke various diseases, including diabetes.

Another dangerous supplement is monosodium glutamate. This is a natural amino acid that is obtained from the glutamate salt in milk, fish and other products. With excessive use, it causes weight gain, cramps, heart problems, provokes depression and stress.

Quick snack

Fast food has firmly entered the life of many modern people: a snack with juicy hamburgers or hot dogs does not take up much time and money, which is important in the realities of the frenzied rhythm of megacities. However, studies confirm that fast food contains a lot of harmful additives, dyes and flavor enhancers. They improve the taste and appearance of the dish, causing a person to have an irresistible craving for such food. Scientists have found that regular snacking on junk food increases the risk of anxiety and depression: the body gets a lot of carbohydrates and a minimum of fiber, which is why carbohydrates quickly break down and turn into glucose, increasing blood sugar.

Often, because of the love of fast food, the head hurts, the health of the teeth and heart deteriorates. Those who like fast food often have to worry about weight gain, flatulence and high cholesterol. During depression or stress, you should not immediately run to catering outlets selling fast food: this will only harm the body. To stabilize your mood and increase energy, it is much more beneficial to eat more protein foods. If you really want to have a snack with famous fast food products, it is recommended to cook them yourself at home from natural ingredients.

Salty food

Salt is another product without which it is difficult to imagine a normal diet. Food without it seems tasteless. Millions of people on Earth love salty foods no less than sweet foods, which causes serious concern among doctors. Excessive salt intake most often affects blood pressure – it begins to rise. In response to this body, it actively produces the stress hormone – adrenaline, as a result of which a person is more likely to experience stress and anxiety.

In addition to high blood pressure, a large amount of salt in the body affects the functioning of the brain, kidneys, cardiovascular system and can even cause stomach cancer. To normalize salt intake, it is advisable to actively use herbs and spices to add flavor to dishes. So the food will be more healthy. Another important rule is to avoid processed and pre-flavored ingredients, as they are full of salt. Instead of your favorite salted nuts or chips, it is better to prefer a snack of vegetables and fruits.

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