The advice of a nutritionist on eating for heart health

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The advice of a nutritionist on eating for heart health

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  • The advice of a nutritionist: the main isolate
  • The problem of excess weight: for and against fats
  • It is impossible to replace the fats?
  • Eating vegetables, or where to find the fiber?
  • Why is it important to monitor the salt?

It is no secret that the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases now occupy a leading place. In this regard, at the forefront of prevention, an important component of which is nutrition. The advice of a nutritionist concern rather than specific products, and whole diet in General that gives you the ability to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, thereby taking control of the quality and duration of their life.

The advice of a nutritionist: the main isolate

Of course, there are no magic products that can wave a magic wand here and now to make a person healthy. If the problem of excess weight or are already diagnosed, we must act on all fronts, that is, to approach its solution in a comprehensive manner. You must combine a healthy diet with physical activity, to reconsider their habits by excluding from the list the most harmful and therefore one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. No matter whether the first unpleasant symptoms or looming bad heredity, to increase your chances to never face the heart disease and blood vessels can, if you start to build your diet on really useful products.

General recommendations it is possible to allocate the rejection of fast food, semi-finished products, all kinds of snacks and ready meals. It is from part-gidrirovannoe and highly fried foods in the body gets TRANS fats are major culprits of cardiovascular diseases. To worsen the situation can packaged foods rich in sodium and sugar, baking and pastries, dairy products with a long shelf life with added sugars. Instead, nutritionists recommend eating vegetables — fresh and frozen seasonal fruits, healthy fats, high quality proteins etc.

The problem of excess weight: for and against fats

One is the problem of excess weight often starts to solve it with restricting fats. However, the advice of a nutritionist here is clear: to do this in any case impossible. Fats are extremely required for our body, but if you’re concerned about heart health should be harmful fats replace useful. About TRANS fats that increase LDL “bad” cholesterol in the blood, the probability of strokes and heart attacks, and also places people at risk for cardiovascular disease, has been said. In baked goods, fried street food weight TRANS fats. To protect yourself from them, if you bake chicken in the oven yourself, and cakes prepared from wheat flour with a minimum quantity of sugar.

Saturated fats, which the body delivers meat and fat, should be reduced. It is better to cook meat low-fat varieties — rabbit, veal, beef and pork from refuse. The lion’s share of fats in our diet should be plant analogues rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. They do not increase and decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood, thereby minimizing the likelihood of becoming a patient of a cardiologist. These include all kinds of vegetable oils, nuts, avocado. Food vegetables — leafy cabbage, spinach can also bring to the heart and blood vessels are of great use, as fatty fish, although it is a product of animal origin.

It is impossible to replace the fats?

It is important to find the correct and healthy alternative to the harmful products. To solve the problem of excess weight replace meat products fresh fish — a good idea, but be eaten for Breakfast instead of a sandwich with bacon and sweet cereal — no. You must listen to the advice of nutritionists, which is not recommended to switch from animal fats for refined carbohydrates. This is not a prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The body does not need extra sugar, because it is today added to a wide variety of products. Refined carbohydrates are empty calories, harmful to the figures, and hearts.

Instead of sugary sodas, white bread, fresh rolls, pasta and pizza better use of yesterday’s dried bread or pastry from whole wheat flour with added bran. To cook brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and other cereals. Fresh vegetables — another bonus in the Treasury a healthy heart.

Eating vegetables, or where to find the fiber?

Foods rich in fiber on a regular basis should be present in the diet of those who follow the health of the cardiovascular system. The abundance of dietary fibers in your menu helps to lower “bad” cholesterol, maintain weight, prevent the emergence of a strong sense of hunger and to solve the problem of constipation. It is no secret that there are two kinds of fiber — soluble and insoluble. The first has a positive effect on lipid and fatty exchanges and prevents the risk of developing diabetes, atherosclerosis, and severe consequences of cardiovascular diseases-heart attack and stroke.

Soluble fiber contained in the pulp of fruits and berries, bran, oatmeal, legumes, nuts. Insoluble fiber has earned it the title “brush for the body”, because it helps to remove decay products, improving digestion and peristalsis. It can be obtained from cereals, wheat flakes, but if you believe the advice of nutritionists, the main attention should be paid to nutrition vegetables.

Why is it important to monitor the salt?

There are many cardiovascular disorders that cause edema, and the abundance of salt in the diet can aggravate the problem. In addition, salt delays in the body fluid, which, again, provokes the appearance of puffiness, along with stimulates increase in blood pressure, the main trigger of many heart diseases. It is therefore important to monitor the amount of salt in the body. Most of it comes in it along with the canned food, semi-processed and vacuum-Packed products. If you cook, you can take this process under full control.

Some hard so just minimize in the diet the proportion of salt, but to smooth this process will help spices, spices and various herbs. Actively add them to your food, and you will not notice that began to consume much less salt. It is clear that completely to refuse from ready store products will not work, but on the advice of nutritionists should carefully examine the labels, her eyes searching the words “with a minimum salt content” or “without salt”. All of these recommendations will help you maintain the health of your heart and blood vessels.

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