Treatment corn stem pharmacy, hardware and home remedies

With skin blisters is familiar to everyone. The appearance of watery blistering or hyperkeratosis susceptible to feet skin, as it often has friction shoes and high blood pressure. The most unpleasant and dangerous kind of corn is considered with a deep core inside. Call it internal, ingrowing, or rod and corn. It causes severe discomfort and pain when walking and at rest, and in severe cases, the result of the change in gait leads to deformation of the joints. To prevent such complications, the treatment should be started as early as possible.


  • Appearance and manifestations
  • Causes of
  • Diagnosis and principles of treatment
  • Hardware methods
  • Pharmaceutical preparations
  • Folk remedies

Appearance and manifestations

Rod corn has a distinctive appearance. It is a small dead area of skin white or grayish color rounded shape with clear contours. Inside it there is a recess with a yellowish tip (stopper) on the end, which is the root or stem of corn.

Common localization of stem calluses is plantar part of the foot is exposed to the greatest mechanical stress, namely the area below the fingers, between the first and second finger or around his little finger. It also occurs in exposed areas fingertips and heels. Calluses on his hands with the rod are formed in rare cases, due to specific professional activities, the ongoing work with the same tools.

Stem callus is formed gradually. First, it does not cause severe discomfort, and people may not even pay attention to her, but as the germination of the root into the soft tissue of the foot, painful symptoms increase.

Symptoms, which is education:

  • the poor skin nutrition in the field of corn, caused by compression of the vessels in its core and contribute to its growth;
  • irritation, inflammation of the skin;
  • tingling;
  • dull pain and discomfort with a certain setting of the foot;
  • problems with complete reliance on foot and wearing shoes;
  • change of gait.

The severity of disease symptoms depends on how deep the root has grown into the soft tissue. Palpation of the affected area there is a feeling that under the skin is a small pebble or other foreign object.

Causes of

To provoke the formation of a core of a corn can various unfavorable factors. The most common of these are:

  • wearing a poor quality, narrow or the wrong size of shoes, leading to constant chafing and pinching of the skin;
  • frequent wearing of shoes with high heels causing improper distribution of the load on the foot, namely the increase in pressure on the front part;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin of the foot (cuts, scratches, penetration of splinters, chips, fragments or other small foreign bodies);
  • the presence of the skin lesion for fungal or bacterial infections;
  • flat feet, abnormal gait due to chronic problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • walking barefoot;
  • incorrectly or untimely treated wet corn.

To provoke the development of stem calluses also can stop excessive sweating, excessive body weight, lack of elementary hygienic rules for the care of the feet. Its appearance does not depend on age. In the presence of predisposing factors, it can be formed as in the adult and the child.

Diagnosis and principles of treatment

If you suspect a pivotal corn should consult a dermatologist or podiatrist, doctor who specializes in diseases and other problems of the skin. If in doubt, it is important to make a differential diagnosis with a plantar wart, papillomas and malignant tumors.

The specialist will assess the degree of soft tissue damage, identify the causes of the formation of the defect and select the optimal method of treatment. The difficulty of getting rid of domestic corn is what is required to completely remove an ingrown stem, otherwise the problem will not be resolved through time appears again. Simple superficial removal of dead skin cells with a pedicure in this situation will not bring the desired effect and ease symptoms.

If the core is small and corn has appeared recently, you can try to handle it by yourself at home using drugstore or folk remedies. In advanced and severe cases, without skilled care and use of hardware methods will not do. If the result of examination will be found to be a blister caused by an infection, then self-treatment should be discarded in order not to aggravate the condition and increase the area of damage.

Hardware methods

To fight with rod corn successfully used a number of hardware procedures to quickly and safely remove the rod. Among them:

  • Drilling. Low-cost method with minimal risk of injury to nearby healthy tissue. The core of the corn is drilled with a special machine, equipped with different size, thickness and shape of the bits or cutters.
  • The effects of the laser. It is shown in advanced cases, when the root of the corn sprouted pretty deep. The method consists in burning out the laser beam keratinized skin along with the rod. The method is effective against all stem calluses regardless of their causes.
  • Cryosurgery. Destruction of the domestic corn occurs under the influence of liquid nitrogen, which destroys the keratinized tissues and cause inadvertent rejection. Mainly used to remove larger stem callus (up to several centimeters in diameter). In comparison with other methods is characterized by a high risk of damage to healthy tissue that was difficult to control and adjust the depth of the impact.
  • Carried out such procedures by qualified personnel in specially equipped cosmetic salons or clinics, take a little time and do not require any prior training. After testing on the treated areas of the foot it is recommended to apply anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial or antiseptic ointment, which will contribute to the prevention of bacterial complications and early tissue regeneration.

