Summer natural remedies with their hands

See how your homemade natural remedies can improve your summer.

Summer is the time when most people prefer to be in nature. Hot sun, wonders of wildlife, and endless outdoor activities make us happy to get out of the house. However, during the fun and exciting activities can cause problems such as sunburn, insect bites and inconveniences in travel, when it comes to hot weather. To truly enjoy the summer — so be ready to counter any problems that may prevent a great time with friends and family.

Home remedies and summer’s own products is a guarantee of quality, safety and economy. They will benefit both people and Pets. Our body is exposed to such hazards as burns, bites and allergic reactions, but by means of your own cooking you can stop worry about them. Excellent natural products give us everything we need to alleviate these problems.

Funds from sunburn

The most common danger when you are enjoying the summer sun are burns on the skin. For many centuries people have coped with this problem, without using expensive chemicals. Try the following home remedy.

Easy application of some essential oils to a sunburn will help to fill the body with antioxidants that make the skin cells to recover faster. Different skin types react to essential oils differently, but most people will be able to alleviate the symptoms of severe sunburn with vegetable oils. Oil, which properties are correctly saved, do not contain fragrances and additional reinforcing agents that can irritate the burnt skin.

Excellent herbal remedy for sunburns is lavender. Mix lavender oil with your favorite bath salt in a ratio of 25 drops per Cup of solution. This is an unusual tool from the archive edition of “farmer’s Almanac” has helped several generations of people, working under the rays of the sun and in need of pain relief.

For getting rid of the symptoms of sunburns are also frequently used remedies with oils and herbs based on vinegar and mint. Peppermint oil and Apple cider vinegar will provide cleansing and deodorizing effect along with regeneration of cells. All the oil for rapid healing of the skin dilute carrier oil or water to avoid additional irritation of the skin.

If you need another traditional remedy sunburn, try using aloe. Instead of buying a chemical gel from the aloe in the store, choose a natural product. You can even put fresh sheets on sunburned, having one of the simplest natural remedies. Combine the procedure with treatment of sunburn green tea. Soak a few green tea bags in cool water, then apply cool water and tea bags on the burnt skin to relieve the symptoms.

Improvised means of protection from insects

Going outside is hard to protect yourself from insect bites. Instead of apply contains the chemistry means to deter insects, use a recipe for insect spray made from natural products, which you can prepare yourself.

Just mix in a bowl ½ Cup witch hazel, ½ Cup Apple cider vinegar and 6-7 drops of essential oils of eucalyptus, lemongrass, citronella, tea tree and rosemary.

Place the mixture in a glass spray bottle with a capacity of 230 ml. If necessary, spray the solution on any part of the body that may be exposed to insect bites. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Remedy for poison ivy with his hands

However, insects are not the only thing to beware of in nature. Poison ivy is a serious problem in the summer months, but fortunately, there are excellent natural remedies. If you or your child appeared adverse reaction to poison ivy, spray chilled Apple cider vinegar on the skin affected by a rash or blisters. You can also spray the area with chilled witch hazel.

If these ingredients were not available, there are several common domestic remedies which can relieve symptoms. Mix oats in the bath with baking soda and submerge the affected skin in the mixture. You can also try to mix a tablespoon of turmeric root with enough lemon juice to make a paste. Apply the paste directly to the affected area.

Funds from seasickness, made with their own hands

During summer trips you might have to spend a long time in transport, such as a house on wheels, family car or a cruise ship. Sea sickness can deprive you of any pleasure. There are many recipes for getting rid of chronic diseases, but natural remedies too much.

Motion sickness is a type of rising sea sick when the balancing organs and digestive system undergo oscillations. The use of powerful natural ingredients enhances the body’s ability to cope with rapid changes in altitude, temperature and other environmental conditions.

One of the ways to beat motion sickness is to sniff peppermint essential oil. It can be applied on the wrist or around the neck or worn as a pendant aromatic. You can still suck a peppermint candy or SIP on hot tea with peppermint.

Ginger is another edible product that can help with motion sickness. Try to chew on crystallized ginger candy or from time to time to take a drink from his mug of ginger tea or natural ginger soda.

If you don’t mind the smell of Apple cider vinegar it becomes a very effective remedy for seasickness. Before you leave home, mix 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Mix and drink about 30 minutes before getting in the car. In addition, you will be able to rinse this mixture in your mouth, if you vomit during the trip.

Quercetin is also found in some citrus fruits such as grapefruit and lemon. Some people use a pair of citrus before the trip is surprisingly effective at helping to prevent sea-sickness.

In the summer it is better to choose natural remedies

Perhaps this summer you are planning to go on an adventure to places where you can be away from the comforts of modern life. When you travel to areas far from the benefits of civilization, the need for skin protection and other health issues such come to the fore.

There is no reason to rely on brute industrial means of personal protection against the vagaries of nature; natural remedies homemade work just as well and often cost less. Any concern about family members and Pets can be achieved by using natural products combined with modern lifestyle.

Natural protective remedies homemade — the best way to learn the wisdom of the ancestors, solving any problems that may arise during the summer vacation.

This article was written by staff writer iHerb.

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