The use of olive oil for face recipes, precautions

Olive is considered the most useful of vegetable oils. In ancient times it was called “liquid gold”. Today it is appreciated by people no less and is widely used in different spheres of life: food, medicine, cosmetics. The oil part of hygienic and cosmetic products of industrial production. Based on it right at home prepare medicinal compositions for the skin and hair. Beauticians recommend the use of natural means in the daily care of the face. It helps with dryness, acne and wrinkles, preserves youthfulness and prolongs beauty.


  • The benefits for the skin, what problems it solves
  • How to choose a product, types of spin
  • Methods and applications
    • Washing
    • Lotion
    • Scrub
    • Mask
    • Compress
    • Facial massage
  • Popular recipes
    • For moisturizing
    • For the skin around the eyes
    • Acne
    • From wrinkles
  • Recommendations for use, contraindications and precautions

The benefits for the skin, what problems it solves

Olive oil contains many useful and necessary ingredients for skin. This fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, phenols and phytosterols. Best for skin is considered a natural unrefined product, obtained by cold pressing, as it remains the maximum use of the olive fruits. It can be distinguished by the greenish-brownish tone, typical scent and a strong flavor with bitterness.

Important! Olive oil is universal. It is used for the whole body: face, hair, nails. It can be self-procedure or become part of various skin funds home cooking: scrubs, masks, lotions, creams.

What problems it solves olive oil:

  • restores skin elasticity;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • saturates useful elements;
  • provides deep cleansing and hydration;
  • creates a stable protection on the surface;
  • accelerates the regeneration of cells;
  • quickly relieves inflammation;
  • prevents dryness;
  • relieves swelling;
  • improves the complexion.

Use options for face a lot. Of the simple tools is a cleanser and compress, more complex – scrubs, masks, lotions, creams. Massage with it provides the skin a double benefit: rejuvenates and heals.

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How to choose a product, types of spin

On the shelves there are many products from different manufacturers. The best is considered to be the only natural oil first cold pressed, not exposed to refining. The main notes of the product do in English – natural extra virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil. There is still a refined product (refined olive oil) which was subjected to purification, and therefore lost part of its natural use. Pomace oil refers to the production of inferior quality (pomace olive oil). It is obtained through chemical solvents.

Attention! The bulk of oil products on the market is a mixed olive oil and refined types. It is usually labelled without any clarifications, olive oil.

The main countries-suppliers, product quality which you can trust is Greece, Italy, Spain. In these countries the olive tree is the national tree and grows everywhere. Store the oil correctly too, need to not lost the whole benefit and quality. The valuable liquid stored in a dark glass tightly closed. Prolonged contact with air causes oxidation. After opening should be used within six months, long storage is not recommended even in the refrigerator.

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Methods and applications

There are many options for how to use olive oil for face. To choose a suitable method should be based on skin type, existing surface flaws and problems. Visible results achieved under the condition of consistent and proper use in the home.


A simple and efficient recipe for a daily face cleansing oil. This procedure is best in the evening when the skin has accumulated impurities and makeup residues. For washing enough to drip a few drops on a cotton pad and carefully wipe his face. Pre-skin should be lightly moistened, then the substance is quickly absorbed and does not remain greasy. Should follow massage lines and moving from the center to the periphery. The oily residue no need to rinse off, just enough a few times to wet face with a paper towel.


Based on olive oil, you can cook healthy cleansing lotion for the face. For this you will need to combine in equal proportions the main ingredient of Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. After wiping face this lotion immediately feel the freshness and energy. Using lotion on a regular basis, can improve skin tone, enhance elasticity, disappearance of the oily sheen and a light whitening effect.


Peeling effect provides vitamin a (retinol) and calciferol. Simultaneously with the removal of dead skin cells, activates the process of their updates. While quickly restored the integrity of the skin, improves metabolism and regeneration.

To prepare the scrub you will need 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp sea salt finely ground lemon peel on the tip of a knife. Scrub applied and washed off according to the rules, gentle eye area and lip interference. Instead of salt you can use other products with the polishing effect. It can be bran, oat or rice flour, powdered sugar, coffee grounds and so on.


Combining the product with other valuable ingredients, you can achieve the solution of many problems with skin and eliminate imperfections. Popular recipes include yeast, honey, clay, lemon juice or other citrus fruits, milk and dairy products, fresh fruits and berries. It is a complete facial care in the home, additional food and hydration, providing protection against aggressive environmental factors. This is one of the most affordable and effective anti-aging tools that are suitable for any age.


Effective anti-aging and smoothing action differs a compress with olive oil. He is able to promptly restore skin elasticity and hydration, reduce wrinkles, to adjust the circuit to stop the aging process.

To make a compress will not be easy. To do this, take the cloth and cut holes in it for the eyes and nose, you can use the ready-made version from the store. Next, you need to soak the material in warm oil and apply it on clean face. To enhance the beneficial action of the main ingredient combined with essential oils, decoctions, juices of fruit or vegetables. Compress hold for 15-20 minutes under a towel. The rest of it should be wet paper towel.

