Useful wild plants for health and weight loss


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Useful wild plants for health and weight loss

The contents

  • Slimming with herbal oils
  • Than helpful herbs for health?
  • Recipes of delicious dishes and drinks

    • Salad with dandelions
    • With quinoa
    • With boiled eggs and greens
    • Soup
    • Soup with celery and plantain
    • Smoothie with kiwi
    • Smoothies with tomatoes

The forest is not only rich in mushrooms, berries and nuts, but also herbs. Inconspicuous herbs has many valuable properties and can help to strengthen health and immunity. And forest herbs can speed up the process of losing weight, if them correctly to use.

Slimming with herbal oils

What herbs to include in your diet when losing weight? Plantain, dandelion leaves, yarrow, sorrel, nettles.

How useful these plants for the figure? They help excrete excess water, improve digestion, have a mild laxative and choleretic action, normalizes metabolic processes. And yet the grass is able to reduce the appetite, if you often add them to different dishes.

Weight loss will be effective if you cook with the greens salads, smoothies, cocktails or just add in various ready-made meals (soups, stews).

You can follow a proper diet or choose a diet. Best suited vegetable and protein diet. In the menu you can add many different herbs. This will speed up the process of weight loss. Together with the diet the result will exceed all expectations. It is important not to forget about physical activity, it is also very important for the figure.

If you choose a proper diet, weight loss will be slightly slower, but more comfortable. You can make that is hearty menu:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with banana, yogurt with plantain leaves;
  • snack: smoothie made from kiwi, orange, dandelion leaves, nettles and Oxalis;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, baked fish, salad with greens, fruit compote;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese with dill and sorrel;
  • dinner: vegetable stew with greens, yogurt.

The point is to add to different dishes spring greens and do it every day. Then not only will losing weight fast and body will be filled with vitamins and minerals.

Than helpful herbs for health?

Many spring herbs are beneficial for health. They contain a lot of valuable substances, and this determines their properties.

Nettle contains vitamins C, A, E, K, b, flavonoids, chlorophyll, amino acids, fiber, protein, potassium, copper, Nickel, iron, zinc, carbohydrates, and organic acids. This plant reduces inflammation, increases blood clotting, accelerates the healing of tissues, and tones the skin, has a bactericidal action, normalizes lipid metabolism.

The composition of woodlice contains organic acids, vitamins C, E and C, tannins, phytoncides, flavonoids, saponins, essential oils, boron, cobalt, zinc, lipids. Chickweed strengthens the immune system, helps with colds and bronchitis, calms and strengthens, a beneficial effect on the heart, good for the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland.

Goutweed rich in unsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, organic acids, carotene, and vitamin C. Ground-helps to strengthen bones and teeth, relieves pain, improves bowel movements, soothing.

Plantain contains vitamins K and C, enzymes, tannins, glycosides, phytoncides, alkaloids, trace elements. This plant is helpful for depression and neurosis, it enhances intestinal motility and improves appetite, and normalizes blood pressure.

Quinoa grows everywhere, it is unpretentious to the conditions. And this plant is a storehouse of valuable substances. Namely, amino acids, essential oils, vitamins E, C, PP And b group, iron, potassium, saponins, pectin, alkaloids, proteins, carbohydrates. Quinoa strengthens the heart muscle, eases digestion, relieves constipation, relieves pain and spasms, strengthens the immune system.

Sorrel contains a range of vitamins (P, E, K, C, b group), organic acids, antioxidants, phenolic acids, flavonoids. The plant has diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory properties.

Dandelion is a plant with bright flower is rich in phytoncides, tannins, vitamins C, PP, E, A, b, fatty oils, organic resins, iron, manganese, calcium. It reduces fever, improves the work gastrointestinal tract, lowers cholesterol, removes spasms.

Good health is possible with the moderate and regular use of these herbs. In the spring it is necessary at least once a day to cook a dish with greens. For example, a salad or a smoothie.

However, one must keep in mind that there are contraindications to the use of these plants. So, nettle should not be used in thrombophlebitis, quinoa — for kidney stones and cholecystitis, and the symptoms for gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

Recipes of delicious dishes and drinks

The easiest way, from spring greens to prepare salads, snacks and smoothies. And there are some useful recipes of soups and stews. Here is a simple and interesting recipes.

Salad with dandelions

A bunch of leaves of dandelion, pour cold water and leave for half an hour. Then slice the lettuce, dandelion, cucumber, three radishes. Fill the sauce of mustard, lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt and pepper.

With quinoa

Slice 100 grams of leaves of young quinoa, bunch of dill and parsley, three tomatoes and an onion. Season with salt and sour cream. Simple and healthy recipe.

With boiled eggs and greens

Chop a few leaves of blanched nettle, dandelion, sorrel, plantain, borage, dill and green onions. Add three boiled eggs and half of the chopped onion bulbs. Salad with lemon juice, yogurt and salt.


Pour over boiling water 100 g of nettle and 50 g of plantain. In boiling water put chopped onion, three potatoes, grated carrots. Cook fifteen minutes, add plantain, nettle, green onions and sorrel, one Bud of clove. Cook for ten minutes.

Soup with celery and plantain

Dice the carrots, celery, onion, cover with water and cook twenty minutes. Then add two chopped potatoes, salt and pepper. Ten minutes later add 50 grams of chopped leaves of plantain and parsley. Cook for another five minutes. Serve with sour cream.

Smoothie with kiwi

Whisk kiwi, banana, the leaves of the quinoa and Oxalis. If you want you can add a little water.

Smoothies with tomatoes

One large tomato, half a bell pepper, some leaves goutweed, sorrel and blend. You can add lemon juice.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve health and speed up the slimming process in the spring. And use wild herbs.

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