Tansy: what is good for weight loss and health


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Tansy: what is good for weight loss and health

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  • Useful than tansy for weight loss?
  • Health and plant
  • Recipes of dishes and drinks from tansy

    • Hair

      • A mixture of
      • The infusion of tansy
      • Infusion with cranberries and horsetail
      • Bath with a decoction
      • For hair growth
    • Tansy nutrition

      • Pork with spices
      • Loaves

A handful of tansy is a true gift of nature. This plant contains a lot of valuable substances, so healthy. And, if properly applied, tansy, it will help in losing weight.

Useful than tansy for weight loss?

Why you should use tansy for weight loss? It improves the digestive organs, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the intestines. Of course, the infusions and decoctions of this plant contain few calories.

How is the process of losing weight with tansy? The easiest way to adhere to proper nutrition, to drink healing beverages with tansy. For example, a glass of boiling water pour a spoonful of the flowers of tansy and infuse for four hours. Use the infusion three times a day before meals for two tablespoons.

As for the food, you can eat all healthy foods: meat, fish, eggs, cereals, cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, vegetables, berries, nuts, fruits, greens. Of course, the food should be not very fat, the amount of sugar and salt should be reduced, and eating small meals.

Menus can be constructed so:

  • morning: a couple of spoons of infusion of tansy, buckwheat, egg, cucumber, green tea;
  • snack: fruit smoothie;
  • lunch: infusion, vegetable soup, baked fish with carrots and onions, green salad, fruit compote;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese and berries;
  • evening: two spoons of infusion, liver pancakes, salad, yogurt.

As for diet, you can choose any. But it is important that the power system was not hungry, and the diet was varied and nutritious. Of course, during the diet, the weight loss will go faster. However, the correct diet allows you to lose weight gradually and comfortably.

To consume drinks from tansy need in small quantities. This is very important because abuse of these drinks can cause nausea, convulsions. It is best to consult a specialist.

Health and plant

Tansy contains flavonoids, essential oils, alkaloids, polysaccharides, proteins, vitamins C and A, glycosides, organic acids, minerals, tannins. The plant has antiseptic, antibacterial properties.

Useful than tansy for health? It reduces inflammation, stabilizes the acidity level of the stomach, relieves spasms, normalizes the urinary bladder. Tansy is used against rheumatism and gout, pain in the joints. Tansy is useful in diseases of the liver and kidneys, gall bladder, colitis, reduced pressure.

This plant helps with arthritis and arthritis, colds, reduces temperature, increases appetite, promotes rapid healing of wounds, eliminates parasites. Yellow flowers help with constipation and flatulence, flu, skin problems (acne, dermatitis, boils).

Tansy — a very useful plant. However, health is not affected, it is important to use moderately tansy. In addition, the plant is not recommended for pregnant women, children up to 12 years old, hypertension, acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, allergies, cancer, loss of strength, as well as problems with the retina of the eye.

Be used decoctions and infusions of tansy can be no more than weeks. You then need to take a break for a month or more.

Recipes of dishes and drinks from tansy

Decoctions and infusions of plants can be used indoors and can be used topically. The recipes are different, they must choose depending on the purpose of use. Here are some recipes.


Two big tablespoons dried tansy pour two cups of boiling water, boil for ten minutes. Drain, apply to clean wet hair, wrap head with a towel, to withstand 10-15 minutes. To do this procedure three times a week.

A mixture of

From dried flowers to prepare a powder, mix with liquid honey. You can eat a teaspoon a day.

The infusion of tansy

A teaspoon of tansy pour a half Cup of boiling water. Infuse for an hour and drink three teaspoons before meals.

Infusion with cranberries and horsetail

20 g of leaves, cranberries, 10 g of tansy, and horsetail to make a glass of boiling water. To insist. Drink two times a day for half a Cup.

Bath with a decoction

This bathroom helps with cellulite. Must be filled with water a Cup of dried flowers of tansy, cook on low heat for half an hour. Then strain the broth and pour into the tub. Stay in the bathtub for twenty minutes and repeat this procedure every day for ten times.

For hair growth

100 g of buds and 50 g of birch leaves, pour a Cup of boiling water, keep on low heat. The broth should become yellow-brown. To rinse their hair. After fifteen minutes rinse with clean water.

Tansy nutrition

In addition, tansy added to marinades for tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables. Only use the plant in small quantities. Tansy goes well with the red pepper, so it can be added to different dishes as seasoning. It usually meat and fish dishes. But with the vegetables better the plant does not connect. Tansy and used for making sweet pastries and cakes instead of ginger. In addition, the flowers of this plant can be used if necessary to replace the cinnamon or nutmeg. And they can be used to prepare tinctures and cordials. However, tansy should be used in small doses.

For example, here are a few simple recipes:

Pork with spices

1400 g pork neck rubbed with mustard, mixed herbs, crushed flowers of tansy, salt, minced garlic. Meat wrap in foil and bake until tender.


Tablespoon of tansy flowers pour a glass of water, to insist. Pour the obtained infusion in 200 ml of warm serum, add two teaspoons of dry yeast, a teaspoon of salt and sugar, 150 ml water, 600 g of flour. Leave the dough to rise. Then shape the loaves, to make cuts. Bake for half an hour in the oven. You can optionally add whole wheat or rye flour.

Weight loss will be effective if you use a little tansy. It is important proper diet and exercise. Health also can be promoted only through moderate consumption of the plant. And recipes can choose different.

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