The basic rules and types of running for weight loss

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The basic rules and types of running for weight loss

The contents

  • Proper weight loss through running
  • The types of running for weight loss
  • Programs for weight loss

Regular Jogging are the best known and most effective method of losing weight. For quick and sustainable results it is important to follow certain rules and to do the kind of running that is designed for weight loss and burning excess fat all over the body.

Proper weight loss through running

Running is one of the most popular types of cardio training, as it has a number of advantages:

  • does not require special equipment and fixtures;
  • you can run at any time and in any place;
  • to do can without exception, adjusting the degree of load according to its purposes and level of preparation;
  • running improves blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism;
  • promotes rapid and natural weight loss in the entire body burning calories even after the workout.

To ensure proper weight loss and to get the maximum benefit from training, you need to follow the following recommendations:

  • Before the run be sure to replenish energy reserves.

About two hours before exercise, eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates, such as porridge or pasta from durum wheat. Thus you will ensure that your body is gradually released energy for long periods of time, and food before class time to digest. As for fluid, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise it will cause discomfort and interfere with the training.

  • Prepare the body for stress.

Before training it is important to perform a warm-up, good warming up the muscles and joints to reduce the risk of injury and provide the body an effective and proper weight loss.

  • An important factor for cross country training, the right time of the year.

If you are a beginner, it weight loss through running best to start in the warm season, late spring or summer. During this time, you will develop the right tactics breath and get ready to race in the cold, because if you start to do in the fall or winter, you can easily catch a cold, mouth breathing cold air.

  • The best time for running.

Ideal for Jogging are considered the morning and evening, with each time of day its advantages. Running in the morning, you’ll Wake your body run all its systems and will tune in a working mood. It is in the morning metabolic rate reaches its maximum, therefore, running until noon, you will be able to burn a lot of calories. By evening, the metabolism becomes sluggish, so aerobic exercise will help him to accelerate and start the process of losing weight, besides Jogging in the evening relieves nervous tension and promotes healthy sleep.

  • The duration of the run.

The fat burning process starts after 30 minutes of intense training, so the running time in the initial stages should be about 40 minutes, then gradually need to increase it to a half hour. Keep in mind that if about an hour not to eat anything after a workout, then you will continue to lose weight even approximately 40-60 minutes after a run.

  • The intensity of your workouts.

Maximum weight loss occurs at the highest speed, so try to do as much as possible, because the faster you run, the more fat you lose.

  • Alternate different types of running.

Our bodies over time “remembers” the level of stress and then it becomes less effective, so proper weight loss involves alternating techniques of running and the practice of interval training. At the initial stage you can feel a slight pain in my side — in this case it is necessary to slow the running speed. This can be avoided by using proper breathing: deep inhaling with the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

The types of running for weight loss

An important condition for permanent burning excess fat while Jogging is the use of different types of running and their constant alternation. There are the following basic running technique that ensures weight loss:

  • Jogging is most suitable for beginners. He suggests a low rate of movement, when your knees almost bent, and feet remain relaxed.
  • Aerobic running — a faster version of Jogging, when movements become more active, the feet are raised higher and the speed goes from low to moderate. Aerobic running is the most effective for a proper diet, its duration is about 15 minutes, after sweating it enters the anaerobic stage.
  • Anaerobic running is running with such speed and at a stage when there is a feeling of lack of air. This kind of well-developed leg muscles, making them stronger and hardier.

For weight loss also useful for Jogging with obstacles, which takes more energy and more calories are burned. It can be Jogging on rough bumpy terrain, periodic rises in the mountain.

Programs for weight loss

For the effective fat burning while running, you can use one of the following programs:

  • Make workout for the whole body, perform circular movements of the head, tilts, swings and jumps. Run slowly for 15 minutes, then take a five-minute break, then repeat twice the race, each time slightly increasing the speed. If this load is you will find insufficient, you can increase the Jogging intervals or use weights to speed up weight loss.
  • Locate the area where you could run up the hill. Do warm-up and go up the hill at a moderate pace, during the descent go for a quick step — so you will be able to relax a bit. Repeat the race as many times as necessary so that the whole session lasted from half an hour to an hour (depending on your level of training).
  • This option is suitable for more advanced runners as it requires a good preparation. After the warm-up is necessary at a moderate pace to run a mile, then about 5 minutes to do stretching exercises and go back to the run, this time dividing the required distance at 200-meter intervals and alternating fast running with Jogging. At this stage, run from one to two kilometers, then take a short hitch. As you increase your endurance, you can gradually increase the distance.
  • Following the recommendations above and choosing a suitable program is running, you can start a healthy weight loss using the most effective types of aerobic fitness.

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