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What foods can not eat for dinner?
The contents

  • Deli meats
  • Cereal
  • Cheese
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts
  • Raw vegetables
  • Butter cakes
  • Chocolate
  • Sweet fruits
  • Horseradish and mustard
  • Canned food
  • Fast food

Dinner should ideally be as light as possible. Heaviness in the stomach after a heavy meal with the “wrong” dishes are definitely not improve your sleep. Especially if you eat later than usual. What foods to exclude from diet evening?

Deli meats

The usual snack before going to bed for many is a sandwich with ham, pork or smoked sausage. Your habits should change, because meat is not the best complement to the dinner.

There are several reasons. First, in many smoked foods harmful to the body of tangirov and cholesterol. Secondly, gourmet meats contain tyramine. It is a substance formed from the amino acid tyrosine increases blood pressure and has a stimulating effect. A burst of energy and nervous excitement after meat delicacies will not give up until the stomach will not digest the “hasty” snack.


In diet cereal save time in the morning — Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. But store-bought cereals — refined product rich in sugar, sweet syrups and various toppings.

In the morning, if you don’t care the problem of excess weight, Breakfast cereal will give cheerfulness. But it is better not to include food as an evening meal! From the “fast” carbohydrates in the cereal you want to dance, but not to sleep.


Sausage banned. What if you eat a cheese sandwich? Also not the best idea.

Although cheese and has “soothing” properties of dairy products, it also contains tyramine. So, a sandwich with high probability will have a stimulating effect.

Tyramine in milk products accumulated during its long maturation. If you love a bedtime snack delicious sandwich, choose those cheeses that are made without maturing. It’s mozzarella, ricotta, feta, mascarpone.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are often administered in the diet as a wholesome, hearty snack. They are rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates, helps to forget about the hunger and get energy boost.

But useful dried fruit as an evening snack is a bad idea. Large amounts of sugar in them will not encourage a restful sleep.


All nuts — source of healthy vegetable fat. Along with fresh fruit they make a great daytime snack and topping for yogurt or porridge. But for dinner it is better not to eat.

Just think, in 100 g of nuts about 500-600 kcal. Are you sure for dinner you need a “gain” calorie just a day diet? Besides, nuts are digested for a long time and in large quantities can cause problems with digestion. After a rich “nutty” snack of quiet dream will only dream of.

Raw vegetables

I think that vegetables are one of the only benefits. So there is a source of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber. Eat any veggies that you love — in the form of salads and stews. The dinner does not include raw vegetables rich in starch. They long to digest that can disrupt a peaceful sleep.

To starchy vegetables, which are often used in raw form are: radish, broccoli, cauliflower, celery. It is better to abandon fresh salads based on these products. Include them in menu only after heat treatment.

Butter cakes

Baking for the benefit of a beautiful figure and good health in General should be removed from the diet. And in the evening sweet pretzels, buns and cakes, and a fortiori cannot eat.

The cause of a large amount of sugar, which gives a boost of energy, it is not necessary in the evening. Besides, after baking very soon you will again feel hungry, there is a risk of higher than normal calorie diet several not the most useful snacks.


Disputes about the dangers and benefits of chocolate continues. Whatever the views on this matter personally, you may adhere to, chocolate in the evening food to enter just not worth it. Even so loved by nutritionists dark varieties.

Caffeine and large amounts of sugar — that’s what gets your body along with chocolate. After him you will not set to sleep.

Sweet fruits

Sweet fruits — healthy foods in the diet. But to use them better in the beginning of the day. Juicy fruits many “fast” carbohydrates, which the stomach in the evening it will be difficult to handle. Apricots, grapes, bananas, melon, peaches — all of these fruits and leave in the fridge until the next morning.

Horseradish and mustard

Often dinner complement the spicy, flavorful sauces based on mustard and horseradish. They make the dish much tastier. But “hot” spices just standing there in the morning and not before bedtime!

Mustard and horseradish its spicy aroma and taste able to chase a dream a little cheer. Besides, due to the decreased activity of the digestive system, the stomach may simply not be able to cope with spicy sauce. Especially if your dinner was too “heavy” consisted of fatty meat, pasta, potatoes or beans. This might lead to heartburn, bloating.

Canned food

Any preservation is not suitable for dinner. Pickled vegetables and mushrooms, even if you have diligently and lovingly prepared them, contain too much salt, vinegar, spices. For the digestive system in the evening preservation — too “heavy” for digestion of food. Especially when it is accompanied by the already rich, not the most useful meal.

Fast food

What solution immediately comes to mind when there is no time to cook dinner? Of course, order on the house a few burgers or a large pizza. If this situation is repeated with enviable regularity, it’s time to change your food habits.

French fries, burgers, Shawarma and other “fast” food is a powerful blow to the digestive system. These products surpasses the number of tangirov, salt, spices, sugar. To night stomach just will not cope with the digestion of such a harmful dinner, so it will be hard to “work” and at night, disturbing your peaceful sleep.

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