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Trick or treat: healthy meals without spending extra
The contents

  • Tip 1: Buy berries, fruits and vegetables in season
  • Tip 2: Choose a cooking method that meets the rules of a healthy diet
  • Tip 3: Choose foods with the “right” carbs
  • Tip 4: Sitting on a diet the road to the market
  • Tip 5: Give your products a second life
  • Tip 6: Grow vegetables and fruits at home

Healthy food is expensive, according to some. Besides it takes a lot of time and effort, it is much easier to prepare foods, what to look for farmer’s meat, to cut it up and simmer in the oven or slow cooker. However, there are many people with middle and low incomes who have found a way out and a way to health, bypassing a fabulous waste. Here are the tips followed by adherents of a healthy diet.

Tip 1: Buy berries, fruits and vegetables in season

For the Cup of raspberries in the fall, you can pay an amount which is quite enough for half a kilogram of freshly-picked meat, and if you want Mandarin in summer, you will again have to fork out. However, there is a way to get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances year-round, if you buy gifts of nature in season, and freeze them for future use. From the same raspberry, strawberry, cherry and currant followers of a healthy diet all year cook tasty and healthy juice, consume these berries and fruits in its purest form.

Yes, no one will argue that avocado is very useful, but of no less interest from the point of view of health is for our body all the familiar vegetables — rutabaga, beets, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, etc. one can prepare a variety of dishes — hearty, healthy and not expensive for a purse. Actually, this advice applies to other food products grown or produced in their native region — fish, meats etc.

Tip 2: Choose a cooking method that meets the rules of a healthy diet

You will bring your health a huge favor, and yourself — the benefit, if you refuse from the usual frying in favor of baking or boiling. First, in such methods of cooking you cannot use oil, and secondly, the finished dish comes out light for the digestive system, besides not containing carcinogens generated during frying and can increase the risk of cancer. If you have the opportunity, buy a slow cooker. This acquisition will pay off handsomely, it will provide an opportunity to cook a lot of familiar dishes that this device is be dietary.

Even when frying in a slow cooker, food does not form dangerous carcinogens. In the “smart saucepan” you will never get fried Golden brown, but it is the followers of a healthy diet and do not need. To observe therapeutic diet device will be simply irreplaceable, and losing weight too.

Tip 3: Choose foods with the “right” carbs

It is no secret that there are fast carbs, and slow. The first rich baking and pastry, which although nice to eat for Breakfast or eat it during the day, but not so useful. Much more is preferably used as the first meal immediately after waking up mess. Oats, buckwheat, rice or any other ideal for Breakfast as it does not load the digestive system, easily digested and long provides the body with energy unlike muffins or pies. The latter causes a sharp jump in the level of glucose in blood and the subsequent revival of appetite.

After the sweet rolls you always want to eat something else, and it is a direct path to excess weight and obesity. Carbohydrate-rich foods our body needs, therefore, to deprive him of such food is impossible. The bet should be on cereals, especially because it is much cheaper than daily to buy a fresh muffin.

Tip 4: Sitting on a diet the road to the market

It is no secret that the price of goods in the store of the pledged amount on logistics, staff salaries, rent and other expenses. To natural grocery markets the same product is cheaper, besides there’s always hope to purchase food directly from those who produce them — farmers, owners of private household plots, etc. Word of mouth will help avoid mistakes and choose a really homemade pork or tomatoes. Want to save money? Go to the market under its closure. At the end of the day sellers deliver the goods with a big discount, knowing that tomorrow it will lose its freshness and appearance.

Tip 5: Give your products a second life

It happens that the products begin to deteriorate even when stored in the fridge — tomatoes blacken, the apples wither, and sometimes even cabbage rots. Send fruits and vegetables in the trash — an unheard of extravagance. You can try to give them new life. From tomatoes to remove all affected areas and prepare a tomato paste, and apples to bake Apple pie. A dried piece of cheese to hold it for some time in milk, and then eat or use for topping pizza. Even, it would seem, from the inedible residues can cook many kinds of dishes.

For example, jam of watermelon and melon rind, flavorful broth made from carrot tops. And the dried bread and not throw it away. You can chop it in any way possible and to save on the purchase of breadcrumbs. Healthy eating is not always use to eat only fresh products. It implies the use of natural products, able to satisfy the needs of the body’s nutrients and benefit him. So do not be afraid to buy the product from expiring. Giving them a second life, you can save money without harm to their health.

Tip 6: Grow vegetables and fruits at home

This advice was used by millions of people around the world, because if you can grow houseplants, why not fruit? Fans of such vegetables as cucumbers and tomatoes have long mastered the area of its balconies and loggias, as lovers of strawberries. All you need is the free area and the desire to eat high quality and organic products. In wooden boxes with soil, you can grow greens — lettuce, rucola, parsley, dill etc. Most important thing is to monitor the temperature and humidity of air, time to water and fertilize the plants, loosen the ground, and then everything will be OK.

As can be seen, adhere to the principles of healthy eating is possible even when the stringency in money. Some go out and buy the right products in online stores. Someone prepares food and freezes it for future use, then to just come home from work and reheat it without spending money on expensive goods on the way home. If the size of the freezer, then once a week to go to the wholesale market and purchase products in bulk, which will save the family budget.

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