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A vegetarian diet is the consumption of plant products.

Some people may decide to become a vegetarian for the purpose of weight management. The inclusion of more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet with a simultaneous exclusion of saturated fats from meat and dairy products can help people to lose weight and avoid chronic diseases of the heart. A vegetarian diet is not as strict as a restrictive diet, and allows you to eat a variety of plant-based foods and legumes. In addition, people can choose, what type of vegetarian they want to be.

The most common vegetarian diet includes plant foods. Most vegetarians do not eat all types of fish, chicken, beef and other animal proteins.

A vegetarian diet of type “ovo-lacto” allows you to hold her man eat eggs and dairy products. However, this diet allows you to eat any other animal protein.

Pescatoria diet include vegetables, dairy products, eggs and various types of seafood.

A vegan diet is probably the simplest of vegetarian diets. People who adhere to a vegan diet consume only plant foods and do not eat any animal products.

There are many vegetarian options, food additives, food products, products for bath and beauty products and sports nutrition products. The decision to choose a vegetarian diet should be discussed with a medical professional to ensure that you continue to receive the appropriate vitamins and minerals, with no animal products.

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