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What kind of water better to drink?

The contents

  • The importance of water
  • Tap water
  • Raw and boiled water: which is better?
    • Raw water
    • Boiled water
  • Safe water: 6 best options
    • Spring
    • Artesian
    • Bottled
    • Mineral water
    • Water filter
    • Well water

Our body is 70-80% water. Its amount depends on different factors, including the age of the person. For example, the body of a newborn baby contains 80-85% water, and in the body of the man its about 55%.

What is the water more beneficial to health — raw or boiled? Opinions of scientists on this issue were divided. To understand the kind of water to drink will help MedAboutMe.

The importance of water

Water is the main substance that provides the livelihoods of people, animals, plants. It’s an organic solvent, which is necessary for biochemical processes occurring in our body.

But not any water can be used. It is necessary to use only that which is pure and free of contaminants. It should include a lot of useful micro and macro elements and at the same time not contain too many minerals. The best water is that which is extracted from underground sources.

Tap water

In Russia, the quality of tap water is important, the options for its treatment are quite high. But, unfortunately, fail the piping. They are often old, this leads to increased iron content in the water.

Also in the water from the tap contains chlorine. His presence is explained by the fact that tap water needs to be disinfected. But even with the help of chlorine could not eliminate all bacteria, some quantity still remains in the water.

As mentioned above, the best water is extracted from underground sources. But in large cities, water is taken from rivers or reservoirs. And although she passes multistage clearing, its quality is still not ideal, so raw it should not drink.

Raw and boiled water: which is better?

Raw water

Raw water is any water that is not subjected to boiling. According to some researchers, it is much more useful boiled, as it contains the necessary salts and trace elements. But the main thing is that it has a certain structure — the arrangement of molecules in a specific order. This natural structure plays an important role in the regeneration and renewal of body cells.

However, for all its virtues, the raw water may contain harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Some of them can cause illness.


Pay attention to the place of origin of water. There are areas with unfavorable environmental conditions which negatively affect water quality and even make it toxic, unfit for human consumption.

Boiled water

If you compare the chemical composition of raw and boiled water, the latter is “dead”. In the process of boiling mineral substances fall in the insoluble precipitate from the water leaving the oxygen. And chlorine, by contrast, remains and forms harmful compounds. In addition, water changes its molecular structure and becomes an environment conducive to bacterial growth.


Before you boil water, let it stand for 2-3 hours and then boil. Once it boils, immediately turn off the heat, then it will remain necessary minerals.

Safe water: 6 best options

Such water is cleaned with self, through the soil layers. During the passage it is enriched with useful mineral substances.

If you want to use spring water, choose spring, located as far away from big cities. Some springs are protected by the state and have special passports. The water is bottled, and then you can buy in stores and on the label be sure to spell the location of the spring.


It is also one of the best types of natural water. It is produced in artesian wells, then disinfected with ultraviolet light, and then dispensed into bottles and sell (often in supermarkets). This water is ready to drink, boil it is not necessary.


To obtain normal water is purified industrially. Quality cleaning makes it safe, after which it is ready for use. It is then poured into bottles for coolers and sell.

Examination of Roskontrol showed that the half samples of water does not meet the requirements and even dangerous for health.

In the water “Arkhyz” you have exceeded the number of microbes, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is because large bottles are used repeatedly, and although they are washed, it will not prevent the appearance of bacteria.

Water mark “D”, previously supplied to the network “Dixie”, the results of the study proved to be very safe and of high quality. But for some reason the network had changed supplier and now sells water for coolers “Naval Suite”. Unfortunately, its parameters do not meet the necessary requirements. In addition, it has a noticeable chemical odor.

Water “Chernogolovskaya” meets all the security settings. The content of macro – and micronutrients (calcium and magnesium), it is even more useful than the “Arkhyz”.

Water “RusseQuelle” also is of high quality and safety. In addition, at the end of the tasting she had the highest scores of taste.

Mineral water

Mineral water as spring passes through the soil layers. There it is purified and acquires useful properties.

To drink, physicians are advised to consume drinking water. Constantly drinking healing mineral water is not recommended, as they contain various salts. They can be used only with the prescription of the doctor otherwise you can harm your health.

Experts Roskontrol conducted a study and found:

Water “Essentuki №4” manufactured at OOO “Caucasian health resort” is fake. It contains too many minerals and chlorides. Most likely, it is extracted from another well.

The study of water “Borjomi”issold in the store “ABC of taste” revealed that she is fake. Labels are not written the source of getting water and medical indications, although these data are mandatory fields. The company, which is the official importer of “Borjomi” in Russia, said that has no relation to water, which sells “Azbuka Vkusa”.

Water filter

There are running filters, which are stationary attached to the pipes and the sink, and pitcher-type filters. Any one of them deprives the water of its nutrients, it should be considered.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations: time to change cartridges and do not exceed the specified period of use of the filter.

Well water

Well water is not as useful as it seems at first glance. She comes from relatively shallow soil layers, which are often contaminated by sewage. The amount of iron and nitrates in well water often exceeds the permissible limits. To assess the quality of well water is necessary to invite experts of sanitary-epidemiological service.

Expert commentaryInna Kriksunov, author of over three dozen books on beauty and healthy lifestyle

In recent years, often appeals to drink as much water as possible — at least two liters a day. Doctors hold different points of view on this matter. Some say that it is necessary to drink two liters of water daily. Others believe that it is necessary to drink when the body requires for this we have a sense of thirst.

In any case, in the heat need to be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is very dangerous to the body, against the background of water shortage may occur of heat or sunstroke, which can lead to serious consequences. This is particularly true of children and the elderly.

In Israel, a country with a hot climate and highly developed medicine, summer on the radio even remind you to drink water.

Drink a lot of water model. In their opinion, a sufficient amount of moisture in the body beneficial to the skin.

Many of us known everyday ways to improve water quality. There are people who keep a jar of water with silver spoon. Silver ions disinfect water, killing harmful bacteria.

By the way, the military, while in tropical countries, stored water in silver containers or ionize it with silver ions. For example, American soldiers in Iraq in the desert used water from silver pots. It not only drank, but it was also obezzarajivatmi wounds.

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