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The rules of food in summer to cleanse

Summer is the best season for healing and cleansing the body. Deciding to engage in their own health, first and foremost, you need to limit yourself to the consumption of meat, fatty, spicy and salty foods. The most optimal variant – to replace it with more “light”, diet meals. Also, instead of the usual sausage sandwiches for Breakfast can be poached eggs or rice milk. To saturate the body with natural protein, you must use mushrooms and nuts. Diet proper nutrition will complement the honey, which is a real natural storehouse of useful substances to the body. Addition to the list of the main components of a healthy diet, will be purified water, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a full cleansing.

The basic rules for cleansing the body

  • Eliminate the use of all roasted.
  • Fluid intake should be at least 3 liters per day. Need to drink not only water, but juices, herbal teas, berry fruit drinks and kvass and mineral water.
  • Chicken or fish is a great alternative to meat. Soups based on fatty broth can be replaced with hash and veggie liquid dishes.
  • Include in your diet (especially the diet of a child) plenty of greens, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. These foods are rich in vitamins, important nutrients and fiber.
  • Only eat desserts with low calories.
  • Cool drinks with ice. The cold liquid inhibits digestion, therefore, desire “once again to eat” will be under control.
  • Dose consumption of salt: if it is very hot add salt, over medium heat – reduce salt consumption to a minimum.

In the summer you can extract from food. This favorable period, nature provides many opportunities for cleansing the body and ridding it of extra pounds. Using mostly plant-based diet, improving health and stock up on vitamins for the winter. The duration of such a diet is individual for each person. Do not dramatically change your daily routine, do it gradually, moving to more healthy food. Periodic restrictions in consumption of junk food can be an excellent prevention of many diseases, and promote speedy weight loss. Eat right and be healthy!


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