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What not to do after eating to maintain health?
The contents

  • Eat fruit after a meal
  • Bad habit — fitness immediately after a meal
  • What damage causes sugar cravings?
  • What foods are desirable to eat after the meal more?
  • What is even undesirable to do after a meal?

It is no secret that human health largely depends on how and what he eats. Today, many try to live a healthy lifestyle, to eat more fruits and vegetables, and exercise. However, our harmony and well-being depend not only on eating habits but also behavior after eating. What are the things you should not do if you want to be healthy and stay in good shape?

Eat fruit after a meal

Doctors advise complete fruits to a hearty meal, although there are those who can’t imagine stave off hunger without dessert. Meanwhile, delicious, fragrant and sweet fruits eaten after a main meal that can bring the body more harm than good. It’s all in the abundance of fiber, which requires much less time to digest, but which may not move further through the digestive tract due to the presence in a large number of other food products. Congestion creates the ideal conditions for the emergence of abdominal pain, flatulence, cramps, heartburn.

The only fruit that nutritionists recommend eating during and immediately after a hearty meal is an Apple. It stimulates digestion and relieves and all other fruit is best to eat half an hour before you sit down at the table. And even better to enjoy the gifts of nature in between the main meals, but directly in front of them to drink warm water. She gently starts the metabolism, and prevent overeating.

Bad habit — fitness immediately after a meal

The benefits of sport heard everything, but the doctors and trainers do not advise to do on an empty stomach and immediately after a meal. In the first case the body is simply not enough energy, which can cause dizziness and even fainting, and the second the consequences can be serious as well. First, it is difficult psychologically, because after a hearty meal pulls to sit, and then lie down to relax and absorb all the useful nutrients and trace elements. And secondly, a major shake-up, especially if the person is Jogging, jumping and even flips in the air, fraught elementary vomiting.

Sports immediately after meals overload the body, impairs digestion, worsening overall health. The more one ate, the more time it requires to digest, so all fans of active lifestyle and those suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract doctors suggest to consume food in small portions so as not to overload the body, and to have the opportunity in 30 — 60 minutes to practice their favorite sport.

What damage causes sugar cravings?

The poor and the unfortunate sweet tooth will not know who to listen to and how to find the right time to use your favorite dessert. Breakfast, say nutritionists, there are scones and cakes not, the evening before bedtime is also not recommended, and here and after eating a piece of lovely cake pick. But anyone who monitor their health, and most importantly — figure, will have to review established habits and refuse to complete the meal, dessert. According to nutritionists, the consumption of sweets after dinner is one of the reasons of excess weight, because these products contain a lot of calories.

According to Janet Armour — consultant at self-feeding, the author of the book about why I want sweets after a meal, thinks it’s all in the deficit of certain substances. If the food was too salty, the body is looking for a way to balance the disturbed balance, stimulating cravings for sweets. If a person consumes food too quickly, distracted by watching the news or reading, the brain does not have time to understand that were filled, requiring a “continuation of a Banquet”. The easiest way to fool the body is to drink some warm water. In most cases this is enough sweets seemed not so desirable.

What foods are desirable to eat after the meal more?

There are foods that nutritionists do not recommend to finish the meal, but now we are not talking about the sweets and fruits. The fact is that the quality of the digestion is of great importance not only the composition of food, but also its temperature. It is no coincidence that medical diet required to comply with this rule, using only thermally gentle food. Too hot food burn stomach mucosa, injure its walls, which is dangerous for health, especially suffering from gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Cold food and drinks — also not the best solution, if the meal had just ended. The fact is that they are able to change the consistencies of the products and complicate digestion, because before that the consumed fats are prone to hardening upon contact with cold items. Cold drink, especially in large quantities is dangerous because it dilutes the concentration of hydrochloric acid needed to digest and thereby slowing down the digestive process. Therefore it is better to wait a little bit quenching thirst immediately after a meal, and ice cream try to eat between main meals.

What is even undesirable to do after a meal?

Fans tight fitting clothes, you must remember that large meals can disrupt the rhythm of life, is not the best way impact on its quality. Tight-fitting pants or a skirt, a tight belt can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms — pain, discomfort, heartburn, etc. it is Better to abandon the habit to wear such clothing, especially because it disrupts the work not only of the digestive tract, but also blood circulation in the small pelvis, and this is much more serious.

If the person invited to the celebration and knows in advance what the plans are generous and delicious treats, it is better not to wear on holiday tight clothes or pre-loosen the belt of the pants. Even if a significant event is not a reason for you to give yourself a little slack, then the same belt can become a sort of marker, to indicate that your rule for today has already been done. As you can see, the health of the digestive system and other body systems affected by a variety of factors. Food alone can provoke the development of negative consequences, but much depends on the behavior of a person after a meal. Observing certain rules, you can rule out any risks, preserving harmony and a cheerful mood.

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