The use of honey for facial masks, scrubs, massage

Despite the huge range of ready-made creams and masks in the shops, many girls prefer to use for face care homemade cosmetics. Its main advantage is natural, as in the preparation of cosmetic products do not use preservatives and other artificial additives. A versatile tool for skin care of any type is natural honey. It is used both independently and in conjunction with other ingredients to make masks and scrubs.


  • What action has the honey on the skin
  • Homemade cosmetics based on honey
    • Honey masks
    • Scrubs
    • Honey massage
  • Precautions and contraindications

What action has the honey on the skin

Use of honey will be helpful and adolescents suffering from juvenile acne, and women, whose face began to appear wrinkles. Suitable means for skin care of any type. Too fat it will help to make the matte and smooth, and dry, saturate with moisture and nutrients. Won’t hurt it and normal healthy skin, serving as an excellent prevention of the lesions and age-related changes.

Apply honey to the face to eliminate various cosmetic defects and just as great nutrition has a beneficial effect on the skin:

  • moisturizes, helps restore dehydrated skin;
  • normalizes sebum production, eliminates Shine;
  • effectively cleans the pores, prevents acne;
  • rejuvenates and eliminates wrinkles.

There are various options the use of honey. The easiest to apply it on a cleansed face. In addition, based on honey offers a variety of masks. In this case, add an additional main component, which enhance certain properties of the product.

To prepare the cleansing honey scrub, they are not only well removed from the pores of pollution but also nourish the skin. To keep a person young, you can hold the massage. This is a fairly simple procedure available to every woman in the home.

Homemade cosmetics based on honey

The easiest way to use honey in cosmetics – applying it on the face in pure form. To do this, it should be slightly warm. To make it better in a water bath, but you can just hold a small amount into hands until they are soft and begin to flow.

Tip! Heat the honey in a glass or enamel pot. It is important not to overheat the product, otherwise, it will begin to break down good for the skin substances.

Carefully wash my face and warmed honey applied in a thin layer. A little “tapping” the skin with fingertips and leave on the skin for half an hour. Has not been absorbed by the remains thoroughly washed. This procedure would be suitable for any skin type.

So the effect was more noticeable in the honey add extra ingredients that will help to solve various skin problems.

Honey masks

The use of honey for the face in the form of masks has a distinct advantage. The mask consists of multiple components, so the impact will be more efficient and focused.

Thick honey mixed with the other components is quite difficult, so it is heated. But only a little, as at 50 degrees lost of the useful properties. All components must be very well mixed, the mass was completely homogeneous. Use the prepared mixture immediately, store them it is impossible.

For increased dryness

Mix a tablespoon of honey, cream and olive oil. Instead of olive you can take and other cosmetic base oil, e.g. almond. Applied to the face in a thin layer and wash off after 15-20 minutes.

For moisturizing

Nourish the skin with moisture will help the honey-cucumber mask. Cucumber RUB on a small grater, squeeze through cheesecloth juice. Mix 1 tbsp of the juice with 1 tbsp of honey, directly applied to the face, leave for 20 minutes.

Banana-honey mask to relieve irritation

Helps soothe irritated skin, relieve inflammation, remove redness and reduce pimples. Half of a ripe banana mash and mix with 2 tsp of honey. If the skin is prone to peeling, then added to the mixture of 1 tsp of cream.

Oatmeal mask for nourishing and cleansing

Milled oat flakes – 2 tbsp
Hot milk – 2-3 tbsp
Honey – 2 tsp

The mask is especially useful when the appearance of the first wrinkles. Pour the flour milk to make a paste, let it cool down and swell. Add 2 tsp of honey and stir. Apply on face warm to hold 10 minutes after cooling. If at the same time you need to clean the pores, then the flakes should not grind too finely.

Clay mask for problem skin

Honey – 1 tbsp
Cosmetic clay – 1 tbsp
The air cinnamon – 2 drops

Clay is poured a small amount of warm boiled water, allow to stand for. You should get a thick paste. Add honey and the air of cinnamon, stir. Applied to the face, hold for 15-20 minutes, periodically wetting to clay froze not too fast.

