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Weight on the spot: 7 common mistakes when losing weight

The contents

  • Factors that reduce the performance of fitness
  • Fitness program and principles of training
  • Errors in the diet that prevent weight loss

Effective weight loss is a complex process that includes a range of measures, including regular physical activity and proper nutrition. It is extremely important to competently organize training and eating to prevent errors that could significantly affect the results of the work on forming a slim figure.

Factors that reduce the performance of fitness

Beginners who want to get rid of excess pounds through fitness training, often do not pay attention to a number of factors that reduce the effectiveness of the training, and allow the following error:

  • adequately assess your physical abilities

Novice visitors gym in a burst of enthusiasm often overestimate their strength and begin to engage in challenging fitness program. Providing excessive load on the muscles and all other systems of the body often leads to fatigue and the emergence of the so-called effect of overtraining, which is characterized by deterioration of health and a stagnation of weight-loss results;

  • train is not at full strength, afraid to look unattractive

Coming to the gym, you need to understand that this is a place where people actively working on elimination of flaws. But this process is inevitably accompanied by increased sweating. So you need to decide what is more important — weight loss and athletic figure, or a bold presence in the gym;

  • assess the effectiveness of intensity of sweating, believing that the more sweat, the better workout and more effective results to reduce excess weight

Actually, sweating is a process of cooling the body. The intensity of sweating depends on the ambient temperature and the volume of liquid in the body and is not a sign of proper fitness program;

  • don’t drink water during class

As already mentioned, heavy exercise raise the body temperature and stimulate sweating, which in turn leads to thickening of the blood, and the heart in such conditions is very difficult to work with. To ensure cardiovascular system more favorable conditions, it is important to drink water during fitness classes. However, it should be done often, but in small SIPS to avoid feeling of fullness, preventing the active work in the gym;

  • avoid strength training out of fear to build muscle

This error leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the slimming process and the emergence of such a lack of figures as flabby and sagging skin. It occurs when the amount of fat tissue decreases and lean muscle — not increased;

  • only work out a certain muscle group and seek to achieve weight loss exclusively in the problem area

This approach to the organization of the training process inefficient, since the body breaks down fat cells on the entire body and not just, for example, the abdomen. This fact can explain also the decrease of the breast volume on the background of the active reduction of excess weight;

  • not pay enough attention to the recovery of the body after fitness classes

Active reduction of excess weight and strengthen muscles occurs not during workouts but after them. It was during this period accelerates metabolism, and muscle fibers regenerate after the trauma, getting thicker and toldas at the same time.

Fitness program and principles of training

To avoid the most common mistakes in the organization of the training process, affecting the effectiveness of weight loss, beginners should first study the following principles of effective training:

  • to make a fitness program is necessary given the state of health and individual contra-indications to occupations of a particular physical activity;
  • every fitness training, regardless of its intensity, you want to start with a quality warm up, including light cardio and exercises for the study of articular-ligamentous apparatus. Load warm-up prepares the body for further active work, increases the efficiency of fitness training and reduces the risk of various injuries;
  • to complete the class with stretching exercises, under which not only relaxes muscles, but also restored cardiac and respiratory rhythms. In addition, the hitch helps to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness;
  • exercise for weight loss should include cardio and strength training, but the amount of cardio can be somewhat larger. For example, when conducting three sessions a week two of them are aerobic exercise and one with its own and additional weight. If the fitness program does not provide separate classes for power loads in every exercise you need to include 2/3 1/3 aerobic and anaerobic exercises. They must involve all the major muscle groups, not just the muscles of the most problematic areas;
  • the loading intensity for beginners in the first few weeks of classes for weight loss may be minimal, but gradually it is necessary to complicate the work. This approach to training allows you to avoid adaptation of the body to provide him effects and to achieve consistently positive progressive result.

Errors in the diet that prevent weight loss

Reduce the effectiveness of the slimming process leads not only to a wrong fitness program, but the following error in the feed:

  • exceeding the daily requirement of calories. Often, beginners in fitness believe that once the amount of physical activity increased, it is possible not to limit themselves in food. As a result, the weight loss is not happening or even observed the weight gain. To avoid this, you need to control caloric intake;
  • starvation. This approach to weight loss leads to health problems and return extra pounds immediately after the normalization of the power mode;
  • failure to comply with the water regime, providing for the use of 30 ml of fluid for every kilogram of weight.

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