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A snack is an important element of everyday nutrition. By snacking, you give the body some energy to function normally until the next meal is dense. There are usually three problems with snacks:

  • People eat wrong. They choose the wrong food or do it at the wrong time.
  • They refuse to eat, citing a quick lunch or dinner.
  • Snacks happen all the time and even replace normal meals.

We figure out how to eat correctly and what products are suitable for a snack.

Rules for a good snack

By adhering to a series of rules, you will make your snack optimal.

  • Prepare your snacks in advance. Candy or buns, sometimes bought from the cafeteria, are often at your fingertips in the office or at school. Cook at home and take your food to work so you don’t get caught in the middle of such “gifts” for your body.
  • Do not keep food close at hand. The closer you get to the food, the more likely you are to eat. Keeping your snack on your desk means having a snack at an unnecessary time when your body doesn’t really want to eat. Let the snack be in a bag or other place that is not conspicuous.
  • Snack a certain number of times. It is right to eat when you really want to. But not all people know how to understand the urges of their bodies, and sometimes even our brains can deceive us, citing a false sense of hunger. Therefore, a snack every three hours is the best option.
  • A snack is not enough food. A small portion, which will quickly saturate you for a short time. One apple or banana, oatmeal or something like that. In addition, these portions do not take up much space in your bag.
  • Keep water on hand. Here’s what really makes a good digestion possible. Not only does water normalize your stomach function, but it also prevents you from getting hungry quickly because it creates an effect of a full stomach.

Snacking options

Now let’s consider what products are suitable for snacks and how convenient and tasty they are.

Quickly, nutritionally, at hand

  • Dates. You can safely eat up to ten of them, because they give you a feeling of satiety and you don’t have to cook them. Generally speaking, any dried fruits are also suitable for snacking, but dates are particularly nutritious.
  • A handful of nuts. Cashews, walnuts, pine nuts – a handful of nuts – a handful of vitamins that can be obtained within ten minutes or an hour. Nuts are full and have a beneficial effect on the body’s function. Pay special attention to superfood – walnuts.
  • Whole fruit. Apples and oranges do not give a long feeling of satiety, but they do not need to be cooked and can be eaten quickly. A banana is best suited for a snack, because it is a kind of “energy bomb” due to its fructose content.
  • Lean yogurt. Choose those that do not contain pieces of fruit and even cereals – these yogurts can not be considered natural. If you don’t like unsweetened yogurt at all, you can add honey in advance.
  • Black chocolate. Yes, it is suitable for a snack, but it will be followed by lunch in less than an hour. Chocolate is a fast and strong energy that is consumed very quickly. So approach this snack wisely.

Tip: Divide even whole small products into small handfuls, pieces. For example, cut an apple into cubes, cut a banana into circles, divide the dates into certain handfuls. This will allow you not to eat more than you need for satiety and leave the food for the next snack.

The rules for a good meal

Snacks to prepare

  • Whole-grain bread with chicken or turkey meat. It can be smeared with low-fat sour cream or hummus, and tomatoes, cucumbers or a leaf of salad can be put on it. Such a sandwich can easily be brought in a container.
  • Classic salad. Cut tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers are a great option for a snack. In addition, this dish is rich in fiber, so a snack will be very useful.
  • Cheese and tomatoes. Just cut the tomatoes into small slices and sprinkle it with cheese grated on a large grater. It turns out to be very tasty and nourishing.
  • Dried wholemeal bread with cold chicken and cucumbers. This is a pleasant and quick dish that will make you satiated for at least two hours.
  • Fruit salad. Cut half an apple and half a banana, add flaxseed, and fill with skimmed yoghurt. Snack ready!
  • Toast with fish or seafood. A small slice of oily fish, contrary to popular belief, is perfect for snacking. All-grain bread is also lubricated with hummus or sour cream, you can add some vegetables or a leaf of salad.
  • Sweet toast. Honey and fruit can be added to wholemeal bread. If you like natural nut or urban pasta, they are also suitable for such a snack.

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