Useful Weight Loss Product Combinations

The process of losing weight is quite long and not very simple. And in order to lose weight faster, we must remember that food should not be chosen any, but only healthy. And it is also very important to combine products correctly.

Effective weight loss: how to combine products?

To quickly assimilate food, you need to pay attention to how you combine products. This is especially important when losing weight. Love to eat cutlet and fried potatoes? Love hearty salads with meat, eggs and cheese? These are all examples of the wrong combination.

So, protein foods are fish, meat, seafood, eggs. They go well with vegetables (and only with green and non-starchy ones), as well as with some sour berries and fruits. But it is better not to combine protein products with bread and potatoes. For example, a great combination – fish cakes with greens; or baked chicken with stewed carrots and cauliflower. Here's an example of a bad mix: potatoes and pork chop.

Legumes, cereals and bread go well with various vegetables, any greens. Therefore, stewed cauliflower with carrots and boiled beans will be a great example; or soup with pumpkin, carrots and chickpeas; or a sandwich with tomato, pepper and herbs.

Fruits and berries are combined with some vegetables, cheese, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, yogurt. You can add them to meat or fish, but not all, but only sour and sweet and sour. The choice is very large. Here are the options for losing weight – smoothies with apples, spinach, oranges and seeds; or a dessert of berries, cottage cheese, yogurt and nuts; or baked meat with cranberry sauce.

Starchy and non-starchy vegetables are combined with meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese. You can also combine vegetables with some fruits and berries (for example, in smoothies or salads).

Weight loss will be effective if you choose such combinations: meat (fish) and vegetables; or cereals with vegetables; or fruit with cheese; or berries with cottage cheese. That is a lot of options.

Useful nutrition menu for a slim figure

Useful nutrition menu for a slim figure

How to build a menu with proper nutrition and weight loss? Proper nutrition is light, wholesome and wholesome food, delicious dishes. When building a menu, it is important to remember a few rules:

during one meal, you need to use proteins from only one group. For example, do not mix meat and eggs, or meat and fish, but eat only fish;
at one meal you can eat only one flour product. That is, you should not eat bread with pasta, and then seize the cake;
sour fruits and flour should also not be mixed. It is better to choose sweet and sour or sweet fruits;
watermelon and melon are suitable for a separate meal. You can not eat a slice of watermelon lunch or dinner. You have to wait 1.5 hours after eating and then you can already feast on.

There can be a lot of menu options, it all depends on your taste preferences.

Here is a sample menu:

in the morning: cottage cheese with strawberries, green tea; or a sandwich with a slice of cheese, tomato, herbs and cocoa;
snack: fruit and vegetable smoothie; or yogurt with berries;
lunch: vegetable soup, stew and salad, compote; or ear, vegetable stew, orange juice;
afternoon snack: omelet with herbs; or nuts;
in the evening: baked chicken with spinach in cranberry sauce, freshly squeezed juice; or stewed beans with vegetables, kefir.

As you can see, it’s tasty, satisfying and healthy.

Simple recipes for delicious meals and drinks

Simple recipes for delicious meals and drinks

The recipes for tasty and healthy dishes and drinks are very different. The main thing is not to choose heavy combinations. Here are some interesting and simple recipes.

Lentil Soup

One and a half cups of red lentils pour water, cook for five minutes. Add chopped onion, two potatoes, carrots, salt. Cook until tender, add a little mint at the end. Beat soup with a hand blender. Serve with crackers.

Chicken bouillon

Pour chicken breast with water, put on fire. When it boils, add carrots, onions, parsley root, a piece of celery root. Salt, add black pepper with peas, cook until tender.

Baked meat with sweet and sour sauce

Rub a kilogram of lean pork with salt, pepper, suneli hops. Make cuts and paste into each clove of garlic. Wrap the meat in foil and bake for 1.5-2 hours in the oven. Prepare cranberry sauce: boil two glasses of red wine for two minutes over low heat, add a glass of cranberries, a little sugar, salt and cook for another ten minutes. Cut the prepared meat and pour the sauce. You can add a little rowan berries or viburnum to the sauce.

Baked fennel with cheese

Three fennel bulbs cut in half along, cook in chicken broth for half an hour. Then put the onions in a baking sheet. Mix 200 g of mozzarella, two tablespoons of grated parmesan, a spoonful of parsley. Sprinkle the tubers with the mixture and bake for ten minutes.

Omelet with vegetables

Beat three eggs with salt and milk. Finely chop peppers, boiled green beans, tomato, dill. Stew vegetables for three minutes, pour in egg mass. Cook the omelet under the lid over low heat.


Cut two kiwi, pear, two apricots. Add a couple of sprigs of parsley, spinach, arugula, orange juice and beat well with a blender.

Fish cakes with salad

Mix 500 g of minced fish with chopped onion, salt, pepper, egg. Form cutlets and steam them or in the oven. Cut the leaves of the iceberg, five radishes, add the ruccola. Serve fish cakes with salad. A simple and satisfying recipe.

Rice with vegetables

Boil 130 g of rice. 350 g of broccoli separately boil for three minutes. Dice sweet pepper, five tomatoes, grate carrots, onion. Fry vegetables quickly, then add broccoli, a clove of garlic, salt and pepper. After ten minutes, remove the vegetables from the heat. Put rice and vegetables on the dish. Drizzle with a mixture of soy sauce and lemon juice.

Curd dessert

Beat 150 g of cottage cheese with two tablespoons of yogurt and a handful of strawberries. In peppers, put peaches chopped into small pieces, curd, sprinkle with nuts. Of course, both cottage cheese and yogurt should be selected with a small percentage of fat content.

Recipes can be chosen to your taste, but at the same time remember the right combination of products. And then proper nutrition will be really useful, and losing weight will be fast and comfortable.

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