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Top 8 most dangerous foods for summer nutrition

The contents

  • No. 1 Fast food: High risk of poisoning
  • No. 2 Salads with mayonnaise: the source of bacteria
  • No. 3 Dairy
  • No. 4 Confectionery
  • No. 5 Red meat: not for the summer food
  • No. 6, Dried and smoked fish
  • No. 7 Alcoholic drinks
  • No. 8 Ice cream

Summer is a great time to promote health. In this time of the year you can easily saturate the body with different nutrients, to engage in hardening and just relax. It is especially important that no unpleasant surprises are not spoiled recovery. In the hot season requires a little more carefully monitor their own food habits. Food in summer requires a special awareness, because not enough proper organization of the diet can lead to poisoning or severely violate General well-being. Consider the top most dangerous foods in the summer.

No. 1 Fast food: High risk of poisoning

Of course, fast food in General is difficult to call a healthy diet. However, in the heat of summer this food is deservedly occupies the first place in danger. Special risk carries products with meat filling. In summer, it is essential to abandon the Shawarma and hot dogs, pasties and meat pies, as well as various meat pies.

Such is the danger of such food for health is explained very simply. Meat in the heat is the ideal environment for the growth of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, in most cases, fast food is cooked in not sanitary conditions. Even high-quality meat spoils very quickly in the summer, with savings on as the risk of poisoning increases several times.

No. 2 Salads with mayonnaise: the source of bacteria

When it’s hot outside, any salad soon after preparation becomes quite unsightly. And filling this dish with mayonnaise turns it into a bomb, carrying a serious risk to health.

In accordance with the sanitary norms, these salads can be stored only in the fridge for quite a limited time — better just about an hour. Otherwise, they begin to actively proliferate the bacteria. But to expect such awareness from workers of kiosks or cafes just not worth it.

No. 3 Dairy

In itself, the milk and products made from it, deteriorate pretty quickly. Health hazard you can imagine all sorts of curds and desserts, as well as yogurt and cold milk shakes. Of course, to completely eliminate dairy from your diet is not necessary, but it is better not to buy them, and not to eat such food in the street cafes. It is worth considering that fall in the risk zone even cheese cakes and all kinds of casseroles. To harm the health, they have enough to spend without a refrigerator for about an hour.

No. 4 Confectionery

In the heat of the sweet lovers should limit themselves to the use of Goodies. After all, any cake with cream, remaining outdoors for more than an hour in the heat can be dangerous. Even with a stable and comfortable ambient temperature of the custard remains safe for up to 6 hours, and protein up to 7 hours. The warmer it is outside, the more reduced this time period.

No. 5 Red meat: not for the summer food

In the hot season it is better to reduce meat consumption in order not to overload the body. And red meat is particularly hard to digest, this process of digestive tract can spend up to 9 hours. The body needs to put a lot of effort to fully digest the kind of food and avoid life-threatening overheating. During digestion of meat increases sweating, increases the load on the kidneys, which in the summer heat can significantly impair health and contribute to the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

All nutritionists strongly recommend to start a diet in the summer on the use of plant foods. If you still have the desire to eat meat, it is better to give preference to white.

No. 6, Dried and smoked fish

Even fresh fish in the summer heat spoils very quickly, so use it at this time of the year you need with caution and only after proper heat treatment. If we are talking about smoked and cured products, it can be fraught with mortal danger. It is the fish most often causes the development of botulism, however, there is no way to determine the potential hazard of the product in appearance or taste. In addition, heat may occur banal poisoning due to improper storage of the product.

No. 7 Alcoholic drinks

The summer heat is a significant reason to abandon the use of alcohol. Alcohol increases the risk of heart problems several times, in particular, it can trigger a heart attack or stroke. In addition, alcoholic beverages:

  • Increases the risk of heat stroke. For the removal of decay products from the body requires a lot of energy and water. With this, one difficult to distinguish signs of intoxication from the dangerous signs of overheating.
  • Increase the risk of unfortunate situations. People in the heat to get drunk faster and stronger, which leads to committing a dangerous and risky actions. Most deaths on the water occur because of alcohol.

Do not think that the cold cider, or ice cold beer will help to cool in the searing heat. The consequences of their use can be extremely dangerous.

No. 8 Ice cream

Surprisingly, one of the most popular summer foods can be dangerous. In this case, particularly the risk to humans is ice cream that is sold from the machines. It has a very short shelf life — about 30 hours, as a maximum, but in selling such a product is in weeks. Therefore, it can easily breed a variety of bacteria, including dangerous Salmonella. And poisoning is unlikely to help a good summer.

In addition, ice cream and more dangerous because of its composition. It contains a lot of sugar and additional chemical components. Eating these foods leads to the activation of the appetite and strengthens the body unneeded calories.

If you still are going to buy ice cream, follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not buy soft or melted products.
  • Analyze the consistency of the product. If the ice melted and then was frozen again — it is better not to eat.
  • Be sure to ask about the expiration date.
  • Make the purchase in specialty grocery stores or supermarkets and not on the street or in suspicious kiosks.

Instead of ice cream it is better to give preference to fresh fruit, crushed blender. At home they can pour quality milk and allow to cool in the fridge.

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