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What’s the most obvious way to lose weight? Logic dictates that the most direct route is to eat fewer calories.

Everything, in general, is true, with the exception of one thing: having lost the usual food, the body begins to panic. Is there less food? This means you have to save!

It is noticed that with a calorie deficit of about 25%, metabolism slows down, which, firstly, reduces the effectiveness of weight loss, and secondly, this effect lasts for months.

Should you be surprised at the rapid weight gain after the end of a serious, and especially long, diet? You are already returning to your usual diet, and your body continues to save energy, as if it is still malnourished.

Where do you think the “saved” calories go? Yeah, your body will prudently put them on its sides, in case you decide to starve it again …

There is another effect.

Usually the first result of a diet is rapid and noticeable weight loss. Hurray, only three days on a diet, and half a kilo is gone!

Here you are invited to visit … is it okay if you break it once? In the morning we get up on the scales – oops, here they are, our half a kilo! Sometimes with an increase …

Of course, you are unlikely to gain that amount of fat in one go. However, you most likely did not lose it …

What about the weight? And weight is water. Everyone seems to know that salt retains water in the body. And many limit its consumption. Less often they say that carbohydrates also retain water: 1 gram binds about 4 grams of liquid. This means that by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, you will “lose weight” both in weight and in volume. True, not due to fat.

Actually, all short-term diets in fact are based on this effect.

By the way, about the liquid! The so-called “liquid” diets are fairly well known. And okay, when it comes to soups or fermented milk drinks, but now diets on juices are much more popular. At the same time, it is on juices that it is recommended to get out of medical fasting.

Thoughts aloud about losing weight. What mistakes do those who want to lose weight make?

Much has been said about the dubious benefits and obvious harm of juices. Including the fact that losing weight on juices is almost the same as on sugar syrup. Of course, “eating” some juices in limited quantities, you can lose weight due to a calorie deficit. As well as losing weight on chocolate and champagne, ice cream and other “delicious” diets.

Moreover, you can lose weight, even eating with cakes or cakes. The question is how useful it is.

The fact of losing weight does not mean this. In general, he speaks, perhaps, only of nutritional deficiencies … and even this is not always obvious.

But the harm of such diets is obvious. And it’s not a calorie deficit. A person suffers many days of fasting without any special consequences. But the sharp fluctuations in sugar levels, which are inevitable when eating fast carbohydrates, are not useful in any way.

Subjectively, these leaps are manifested by the feeling of hunger, which almost inevitably accompanies all low-calorie diets.

That is, there are not enough calories anyway. Moreover, the body responds with the release of insulin for every meal. It is generally provoked by any “goodies”, and then the “starving” organism seeks to assimilate food as soon as possible. The glucose level, rising slightly, quickly decreases, provoking an attack of hunger.

Thoughts aloud about losing weight. What mistakes do those who want to lose weight make?

By the way, this is not an argument in favor of fractional nutrition. We do not have time to eat because of the small volumes of portions. But insulin is released, quickly “binding” the small amount of glucose that we have consumed. And soon we feel the need to snack again.

In general, diets on slow carbohydrates are also unhealthy.

Since we are talking about popular low-calorie diets, let’s remember one of the most common mistakes: avoiding fat. No matter how much they say about this from each iron, there is still a strong belief about the dangers of fat for the figure.

But what about? For example, you eat fat and get fat. Or fried potatoes, with pork or smoked fish. And when losing weight, choose milk with the lowest fat content.

Why is fat always the culprit? You don’t eat anything besides him, or what? Do you eat lard and fatty salted fish “without anything”? Or is it with bread, potatoes, pasta, porridge? Why then sin on fats?

No matter how many people say from each kettle for the last ten years that they don’t get fat from fats by themselves – it’s all useless. No matter how much you convince people that one of the most famous high-fat diets was developed by cardiologist Atkins for overweight heart patients, this idea fits very tightly in their heads.
Robert Coleman Atkins, M.D.Robert Coleman Atkins, M.D.

Fats can give an increase in fat mass, perhaps, in two cases: if they are eaten in very exorbitant quantities and in combination with carbohydrates. And in the first, I’m not very sure …

One of the most popular questions: “How to lose weight so as not to gain again?”

Firstly, you need to lose weight correctly, after all, burning fat … or rather, spending its accumulated reserves. Secondly, you will have to leave the diet gradually, allowing the body to get used to being fed again. Third, you will eat as before – you will become the same, so you still have to limit carbohydrates. Fourth, exercise will help balance energy consumption and expenditure.

Haven’t you started training yet? Just do not think that individual exercises such as the beloved “abdominal swing” or the advertised “plank” will help you. Pumping the abdominal press will help strengthen its muscles, and the “plank” – if done correctly! – build the structure of the body. And, in general, everything!

Thoughts aloud about losing weight. What mistakes do those who want to lose weight make?

For weight loss, it is not so important even which specific exercises you use. More important is normal training, or rather, their regimen.

Aerobic, interval, strength training can give an effect here. Those, others and the third load the body in a complex and strong enough; they are all energy consuming.

Miracles do not happen: you can only gain fat without effort. And naturally, increasing your exercise doesn’t mean you can eat more. In any case, calorie expenditure should roughly correspond to their intake.

Finally, body weight is generally not an important benchmark in assessing the effectiveness of weight loss.

On the one hand, water is primarily excreted from the body. And by losing water, you lose much more mass than if you used up the same amount of fat.

On the other hand, exercise can help you gain a little muscle mass. This is normal if you have never exercised, the muscles are strengthened from any exertion.

At the same time, you can actually lose weight by losing fat mass, and gain weight due to denser heavy muscles.

This means that it is more expedient to focus not on body weight, but on volumes.

Thoughts aloud about losing weight. What mistakes do those who want to lose weight make?

And one more thing: do not forget to consult your doctor after all. “Forgetting” about it is another common mistake.

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