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Weights and cardio activity at the gym for weight loss belly and sides

The contents

  • The use of simulators for slimming abdomen and sides
  • Aerobic exercise and training for it
  • Strength training for weight loss in the waist

One of the most problematic areas of the female body is the stomach area and sides. This is due to the physiological structure and a way of life and nutrition. All kinds of diets and food restrictions can help in overall weight loss, reducing body fat and abdomen including, however, to form a beautiful press and the slender waist, be sure to perform the exercise. In achieving the result helps the use of different simulators, some of them available exclusively in sports clubs, and some can be quite use at home.

The use of simulators for slimming abdomen and sides

Today, there are a large variety of simulators, able to provide significant help in reducing the fat belly and waist. In order to determine which one is right for you, you need to carefully study the range and effect of each. Some of the proposed manufacturers of the models you can buy for home use, while others are only available in the gym, from which also can depend on your choice of equipment for training.

All simulators can be divided into weights and cardio, they are equally useful for slimming the abdomen and sides, while having a different impact on the muscles.

The use of cardiovascular equipment is the simultaneous provision of the load on each muscle group of the body. While working on them well strengthens the cardiovascular system, accelerates metabolism, fat is burned evenly throughout the body ensuring effective weight loss. The force training equipment has a point impact on a particular group of muscles, it well by developing and strengthening. In this case, increases muscle mass, and the body acquires a beautiful relief. For forming a toned figure is to combine both types of exercise, choosing the exercise equipment which is better than the rest affect weight loss in the abdominal area and sides.

Aerobic exercise and training for it

It is known that for weight loss in a specific area should work over the entire body in General, and this best suited the cardiovascular equipment. To burning fat effectively cope such of them:

  • Stepper.

Is a powerful trainer whose job it is to simulate walking up the stairs. In the course of repeatedly performing actions loaded many muscle groups of the body: thighs, stomach, buttocks and calf muscles. In addition, this activity contributes to a large consumption of calories, for example, half an hour of training to really burn up to 270 calories. An important advantage of the choice of this simulator is the possibility to use it even at home, as it is quite compact and affordable.

  • Bike.

Not as effective to work out the thighs, stomach and buttocks as the previous one. However, its main advantage is reduced a physical load on the knee, which in some cases is very important. The first workout it is recommended to spend no longer than 20 minutes, gradually increasing their duration. To increase load you can get up from the seat and to pedal standing up, but it requires strong knees, because the load in such a position them is increased.

  • Simulator “Rowing”.

Is quite compact and uses all body muscles, making special emphasis on the abdomen and arms. Conducting training session for one hour can burn around 550 calories, and regular use of the simulator will help to shape the perfect slim figure. Start exercising recommended with only five minutes of work with this device, gradually increasing the duration of the training.

  • Trainer, or elliptical trainer.

Having a very effective and gentle physical load on the muscles and joints of the whole body. Work on it simulates skiing and promotes rapid weight loss of the legs and abdomen, and also has a favorable effect on joints.

  • Treadmill.

Is one of the most popular simulators for slimming stomach and whole body more frequently than others purchase for home use. The load level on the treadmill can be controlled in several ways: changing the speed and angle of inclination.

Strength training for weight loss in the waist

While using the strength training equipment on the body is isolated exercise, which is useful for more careful study of individual parts of the body. By strengthening and developing the muscles of the body, can accelerate metabolism and fat-burning process that have a positive impact on the slimming waist. Slimming abdomen and sides of the most suitable sports fixtures:

  • Hoop or hula Hoop — simulator, designed specifically for the formation of a thin waist and flat stomach. It is very easy to use, so as to spin the Hoop can be at home, on the street, in the gym, as well as listening to music or watching a favorite series. Many models are collapsible, making it easy to store and transport simulator. Start your workout with a recommended 15 minutes per day, while choosing the most suitable option of wrap from a large variety.
  • Fitball or gym ball allows you to use of muscles-stabilizers to improve their balance, strengthen and stretch the muscles of the body. You can work with him at home, or group sessions for weight loss, where the coach will offer a complex of exercises for the whole body.
  • The drive “Health” is a circle that rotates. It works directly on strengthening the muscles of waist and abdomen, allows you to quickly remove the excess fat from the sides. For the best results, you should engage with them daily for at least 15 minutes.
  • The roller press is a very effective and simple trainer to work out the abdominal muscles. In the course of its use also loaded muscles of hands and chest, and proper technique of the exercise plays a key role for obtaining the desired effect and safety training.
  • The Roman chair is a bench for pumping the press with special attachment for legs. For increasing load the angle of the exerciser is adjustable, it is important to clearly observe the exercise on it.
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