    The duration of the rehabilitation period after hardware techniques is usually up to two weeks. During this time, on the former site of the rod formed a crust, which then disappears, leaving the under a healthy skin. Independent deletion of the crust is inadmissible, as can lead to hyperpigmentation, the formation of unsightly scar or infection.

    Pharmaceutical preparations

    Pharmacies sell ointments, creams, sprays and patches to combat calluses. To prevent complications before they are used in home it is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor. Active ingredients such antimasonry drugs are chemical compounds keratolytic, destructive communication between the dead cells, promote the softening and desquamation of the keratinized skin. The root of the corn after the separation of the upper rough layer are extracted with the help of forceps.

    The most famous are:

  • Plaster Sliped. Contains salicylic acid, pine rosin and sulfur has keratolytic and antiseptic effect.
  • Patch Lyuksplast. Active ingredient – salicylic acid. Easy to use, breathable, has a center cushion that reduces the pressure of shoes on a pivotal corn. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Cream Nematol. Contains salicylic acid and sulphur. Helps soften and separation of corn. Applied to the pre-steamed skin, top is fixed with a bandage and kept up to two days.
  • Cream Super Intimately from calluses and corns. The composition includes a urea and lactic acid. Moisturizes the skin, helps soften and layer-by-layer separation calloused formations.
  • Liquid Stomatol. Contains salicylic and lactic acids, celandine extract, and pine rosin. Has a convenient applicator for applying the funds. Use twice a day until complete removal of corn stem.
  • Before using pharmacy tools, it’s important to carefully read the user manual, to familiarize yourself with the method of application and to verify the absence of contraindications. After removal of all loose dead skin should be applied on the affected area for soothing or regenerating medium (cream Bepanten, Experten, baby cream).

    Folk remedies

    To cope with rod corn at home with the help of folk remedies is possible only in the early stages when the first signs of problems. It should be understood that such attempts will not give instant result, can result in serious injuries to the soft tissues of the foot, hit the rest of the corn cavity infections and swelling that will require treatment in a medical institution.

    When choosing a method of struggle with rod corn need to consider the type of skin. For example, for dry skin you cannot use drying tools as they may cause cracking of the skin and the formation of a new top sites.

    The best known folk remedy against corns and calluses are soap-hot soda bath (1 tablespoon of grated soap and baking soda in 1 liter of water) foot with the subsequent processing steamed skin with a pumice stone. To completely eliminate calluses with the rod, they will not be very effective, but are used in the preparatory phase, so as to remove the upper Horny layer (“hat”) and make the web more accessible to further manipulation.

    Tool of vodka, glycerin and lemon juice

    Vodka – 1 tsp.
    Glycerin – 1 tsp
    Freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1 tsp

    Mix all of the ingredients. Spread the resulting solution pre-steamed designated root callus. Wait until the vehicle is dry, and again apply it. Repeat at least 3 times. A day to steam out your legs and treat problem areas with a pumice stone. To completely get rid of the top skin and core of the procedure must be performed multiple times.

    Vinegar essence

    In the patch cut out a small piece with a recess for corn and paste on the problematic area. A cotton swab or a piece of bandage impregnated with undiluted vinegar, applied to the site of the corn and fix, with pre-glued patch will protect the healthy tissue. Leave for 24 hours, then clean off the softened skin. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times to completely get rid of the core of corn.

    When applied to combat calluses of vinegar need to be careful not to accidentally burn healthy skin.

    A compress of propolis and fat

    Propolis solid – 1 tsp
    Lard or pork fat – 10 g

    Propolis and lard melted together. The resulting mass allow to cool a little and make it a small ball, give it the shape of a pancake approximately the size of corn. Applied to the pre-steamed on the trouble areas and fix the patch. Leave for 12 hours. The preferred such a procedure carried out before bedtime and in the morning remove the compress.

    Video: Doctor dermatologist about the causes and treatments stem corn

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