Top 8 best exercise equipment for weight loss

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Top 8 best exercise equipment for weight loss

The contents

  • Best exercise equipment for weight loss
  • Ellipsoid
  • Treadmill
  • Bike
  • Stepper
  • Rowing machine
  • Physical exercises with the compact exercise equipment
  • How to choose a trainer for home fitness workouts

To improve health and enhance weight loss, it is necessary not only to observe the rules of healthy eating. To get rid of extra pounds causes only the combination of physical exertion and a balanced diet.

To speed up the process of weight loss will help fitness training on high efficiency equipment. They don’t just break down body fat, but also results in muscle tone and tighten flabby areas of the body.

Best exercise equipment for weight loss

Most effective fat burning exercise type aerobic (cardio). They accelerate blood flow, improve gas exchange and metabolism by accelerating frequent heart contractions.

To the best exercise equipment for quick and effective weight loss include:

  • – trainers (cross trainers);
  • treadmills;
  • stationary bicycles (exercise bikes);
  • Steppers;
  • rowing shells.

In addition to the above equipment get rid of fat will help mini-simulators, which are conveniently stored at home and, if necessary, to take with me (jump rope, hula Hoop, expanders, etc.).


Elliptical trainers represent the shells to simulate a fast ski run. It is a powerful vehicle with two pedals and handles that move along the trajectory of ski poles. Additional handles allow you to maintain balance and develop the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle.

The main advantage of orbitrekom that load in such machines can be changed by yourself. If to reduce to a minimum the resistance of the pedals to practice on this design can even older people. Fitness workout on the elliptical (ellipsoidal) are considered to be lightweight because there is no shock loading on joints.

With increasing degree of the resistance of the pedals and with the rapid pace accelerated pulse, followed by rapid weight loss. Just one workout on the elliptical (30-35 minutes) burns about 350 calories.


One of the most popular machines to exercise on cardiologia. In addition to the powerful heavy equipment, for home use produce and compact running belt.

Running and active walking is not only simple but also the most affordable methods of getting rid of excess weight. Additionally, these exercises improve the quality of the body, strengthen muscles, increase aerobic endurance and rid of cellulite.

The intensity of the track can be adjusted independently, it is enough to select the desired metric (e.g., a speed tape or angle of incline).

Despite its effectiveness for weight loss, the treadmill is one drawback: this device is not recommended for people with problem joints and with high obesity rates. In this case, the joints turns out to be a disastrous burden. Experts recommend to first lose of fat through nutrition and then move on to sports activities.


The ideal trainer for speed fans. Allows you to combine business with pleasure: rapid weight loss and fun. There are two main varieties of this device: horizontal and vertical. The first option is a standard bike without wheels. The second variation of the simulator represents a shell, in which only the lower half of the body. The negative load on the spine is reduced.

To increase the intensity of fitness workouts it is possible to adjust the degree of resistance of the pedals. In this case, fat burning is accelerated, but also actively pumped calves and thighs. It is particularly convenient to do on options with built-in heart rate monitors and mileage counters.


Simple compact simulator similar to the ellipsoid. Unlike the elliptical, the stepper is missing the handle, so a person needs to stay on the pedals due to his vestibular system. Great accelerates blood circulation and can be used for home physical exercises for weight reduction.

Rowing machine

Rowing shell — the high-intensity equipment to enhance metabolic process and improve the quality of muscles. Not all athletes love it because of the complexity and intensity of the load, but its productivity is very high, especially in the regular classroom.

Rowing machine eliminates body fat, strengthens the muscles of the legs, abdominals, arms, chest and back and is truly multi-functional equipment. Especially recommended for tough athletes.

Physical exercises with the compact exercise equipment

In addition to a powerful cardio, lose weight help and effective mini-shells. They are a great way to promote local fat loss while variety of physical exercise. Mini-simulators can do a figure toned, athletic, aesthetic.

  • Gymnastic Hoop.

Huge selection of hula-hooping is a lightweight metal, a massage, a weighted — allows you locally to get rid of fat in the waist and remove the sides.

  • The rotating disk.

Affordable device that allows you to start the process of fat burning even in a small room. When cornering, the body effectively strengthens the abdominal muscles.

  • Jump rope.

Simple but very effective device that allows you to lose weight in a few weeks. The ideal projectile for training in the fresh air. Rope can be many more jumps in order to avoid uniformity of loads: jumping with high knees forward and backward, on one foot, jumping squats, with the crossing of the rope, jumping from side to side, etc.

How to choose a trainer for home fitness workouts

The fight against excess weight does not necessarily require a visit to the gym. To get rid of excess pounds even at home — enough to choose the right projectile. The selection of a simulator for use in the walls of the house should be based not only on the dimensional parameters, but also on its functionality. Therefore it is better to buy the simulator, which will be multi-component such that at the same time and speed up the heart rate and work the muscles.

The best solution in this case will be the purchase of the elliptical. Modern manufacturers produce even a compact elliptical trainer that can easily fit in the limited living space, or perhaps on the balcony. Equally convenient for home fitness workouts will be the treadmill. But the bike is better to buy not stationary and ordinary.

Additionally for home exercises it is recommended to purchase a skipping rope and a Hoop — they don’t take up much space, but allow you to make a variety of trainings and work out the problem areas remaining after total weight loss.

It is also important to pay attention to the functionality of the simulator. If you strive to get rid of extra pounds and are not configured for regular comprehensive fitness, you should not buy professional equipment with many additional features auxiliary character.

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