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Many are concerned about the process of losing weight. And, it would seem, there are so many tips around how to become slimmer. But not all of them really act. Here are 10 popular misconceptions about losing weight.

Fruits are great for losing weight.

Fruits are great for losing weight.

Of course, you need to include fruits in your diet. Indeed, many fruits have a slight diuretic effect, some help to speed up the metabolism, all of them contain fiber, useful for the intestines. Therefore, losing weight with fruits is real. However, do not abuse these products. After all, fruits contain a lot of fructose, which means sugar. High sugar levels provoke a feeling of hunger.

What is this talking about? Fruits should be eaten sparingly. It is advisable not to jam fruit for lunch or dinner, but to snack between meals.

Celery, grapefruits, oranges burn fat

There are no fat burning foods. However, there are products (these include citruses, celery) that help speed up or normalize the metabolism.

Therefore, grapefruits, and oranges, and pineapples, and celery are useful to include in the diet for weight loss. But do not rely on the fact that with the daily use of these products, fat will be removed from all problem areas.

Fatty foods should be excluded

Of course, the abundance of fatty foods will seriously interfere with weight loss. However, it cannot be completely ruled out.

The body needs fats, just choose the right products. It’s better to eat not fried potatoes, but a couple of slices of avocado, or a handful of nuts, or just season the salad with olive oil. These products provide the body with the necessary fats, and at the same time do not harm the figure.

You can not eat after 18 hours

This myth makes those who lose weight suffer from hunger every evening and, perhaps, regularly break down.

But how really? Of course, eating three hours before bedtime is undesirable. This is harmful for the figure, and for health. But this does not mean that one must suffer from hunger. First of all, you should have dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. In addition, if you really want to eat in the late evening, you should not endure hungry cramps. You can have a glass of yogurt or cucumber. This will help to satisfy your hunger and at the same time not ruin the figure.

Vegetables are the best choice for those who are losing weight.

Vegetables are the best choice for those who are losing weight.

Yes, really vegetables have a lot of advantages. They satisfy hunger, establish digestion processes, some of them remove excess water from the body and accelerate metabolism. In addition, vegetables help to diversify the menu. After all, you can cook salads, soups, snacks, casseroles, cutlets, smoothies from them.

But it is very important to eat vegetables moderately. You can not abuse these products. Indeed, a large number of vegetables can cause bloating, flatulence, diarrhea.

In addition, vegetables alone are not enough for normal functioning of the body. Losing weight will be more effective if the menu contains protein foods and cereals. Just eat only healthy foods: lean meat, fish, low-calorie dairy products, eggs, seafood, cereals. And at the same time increase the number of vegetables, fruits, berries (but do not eat exclusively plant foods).

Carbohydrates are the enemies of a slim figure

In fact, only simple carbohydrates harm the figure. And they are contained in cakes, sweets, cakes, muffins.

But complex carbohydrates are useful in losing weight. They are processed slowly, helping to stay full longer. Therefore, different grains must be in the diet. It is good to eat complex carbohydrates in the morning.

Calorie Counting is the Most Important

Of course, counting calories is helpful. This gives an idea of ​​how much was consumed during the day and how much to spend. But the same amount of calories can be obtained from vegetables and sausages with bread, it all depends on the amount of food. At the same time, the body will benefit from vegetables, and not from sausages.

Therefore, effective weight loss is not only the calculation of calories, but also an understanding of which foods to eat.

Great physical activity – and no diets needed

Great physical activity - and no diets needed

Naturally, physical activity is necessary. However, an excessive load can be harmful to health and, moreover, it will not be enough for a slim figure.

What is this talking about? Physical activity will help to lose weight only in conjunction with proper nutrition. Therefore, you should not engage in the hall to the point of exhaustion and at the same time dine tightly and have a snack with hot dogs. It is better to do morning exercises regularly, do fitness a couple of times a week and at the same time stick to a healthy diet.

Moderate physical activity is much more useful and effective for the figure.

It's easier to lose weight for a company

In fact, it’s more effective to lose weight on your own. Prepare an individual weight loss plan, choose the optimal physical activity, choose a diet or nutrition system that best suits your needs.

A specific goal, a strong desire and strong motivation will certainly help to become slimmer. In this case, you should pay attention only to your successes and achievements, monitor failures, and not be distracted by other people's successes or failures.

Of course, it’s more fun to attend fitness with a friend, but he can leave the race, begin to be lazy and then there will be a risk of failure. Simply put, doubts may arise, you also want to miss classes. Therefore, it is better to rely only on yourself.

Green Tea Is A Great Slimming Tool

Indeed, green tea is healthy. This drink quenches thirst, invigorates, speeds up the metabolism, removes excess fluid. However, it must be borne in mind that excessive consumption of green tea flushes out beneficial vitamins and minerals from the body.

In addition, this slimming drink alone is not enough. We can’t hope that five cups of tea a day will save you from excess weight if you eat fatty meat, fried potatoes and do not play sports. It is better, in addition to one cup of a healthy drink, to eat regularly regularly, and also not to forget about charging.

If you want to lose weight, it is worth remembering that moderation in everything is important, as well as proper nutrition, physical activity and the right attitude.

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