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Healing and rejuvenating effects of the ancient technique is achieved by using simple, at first glance, the exercises.

The efficiency and effectiveness of this practice tested and proven on the examples of many people: seventy years old people start to look like forty, illnesses recede, normal body weight, etc. what’s the secret To magical practices? In the human body has 12 energy centers. The fastest and most radical way to restore health and return of youth – normalization energy. This is the practice of “eye of the Renaissance”, which helps cleanse the energy channels, and return to the pristine, harmonious interaction with the environment that reverses the aging process. In full “eye of the Renaissance” is not always available for the average European man. So that system is taken the first 5 exercises that are quite capable to everyone.


The return of the young – 5 exercises



With this exercise we would like to overclock the vortex, giving their rotation speed and stability. Starting position: stand upright with arms extended horizontally to the sides at shoulder level with your hands.


Begin to rotate around its axis (clockwise – for both men and women) until then, until there is a sense of mild vertigo (Fig.1). During rotation, watch how the world moves around you, blurring objects and get a sense of movement and energy of color bands. Projecting these whirling motion to your body.




After performing the first exercise, you will feel the need to sit or lie down to get rid of dizziness – be sure to follow this natural requirement of your body. After 1-2 weeks of classes, your vestibular system will get stronger and the dizziness will pass.


In the period of initial development of the exercises is very important not to overdo it. Try not to cross the line beyond which a slight dizziness becomes very noticeable and is accompanied by weak bouts of nausea.




After the first exercises you need to execute the second. You can relax a bit, but a long break is not allowed. During the break, you have to breathe in the same rhythm as during exercise.


The second exercise fills the vortex energy (etheric force), increasing their speed and giving them stability.


Starting position: lying on your back. It is best to lie on the Mat or any other soft and warm bedding.


Start the exercise:


– Arms stretched along the body, pressing a palm with tightly their fingers to the floor, raise your head, pressing your chin to your chest.

– After that: raise the straight leg straight up, trying not to tear off the floor of the pelvis. If you can, lift with your legs not just straight up, but even further “on” – as long as the pelvis starts to come off the floor. Just don’t bend the knees (Fig. 2).


– Slowly lower to the floor the head and foot and relax all the muscles.


During the exercise hold your attention to the abdomen and project there is the feeling of the vortex. Along with the body movements create the sensation of fire in the center.


In exercise # 2 of great importance is the coordination of movements with the breath. In the beginning you need to exhale, completely freeing his lungs of air. While lifting your head and feet to do a smooth but very deep and full breath, during lowering – a full exhalation.


If you are tired and decide to rest a bit between reps, try to breathe in the same rhythm, and while performing the movements. The deeper the breath, the higher the effectiveness of the exercise.


If you find it hard to perform the exercise with completely straight legs, start with, raise your legs with knees bent. Gradually, with the accumulation of experience, will be able to perform the exercise with straight legs and with the required rhythm and breathing.




The third exercise complex “Five Tibetan pearls” should be done after the first two. It enhances the action of the second. And just like the first and the second, is very simple.


Starting position: on his knees. Knees one from the other should be placed at a distance of the width of the pelvis to the thigh was located vertically. Hands hands are on the back of the thighs just under the buttocks.


Start the exercise:


– Tilt the head forward, tucking your chin to your chest.

– Then, throwing the head back, straighten your chest and arch your spine back back, slightly leaning hands on hips, then return to starting position with chest pressed against the chin (Fig.3).

With every movement a fiery whirlwind move from the abdomen to the base of the neck. Concentrate on the throat center, filling it with a feeling of fire.


Like the second exercise, the third also requires a strict coordination of movements with the rhythm of the breath. In the beginning you should take a deep and full breath. Bending back, you need to breathe, returning to the starting position – exhale. Depth of breathing is of great importance, because the breath is the connecting link between the movements of the physical body and control the ethereal force. So breathing exercises should be more fully and deeply.


The key to full and deep breathing is always the fullness of the exhalation. If the exhalation is made complete, as fully will the next breath.




This is an exercise for the throat, chest, abdomen and tailbone, which also increases vitality and strengthens the immune system.


