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What is the use of Jerusalem artichoke for weight loss?
The contents

  • Weight loss with a useful root
  • Diet the Jerusalem artichoke
  • Recipes with vegetables for health and shape
    • Stew
    • Fruit and vegetable salad
    • Soup
    • Chowder
    • Tartlets
    • Stuffed pike

Jerusalem artichoke — delicious and healthy root vegetable. But, unfortunately, he is deprived of attention. On our table the vegetable appears rare. But it is possible to prepare many delicious dishes. In addition, it helps in weight loss.

Weight loss with a useful root

The composition of Jerusalem artichoke are composed of 16 amino acids, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, silicon, zinc, fatty acids, organic acids, pectin, vitamins PP, C, group b, carotenoids, proteins, cellulose, inulin.

This vegetables have many health benefits. It has a tonic, anti-inflammatory, mild laxative, sedative, tonic, immunostimulant action.

As for weight loss, Jerusalem artichoke normalizes water-salt metabolism, removes puffiness, improves metabolism, normalizes the processes of digestion, stimulates bile flow, reduces appetite. In addition, this healthy vegetable contains a substance — inulin. This substance is 95% of natural fructose, it replaces glucose in the metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, the use of Jerusalem artichoke normalizes the level of blood sugar. This is very useful when losing weight.

And another big plus: 100 g of artichoke contains only 70 calories. At the same dishes from this vegetable perfectly saturate.

How to eat this root? It can be eaten, and in fresh and processed form. Moreover, after heat treatment, almost all nutrients are preserved. Weight loss will be more effective if you prepare salads, stews and soups. Very useful to drink fresh juice of Jerusalem artichoke. You can also cook casseroles, pancakes.

Are there any contraindications to the use of this vegetable? Only idiosyncrasy. But there are other nuances. First of all, excessive consumption of the root can cause flatulence. In addition, you cannot mix the Jerusalem artichoke with lemon balm and mint, as this leads to loss of all useful properties of vegetables.

Diet the Jerusalem artichoke

Because vegetable is good for weight loss, there are different diets on the Jerusalem artichoke.

A short five-day diet allows you to consume dairy products, eggs, cereals, vegetables, legumes, rye bread and fruit. And for Breakfast you can cook different dishes, but for lunch and dinner it is necessary to make something with artichoke.

Sample menu diet is:

  • morning: porridge, yogurt, Apple;
  • snack: fruit smoothie;
  • lunch: vegetable soup with Jerusalem artichoke, salad and rye bread, compote;
  • snack: two slices of toast with cheese;
  • tonight: egg salad with artichoke, green tea.

During this diet you can drink stewed fruit, green tea, mineral and pure drinking water.

There are more long-lasting option. Weekly diet suggests eliminating bread, sugar and fatty foods. You can eat fish, meat, cheese, cheese, yogurt, vegetables, berries, greens, fruits, milk, cereals. Twice a day you need to eat a diet salad with artichoke and vegetables or fruit. In addition, it is useful to drink juice from this vegetable for twenty minutes before morning and evening meals. Enough to drink 50 ml at a time.

Here diet menu for one day:

  • Breakfast: juice, scrambled eggs with vegetables, half a Cup of berry tea;
  • snack: fruit salad;
  • lunch: chicken soup, vegetable salad, berry juice;
  • snack: slice cheese casserole with pumpkin;
  • dinner: juice, salad with artichoke, slice fish stew.

Meals should select low-calorie. Portions should be small. But the menu should be as diverse as possible. Then it will be easy to follow a diet and no breakdowns.

Recipes with vegetables for health and shape

The Jerusalem artichoke goes well with pears, apples, carrots, quinces, cucumbers, tomatoes, any greens. In addition, you can combine this vegetable with meat, mushrooms, legumes. Recipes of delicious food very much. But of course for weight loss need to choose only useful. Here is a simple recipes.


250 g Jerusalem artichoke cut into cubes, fry a little, add the chopped garlic, chopped onion, handful of mushrooms, two peppers and saute for ten minutes. 100 g of soaked lentils and vegetable mix, add some water, salt and Bay leaf. Simmer until tender on low heat.

Fruit and vegetable salad

Chop 400 g of cabbage, three apples cut into thin strips 200 g of Jerusalem artichoke grate on a coarse grater. Too much carrots to grate and fry until brown. Plug it in, sprinkle with chopped herbs, tarragon.


Chop the onion, slice three potatoes, fennel, celery, a clove of garlic, 500 g of Jerusalem artichoke. Vegetables then on low heat in a saucepan for fifteen minutes. Then add water, salt, add any spices and cook until tender. Blend and serve with crackers (make them yourself with herbs).


Three tuber artichoke cut into cubes, grated grate the celery root and parsley root, chop the onion. Vegetables put in a pot, cover with water, add allspice and black pepper, salt, cook fifteen minutes. A quarter Cup of rice to grind into flour and add to the stew for a minute before the end of cooking. Decorate the soup with the bright berries of cowberry and cranberries, sprinkle with parsley.


Three tubers of the Jerusalem artichoke to RUB on a grater, to extinguish. Boil three spoons of rice. Mix chopped egg, artichoke and rice, add a little sour cream, salt. The received weight to lay out in tartlets and bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes.

Stuffed pike

Pike wash, remove the skin, the flesh separated from the bones and mince. Slice the Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, leeks, saute, mince. Add the vegetables to the minced fish, nutmeg, salt, ginger, hops-suneli. Stuffing stuff the skin of the pike, to sew up the cut. Cooking, Bay cold water for about an hour. Then cool down. The water is boiling add celery and onion.

The recipes are simple, but the dishes are tasty and healthy. You can try different options. Therefore, the weight loss with this useful vegetable is very comfortable and satisfying.

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