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What prevents weight loss: resentment, stress, uncertainty
The contents

  • What prevents weight loss?
  • How to cope with the problem: self-awareness and introspection
  • Motivation: what will help to lose weight?

Diet, fitness, calorie counting — all this and much more is used for weight loss. But very often the resentment, the constant stress and self-doubt interfere with this process. How to deal with it?

What prevents weight loss?

Before you begin the process of losing weight, it is important to tune in to. What does it mean?

You need all the fears, resentments, complexes left in the past. Because self-doubt creates a desire to throw everything in the beginning. If there is a fear that nothing will work, sometimes the process ends before it even started.

As for stress, they really interfere with weight loss. Constant tension, bad mood and irritation can cause an obsessive desire to eat something delicious and harmful. Naturally, this prevents weight loss. In addition, the stress rarely cause a desire to do something new and interesting, to set goals and achieve them. On the contrary, there is a desire to hide from the hustle and bustle, to relax, to do nothing.

Insults can leave a deep trauma. And therefore the body fat may serve as a protective shield against fears and negative thoughts. If they are constantly remember and to survive, it will lead to a permanent bad mood.

If life is boring, there is always loneliness and longing, food is often the only source of pleasure. Or no time for fun, for a hobby. Then good food helps to get at least a small dose of pleasant emotions.

If any of the above are in life, weight loss process will go very slow or even inhibited. Will not help diet and sport. Because the necessary and proper optimistic attitude. It’s important to take a long time to work and win.

Slimming is to work not only on your body but on your emotions, consciousness. This should be remembered.

How to cope with the problem: self-awareness and introspection

That will help to cope with this problem? Of course, introspection and self-knowledge. Will have to work before there is a desire to move forward.

First you have to deal with their grievances. It is important to forgive someone who has hurt and let go of this situation. To find a benefit in what happened, to make some experience. Not to think constantly about it, not to cherish their pain and to save in itself negative emotions. After all, resentment and fear prevented not only lose weight, but just to move forward.

Next, you should cope with their stress. First of all, it is important to eliminate stress. If this is not always possible, therefore, to find something that will help to quickly relieve stress. For example, walking, socializing with friends, Hobbies, massage, warm bath, fragrant calming tea.

It is very important to get rid of self-doubt. And for this it is useful to recall their achievements. No matter with which they were associated (with work, household chores, school). You can make a list of your strengths that will help in losing weight. For example, willpower, responsibility, thoroughness. Will help to get rid of uncertainty a detailed plan. If you paint your target, break it into small steps, it will not inspire fear. It will be easier to achieve.

And here, too, will help self-knowledge. We should think, why there was a lack of confidence. Perhaps in the past failed to achieve a particular goal, so there is a fear of a repeat of the situation. It is important to understand that everything changes, which means that this time things will be different. Most importantly, make the effort.

Of course, is to make life brighter, if it’s boring, and there is no place for rest and entertainment. The point is to add to my life colors. You can go to a concert, a picnic, enroll in a yoga class or try to learn to paint (if wanted), it is possible to jump with a parachute, diving. But introspection and self-knowledge will help you to find what you want to do, what is missing in life. Most importantly, do not be afraid to change something.

Motivation: what will help to lose weight?

Of course, proper nutrition and physical activity is very important. However, the necessary and proper motivation.

You can write a list that explains the changes that will occur after weight loss. For example, it will be possible to dress fashionably, it will be possible to find a job that requires a slender figure, improve self-esteem. That is, it is necessary to see the benefit in losing weight, in addition to a beautiful figure and good health.

In addition, you should divide the main task into a few phases. You can paint time. For example, two weeks to lose 3-4 kg. Or during the week to start drinking a glass of pure water before meals. But just to write a global goal — to lose weight by 10 kg is not worth it. This will reduce the motivation, because the task is difficult and once there the fear can not cope.

To reinforce motivation are little gifts to myself. For example, if an entire week to implement all provisions of the plan, on the weekends you can go to a concert of your favorite artist. Or you can come up with another gift. And it should be exactly what you really want.

Everyone can have their own motivation. For example, to buy beautiful clothes or lose weight to improve health.

For motivation it is useful to keep a diary in which you record all your achievements and small victories. If something did not work, you should not panic, and especially to stop working on yourself. Is simply to continue the process of weight loss. If things get hard, you’ll want to remember their achievements, and help you in this diary.

We need to understand that losing weight is a long process. So don’t tune in to a quick result. If the advance is to realize that working on your body should be long and victory will be small, the result will be seen immediately that there may even be a regression or that the weight may stand for some time, it will be easier.

Great attitude, getting rid of stress and anxiety will help to move forward, not give up halfway. Therefore, starting weight loss, you should not only develop step by step plan of training and nutrition, but also to their internal state.

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