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We don’t know when we can purchase a “pill of old age”, I assume that the wait is long. But now, we have the Longevity diet, can prolong life. And I’ll tell you about its main principles =)

Let’s talk how to eat to prolong youth, how to eat centenarians. In real life it is the people living in the mountainous regions of Greece and Italy, enough far from the sea. And today, these residents of one of the most correct variants of the Mediterranean diet! Such data are published by scientists in the Journal Immunity and Ageing.

For example, in the mountain area Sica life expectancy is higher than the average throughout Italy. The number of people who have reached the 100-th age 4.32 times higher than the national average. Moreover, an important fact: the relationship between longevity of women and men is 1.1: 1, while the national rate of Italy is 4.54: 1.

That is, the number of women and men equally long-lived.

This is an important indicator, since women usually live longer than men. The food in this region of Italy is different from the usual Italian: this is a profile of the Mediterranean diet with the consumption of foods with a low glycemic index and low in saturated fat and cholesterol, is dominated by vegetables and fruit.

This eating habit can also be seen in other mountainous regions, remote from the sea. On the training biohacking I ate like 2 weeks and I can say that it is not only useful but very delicious! =)

Glucometer for healthy people

An important part of the basics – food with a low glycemic load. Blood sugar should not rise after a meal, and ideally, glucose levels should remain stable, without spikes. I suggest to use the glucometer for the first time, to track their glucose levels.

I am often asked which meter is better to buy?

Tell us about your, maybe, also chose before buying. I have a glucometer Accu-Chek Performa, I am satisfied with its quality and easy to use, bought online in the online store Ozon. It is better to buy more test strips for my glucometer and disposable needles-lancets, although small amount are included.

So nutrition is personalized: you’ll see how you react to specific products.

Someone glucose can jump from one Apple, I have for example not reacting to bananas, but jumps on a spoonful of warm rice =)

The longevity diet: the basic principles

So the principles that underlie Diet of Longevity. I will list highlights, more details will be on the course.


  • products of the microbiota (resistant starch, prebiotics, inulin, oat flakes)
  • healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, raw nuts)
  • of animal protein choose fish (except tuna), eggs, poultry, seafood,
  • products, anti-aging (raw broccoli, cabbage)
  • products that stimulate the activity of the systems of detoxification and repair of DNA
  • this products: green tea, ginger, onion, garlic, tomatoes, black pepper
  • lots of different vegetables, herbs and leafy
  • used unsweetened fruit and berries with low GI (some)
  • avoid long roasting, grilling and baking
  • for stir-frying using avocado oil and clarified butter, from cows grazing grass

For me the best avocado oil is sold on iHerb, and ghee is ghee of this brand is also by far the best, with the freshest scent. You can eat it with a spoon! =)

Not used:

  • Pro-inflammatory foods (sugar, fast food, refined carbohydrates)
  • all oils with omega-6 (sunflower, corn, soybean)
  • juices, fruits with high fructose
  • added sugar and fructose
  • foods with oxidized fats, they increase aging and inflammation
  • products: meat of old animals, old vegetable oil, long been peeled nuts, bacon, fried bacon, fried meat, baked meat.

Marathon Health: 5 Nov

In my course “Marathon of Health” one of the biggest modules on nutrition. You will clearly understand HOW you eat, what strategy to adhere to, which products to choose in the store, in order to improve the quality of life and prolong youth.

Plus, you will test sensitivity to gluten and this is one of the most important steps that you need to do at least once!

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The cost of training only 3490 rubles for 2 weeks, you save much more on unnecessary tests and supplements that improve health for a lifetime.


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