Tip! For problem epidermis beauticians advise you to choose blue or black clay. These species most effectively cleanse pores and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands.

Mask for oily skin

Lemon juice – 25 ml
Honey – 25 g
Ether sage – 2 drops
Sea salt – 20 g

Effect of honey for the face if excessive sebaceous glands aimed at drying and normalizing the production of sebum. Slightly melt the honey, add the remaining ingredients. Salt is added last, just before applying. You should get a viscous mass with grains, which spread evenly and leave for 20 minutes. The mask has a light peeling effect.

Rejuvenating mask

Coffee grounds – 2 tsp
Yolk – 1 PC.
Sour cream (20%) – 30 g
Honey – 30 g

This composition good tones, tightens and smoothes wrinkles. For the preparation of used coffee grounds. Regular coffee is brewed from ground beans without adding in Turku no sugar, no spices, no cream. Then poured a drink into a Cup, and the grounds used for making masks. The cooled precipitate is coffee mixed with honey, sour cream and egg yolk, stir thoroughly, and immediately put on the face.


Used in home cosmetology scrubs with honey helps to purify the skin, providing extra nourishment and toning. After a light cleansing composition can be left on the face as a mask.

Universal scrub

Suitable for any skin type, if it’s the right dairy product. For oily skin – yogurt with low fat content for normal and combination – milk, dry cream.

Selected dairy product 1 tsp.
Honey – 1 tsp
Almond flour – 1 tbsp

Almond flour you can prepare yourself, Smolov in a coffee grinder almond nuts. Mix all ingredients, apply to face massaging gently with light circular movements, after 5 minutes rinse.

For sensitive skin

Banana puree – 2 tsp
Wheat bran or almond – 2 tsp
Honey – 1 tsp
Milk – 1 tsp.

Milk heat, add the remaining components, mix well. Lightly spread on the skin and a bit of massaging. Wash off after 5-7 minutes.

For aging skin

Honey – 1 tsp
Ground into powder walnuts – 1 tsp.
Orange juice or grapefruit 1 tsp.

Mix all ingredients, spread the massage lines. Gently massage for 5 minutes, then rinse. You can leave as a nourishing mask for 15 minutes.

Honey massage

This is a very useful treatment because it combined two types of action – chemical and mechanical. Properly performed massage cleans pores on the effectiveness of it can be compared to a light peel. Improves blood circulation and, consequently, the nutrition of tissues, the cells are saturated with nutrients.

The procedure:

  • It is good to clean the face: remove makeup, wash your face with foam and wipe with a tonic, not containing alcohol.
  • The honey is slightly warm, it should be pleasantly warm but not hot.
  • With a brush or just your fingers to apply the warm honey to the face, with the exception of the area around the eyes.
  • Wait 15 minutes to have time to absorb and act nutrients.
  • Be applied to the skin, covered by a film of honey from his fingertips and sharp movement to disengage the fingers from the surface.
  • To treat the whole surface covered with honey.
  • The honey will start to slide under your fingers, it is evidence that the pores are cleaned, the procedure is performed correctly. The duration of exposure of no more than five minutes. When you are finished, you need to wash with warm water, wipe the face tonic and apply nourishing cream. Conduct this massage house is not more than twice a month, it is suitable for any type of epidermis. Contraindication is skin laxity, as the procedure will lead to stretching and may cause the formation of new wrinkles.

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    Precautions and contraindications

    Despite the obvious benefits of honey, use it for Facials is not recommended for everyone. The main contraindication is Allergy. Bee products – this is quite strong allergens that are prone to such manifestations of people, these methods will not work.

    Also, contraindications include:

    • a tendency to rosacea – appearance of spider veins;
    • availability purulent acne under the inflammation;
    • open scratches, wounds on the face;
    • exacerbation of the skin diseases such as herpes.

    To use honey for Facials recommended courses. It is necessary to carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week for 1.5-2 months, then take a break, otherwise epidermis will get used to the effects and will no longer respond to nutrients included in the composition of honey. During a break you should use other cosmetic products, not including products of beekeeping. Repeated courses are held in six months.

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