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Truth and myths about milk

The contents

  • The most healthy milk home?
  • Sterilized milk useful?
  • In milk there are antibiotics?
  • Milk is good only for children?
  • Drinking milk has been found to promote calcification?
  • For weight loss need to choose skim milk?
  • You can add milk in tea and coffee?
  • Milk increases lactation?
  • Milk cause gynecomastia?
  • Milk is a drink?

Milk is the product that is present in our diet from childhood. In adult life people don’t want to abandon it. But is it useful?

In the world milk day experts have expressed different points of view. Facts about milk you should know about each.

The most healthy milk home?

Many believe that the most useful product home. Milk “from the cow” no harmful additives, so you want to add to your diet. In fact, homemade milk can be dangerous.

The quality of domestic milk to determine “by eye” is impossible. We cannot exclude the possibility that it was obtained from a sick cow parasites that are in the milk gets into the human body. Also in homemade milk can develop the activity of pathogenic bacteria.


Pasteurized milk is much safer. It is better to buy from trusted manufacturers who follow the health of the cattle and comply with all manufacturing techniques.

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It is proved that the properties of milk can depend on what breed the cow. A2 milk is considered more useful than A1 — it is easier to digest. What are these types and how do they differ?

Casein, which represents the largest protein group in milk, can have several forms. The most common is the A1 beta-casein and A2 beta-casein. A1 is the milk produced by cows native to Northern Europe. A2 is called the milk from the cows, who hails from the South of France and the channel Islands.

In normal milk contains A1 and A2 beta-casein. A1 in the body breaks down into substances that can have a negative impact on health. A2 milk does not contain A1 beta casein so is considered healthier for the body.

Sterilized milk useful?

Sterilization is considered a safe method of milk processing. In the process of dying, a huge number of bacteria, because the product is exposed to high temperature for a long period of time. However, sterilization kills and nutrients that are in milk composition.


Pasteurized milk is more useful than sterilized. It retains lactic acid bacteria and other valuable substances. It is possible to prepare dairy products.

Did you know?

Due to its composition, milk effectively treats insomnia. It relaxes the body and has a sedative effect on the nervous system. To help me stay awake, drink a glass of warm milk with honey.

In milk there are antibiotics?

Dairies carefully check the quality of the product. Moreover, dairy farms use a different Arsenal of natural preservatives, so there is no need to add antibiotics.


Dairies do not allow the pipeline, the milk from the cow, which recently received treatment. The product may remain on the medications that were given to the animal.

Milk is good only for children?

Milk contains a lot of calcium, which is necessary for bones. Therefore, the value of this product in the child’s diet is difficult to overestimate. Many people growing up, I think milk is a useless product. But it is not. Milk is source of calcium and other trace elements, therefore, refuse it not worth it, even if you are already out of childhood.


In many enterprises, where there is a hazardous industry and workers of give milk. It helps the body to resist the harmful factors and reduces the likelihood of developing diseases.

Did you know?

The milk used in cosmetics. Cleopatra every day took milk baths and washed face. After such procedures the skin becomes tender and soft.

Drinking milk has been found to promote calcification?

Calcification is a build up of calcium when it starts to “cement” the tissues. The result is bones become more brittle, decreases the elasticity of muscles. But moderate consumption of milk may promote calcification.


Calcification is more common in people who have a predisposition to this disease. Then it is necessary to restrict the eating of foods high in calcium.

For weight loss need to choose skim milk?

People who follow diet frequently choose skim milk. However, studies have shown that eating low-fat products increases the risk of obesity by 75%.


Nutritionists advise to choose dairy products with average fat content — they are best absorbed by the body.

Did you know?

The dishes in which milk, should be washed first in cold water and then in hot. Otherwise milk protein will curdle and will not wash off from the surface.

You can add milk in tea and coffee?

There is an opinion that milk should not be confused with tea and coffee, because the effects of antioxidants neutralizes. Milk really reduces their effectiveness, but there are benefits to this combination. Proteins that are present in the composition of milk, better absorbed. Milk slightly reduces the tonic action of theine and caffeine, so there’s no risk earn insomnia.


Tea or coffee with milk softer effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach. Therefore, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract it is better to choose milk drink.

Milk increases lactation?

Many lactating mothers every day drink milk to increase lactation. But experts do not recommend to use this product as a basic to improve lactation.


To breast milk contain all the necessary elements that should be included in the diet of vegetables, lean meat and fruits.

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To make 1 kg of butter will require 21 liters of milk. For 1 kg of cheese — 10 liters.

Milk cause gynecomastia?

Scientific studies that drinking milk can cause increase mammary glands of men, no. So men can safely drink milk, without worrying about your torso.


But the beer may contribute to the development of gynecomastia due to phytoestrogens, which are present in its composition. So to abuse this foamy drink is not worth it.

Milk is a drink?

People who consider milk a beverage, mistaken. By its nutritional value can be attributed to food. Therefore, adults need to consume in moderation.


Milk is not suitable for quenching thirst. For this purpose it is better to drink clean water.

Expert commentary

Elizaveta Kiseleva, an endocrinologist and nutritionist

Milk contains not only calcium, but also healthy fats that reduce the risk of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It includes proteins, which help to gain muscle mass. Milk for a long time satisfies hunger and gives a feeling of fullness.

Beverages made from soy, almond and other products are not considered to be a full-fledged milk. They have a completely different composition. This substitution is appropriate only if there is intolerance to cow’s milk.

Milk be sure to drink people who play sports. It is rich in protein which is well absorbed by the body. In its composition many valuable elements that contribute to rapid recovery of strength.

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