To run you need to sit on a Mat and stretch his legs straight, slightly apart, so his feet were about shoulder width apart. Straight spine, place the palm of your hand with closed fingers on the floor on either side of the buttocks. The fingers should be pointing forward. Put your head down, pressing your chin to your chest.


Start the exercise:


– Bend your head as far back as possible.

– Then lift the torso forward and upward to a horizontal position.

– In the final phase of the hips and torso must be in the same horizontal plane, and the leg and hand to be vertical, as the legs of the table.

– Having reached this position, it is necessary for a few seconds, greatly strain the muscles of the body, and then relax and return to starting position with chest pressed against the chin (Fig. 4).

While tilting your head back, lifting the torso up, send the fire flow from the neck along the body to the base of the spine. Hold the feeling of fire in this region.


In this exercise, the key aspect is the breath. First you need to exhale. Lifting and throwing the head back – to do a deep smooth breath. During the tension – to hold the breath, descending – exhale completely.


During rest between repetitions – keep a constant rhythm of breathing.




The fifth exercise is good cleanses the respiratory tract, relieves in case of arthritis of the back, hips, improves circulation of blood and lymph, etc.


Starting position: prone position on her stomach, stretched. While the body rests on the palm and the pads of the toes. Knees and the pelvis floor is not affected. Hands oriented in a forward closed together with your fingers. Distance between your hands – slightly wider than shoulders. The distance between the feet – is the same.


Begin the exercise:


– Throws back her head as far back as possible.

– Then go into the position in which the body resembles a triangle, the apex directed upwards.

– Simultaneously moving the neck presses the head with chin to chest.

– While trying to leg remained straight, and straight arms and torso were in the same plane. Then the body will be as if folded in half in the hip joints.

– Return to the starting position – the emphasis lying down, caved in, and start all over again (Fig. 5).

During the deflection concentrate on the base of your spine, feeling there is a ball of fire. In the transition to the position of the triangle to direct the fire element to the top of the head. Returning to the deflection, and return a fireball to the base of the spine.


When you completely learn it, try to return to its original position to bend the back as much as possible, but not at the expense of marginal fracture in the lower back, and due to the straightening of the shoulders and the maximum deflection in the thoracic spine.


Don’t forget, however, that neither the pelvis nor the knees at the same time the floor should not touch.


In addition, enter in the exercise, pause with the maximum tension of all muscles of the body in both extreme positions upon deflection when lifting in a triangle.


Scheme of breath when performing the 5th exercise: first full breath in push-up position, stretched, then deep as possible, breath in “folding” in a triangle. Returning to focus, caved in, to do a full exhalation.


Stopping at the extreme points to perform a hard pause, you hold your breath for a few seconds, respectively, after inhalation and after exhalation.




The complex “Five Tibetan pearls” should be done every day. The ideal scenario – 2 times a day: in the morning (no later than 11:30) and evenings (no later than 2 hours before bedtime), each exercise can be repeated 21 times and no more.


All exercises have to go one by one: skip or swap them around impossible.


Between exercises mandatory rest period.


However, to perfect execution should be treated gently, i.e. so that you and your body fell for these exercises, and do not be forced with a gloomy “must”.


This should be followed here is that of the progressive scenario:


  • 1st week: the complex is run only in the morning and each exercise was repeated 5 times.
  • 2nd week: the complex is run only in the morning and each exercise was repeated 7 times.
  • 3rd week: the complex is run twice a day (morning and evening) and each exercise was repeated 9 times.
  • 4th week: the complex is run twice a day and each exercise was repeated 12 times.
  • 5th week: the complex is run twice a day and each exercise was repeated 15 times.
  • 6th week: the complex is run twice a day and each exercise was repeated 18 times.
  • 7th week: the complex is run twice a day and each exercise was repeated 21 times.


Thus, the complex will come only by the 7th week. Aim to do this before you can, but then you run the risk of straining and to abandon that will not allow your body to age.


So no hurry, besides a marked improvement in well-being, you will clearly feel in the 2nd week of practice. Then the effect will rapidly increase.published econet.ru.

Nikolaev Mar-Garin


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