Facial massage

Facial massage with olive oil allows you to achieve comprehensive positive results. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, gets sufficient moisture and beautiful color, less concerned about the swelling. Folds and creases are smoothed out, small wrinkles disappear, deep ones become less pronounced.

The systematic carrying out face massage normalizes production of skin secret, leaves the problem of oily sheen. For self-massage tool is used in pure form or in combination with useful esters.

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Popular recipes

There are many folk recipes of beauty, which is valuable olive oil. From the variety of products you can choose the option that is suitable for a particular skin type. An additional plus is that the mask homemade only consist of natural components, hence, absolutely safe for health.

For moisturizing

Hydration – the key to healthy and youthful skin for years to come. Fats contained in vegetable oil, deeply hydrate and maintain moisture in tissues. After you apply it on face leaves a film that protects the skin from dehydration and sun exposure. And age-related changes can save a special cream homemade.

The cream on every day

Suitable for different skin types, nourishes and moisturizes, has a rejuvenating effect, produces a lifting effect.

Beeswax – 1 tbsp
Olive oil – 3 tbsp
The esters of choice – 2-3 drops each

Beeswax mash into small pieces and melt in a water bath. To the wax, add the olive oil and mix everything carefully. Add a few drops of any essential oils to choose from, but not more than 3 items. Pour the liquid into a suitable glass container and wait for hardening. To use need each day instead of the usual face cream. Cooked serving store in refrigerator no longer than 2 months.

Mask from dryness and flaking

Suitable for dry skin types, eliminates dryness and flaking, moisturizes and nourishes.

Banana – ¼ part of the fruit
Olive oil – 1 tbsp
Curd – 1 tbsp

Crushed into mush the pulp of the banana, add remaining ingredients. Stir thoroughly until a homogeneous mass consistency. Apply mask to face, avoiding eyes and lips. Leave for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water without soap. After 30 minutes apply the cream. To do 2 times a week.

For the skin around the eyes

Eyelid skin is the most sensitive and vulnerable, it is susceptible to dryness and thinning. For these reasons, around the eyes formed the first wrinkles bother swelling and darkening. Olive oil is able to restore skin tone and moisture, removes puffiness and protects the delicate area of the face. Care for centuries with it is very simple.

For this you need to combine 1 tbsp the main component and 10 drops of vitamin E. the resulting liquid should be daily to lubricate the upper and lower eyelids from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. The procedure is best done in the evening until 20.00, so all the nutrients have time to be absorbed and distributed in tissues. After this procedure, the eye cream to use is no longer necessary.

Tip! If there is no time, but want to look good, it will help the special compress for the eyelids. Soak 2 cotton pad in olive oil and apply them on the eyelids for 5 minutes.


The product has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect that allows it to be used in the fight against acne. Fast results gives its combination with white clay, honey, lemon juice. There is a drying effect, enhanced cell regeneration. It is noticed that all the damage to the skin is prolonged in the shortest possible time. The systematic application of the tools makes it less visible traces and scars from acne.

Mask against acne and pimples

Suitable for oily skin, relieves inflammation and redness, tightens pores, normalizes the secretion, reduces rashes.

Cabbage leaf – 1 PC.
Olive oil – 1 tbsp
Tea tree – 5 drops

Grind in a blender a piece of cabbage. Take 2 table spoon cabbage pulp, add other ingredients and mix well. Apply on face, wait 15 minutes. Wash off any residue, apply a moisturizer. To do the mask 2 times a week, you can apply through the day dot only on the pimples.

From wrinkles

In the oil there is vitamin E are tocopherol. It is established that it has strong antioxidant properties and activates natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Due to this, the tool helps reduce the depth of wrinkles and make them less noticeable. With regular use, improves the turgor the skin, lifts the facial contour, for a long time maintaining the freshness and health of skin.

Intensive anti-aging mask

Suitable for all skin types, reduces wrinkles and tightens the contour, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Egg – 1 PC.
Olive oil – 1 tbsp
Honey – 1 tbsp

Beat the egg. Honey melt in a water bath together with butter. To combine beaten egg and honey and oil mixture. Apply in the form of heat. Leave for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. To do 2 times a week for oily skin enough 1 times.

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Recommendations for use, contraindications and precautions

Quality olive oil is expensive, sold only in containers made of dark glass. Preference should be given to the small volume that you really spend a few months. The shelf life of an unopened container is usually 18 months. To buy products for future use impractical.

To strengthen the external action of the skin is possible by including a useful product in the diet. Note that its acidity should not exceed 0.8-1.5%. The daily food norm is 2 tbsp Caution when eating should be important for people with disorders of the digestive tract.

Olive oil is useful in winter, when the skin is exposed to low temperatures and wind. This tool effectively moisturizes face and body after sun exposure. It soothes the skin and restores the natural fat protection, activates cell regeneration. All this helps to preserve youth and beauty for a long time.

Vegetable oils are more suitable for use in dry and normal facial skin. Combination or oily skin with enlarged pores and prone to rash can give a negative reaction on medium. In this case, it should be used rarely, avoiding zones with a high fat content. It is not necessary to add the product in finished beauty and hygiene products.

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