Top 17 myths about fitness that keep you from losing weight

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Top 17 myths about fitness that keep you from losing weight

The most widely known misconceptions about fitness, training and nutrition that every newcomer to the healthy lifestyle world believes in. But they actually prevent us from achieving our cherished goal of having a healthy and slim body.

Not eating after 18:00

The most popular myth of weight loss. With an active lifestyle, it is simply necessary to have a healthy snack after 18:00, as there is a long period of time before going to bed when we are starving. And then at about 23:00 we are drawn directly to the fridge. It is better to give preference to protein food (meat, fish, eggs) with a light salad. Such a dinner will only be useful.

Not to drink food

“If you drink food, the stomach juice becomes less concentrated and does not digest the food well.” This is not true. The only recommendation is not to drink enough fatty dishes with cold drinks, for example, to drink a cold cola with ice and a fat burger.

You can’t eat after training

Often you can hear from the coaches in the gym, because it’s supposed to “ruin all the results”. It is necessary to have a healthy and full meal or snack after training.

Fats are bad

Fats must be present in the diet when slimming. It is not about the amount of fat, but their quality and usefulness. The most useful can be obtained from fish, avocado, olive oil, nuts. These fats are a source of women’s health and beauty.

Without sports nutrition there will be no result

Proteins are just a supplement to your diet. Basically, the result will depend on the right diet and regular training, and proteins simply make it easier to achieve your goal of not spending half a day at the stove and preparing the same thing.

You can’t drink during training

That’s what the coach at the gym often says, so you can see the result on the scale after an intensive workout. But it is necessary to replenish the water balance in the body, because during the workout you lose exactly the fluid from the body. Not much to drink, and a little bit – 1-2 sips (so that there was no feeling of discomfort in the stomach during sports).

Gym only for men

“Dumbbells, bars and simulators can pump muscles and turn into a dork.” That’s not true. Only by working with extra weight can girls enlarge their buttocks, make their hips round and make their backs wider, so that there are proportions.

Focus on weight

The numbers aren’t weights, they don’t give an accurate picture. You can only see the exact result in the mirror when the hated sides and “ears” on the hips are gone, but the gluteal muscles will increase. For example, if you take two girls with the same weight, visually they will be completely different and with different figures. Muscle tissue grows and weighs more fat with regular exercise. It is better to focus on centimeters and your parameters, reflection in the mirror.

Training every day

Loading himself with training, sooner or later the body will give up and simply will not have the strength to continue to study. Be sure to take a break of 1-2 days between classes, so that the muscles have time to rest.

How to remove fat in a certain part of the body

Regularly practicing sports and focusing on a certain group of muscles, the entire fat layer will be evenly burned throughout the body. Even if you do footwork, your stomach and hands will also lose weight.

The longer you train, the better.

“More time, more approaches and happiness.” No, no and no. The training should be properly planned. For girls it will be better to have a circular training for all muscle groups (up to 1 hour).

The more I pump the press, the sooner I will see the cubes

Press cubes will be visible only when the fat layer in the whole body is gone. The press is done in the kitchen. It is very important to keep an eye on the right diet and to keep up with caloric deficiencies in your diet.

More cardio – lose weight faster

Numerous studies have shown that prolonged cardio training is more harmful than weight loss. They should be moderate in number, as they put pressure on your joints. For example, cardio on simulators is no more than 15 minutes.

Sweat is fat?

It is not true that fat is burned and then released. Only liquid is lost and it must be replenished with water. The result on the scale after a training session “minus 300 grams” is not fat, but water. Often this is used by the coach, so it is forbidden to drink during classes.

I do not sweat – it means I do not lose weight.

The process of sweating is very individual for each person. Someone after 5 minutes of running is poured afterwards, and someone – and did not drop drops.

Shake slanting muscles to make the waist

When performing exercises on oblique abdominal muscles, they cannot thicken in any way, but on the contrary, they will increase and grow (especially if you use extra weight).

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