Why losing weight is difficult?


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Why losing weight is difficult?
The contents

  • Mistakes during weight loss
  • Eating right without dieting
  • Physical activity for health and beautiful figure

To lose weight quickly and easily is the dream of everyone who is overweight. However, the slimming process may not be instantaneous. Extra pounds go slowly, as long as the process did not stop.

Mistakes during weight loss

Unfortunately, it so happens that the process of losing weight is not just inhibited, but not stopped. Why is this happening? Apparently, something is wrong.

A common mistake is permanent reduction of calories. It is necessary to adhere the threshold to 1300-1500 kcal. If the same scale shows the same weight for four days, it is not necessary to reduce calories to 1000. The body will not have enough power, well-being will deteriorate. And if at first the process will go back, then return to the usual calorie, the body will begin to store fat and energy (in case will arise again their fault).

In addition, very often the amount of food eaten and the calories losing weight unintentionally understated. Three patties instead of two, three marshmallows instead of one, and often eats some more for family members. All this leads to slowing down the process of weight loss. What to do? Everything is simple: not to forget about each sandwich, candy or a plate of vegetable stew, it is necessary to record.

Small consumption of clean water leads to a slower metabolism, fluid retention in the body, the occurrence of edema. Therefore, it is important to drink enough water — 2 litres a day.

Wrong diet can also slow down the weight loss. If there are two times a day and little, first the process of getting rid of excess weight faster, but later it will stop, and will be missed. You should eat little and 4-5 times a day. This morning we need to eat complex carbohydrates, protein, lunch is protein and vegetables, and in the evening it is helpful to eat light and nourishing foods — vegetables, cheese, fish.

Physical activity is very important for weight loss. However, to do properly. First and foremost, exercise must be regular. In addition, we must remember that are allowed to eat two hours before exercise and two hours after. Moreover, food is necessary to choose the right: boiled meat, yogurt, vegetable salad with boiled egg.

And one more thing. Do not expect a very quick weight loss. Need to weigh myself every morning. You can even make it through the day.

Eating right without dieting

So, the process of losing weight should start with diet. Of course, you can choose a diet plan but you should not abuse them, and do not stick to them constantly, alternating several diets. This will keep the body in constant stress. It is best to follow a proper diet and sometimes, if you want to try a diet (and it should be megalocnus, and diet — variety).

Proper nutrition helps to reduce daily caloric and do not experience feelings of hunger. And with this diet you can eat all healthy foods and not to refuse, even if I want to eat cake or fries. Just to consume unwholesome foods properly.

How to start eating healthy food? It should be borne in mind that the diet should be balanced and complete. The menu should be fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat and fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, berries, greens, vegetable oil. Should not be a predominance of vegetables or fruits, because your body needs other substances: proteins and fats.

Despite the fact that you can eat all foods, they must choose correctly. You should prefer lean fish, meat, seafood. Bread is best to choose whole grain, rye or branny. As for the other pastries, it can be consumed, but in small quantities. And it is useful to prepare the buns yourself using a minimum amount of sugar and fat. Dairy products should not be too fat, but fat-free to choose not worth it.

It is not necessary to exclude vegetable oil. On the contrary, better salads by them. The point is, to use the product in a minimum amount. Pumpkin, olive, linseed, sesame, mustard and other oils are very beneficial to the body.

With proper nutrition, preference should be given gentle treatment of food. It is best to braise, boil and bake. Fry is sometimes possible, but doing it frequently is not recommended. This method of food processing is not useful neither for the figure nor for health.

How to make a menu for the day? You should choose dishes made from favorite products.

Menu might be:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with nuts and berries, yoghurt and tea or scrambled eggs with vegetables, fruit and cocoa;
  • snack: smoothie; or fruit salad;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, two chicken burgers, salad and juice; or chicken broth, stew with meat and vegetables, stewed fruit;
  • snack: cottage cheese with herbs, or a handful of nuts and dried fruits;
  • dinner: vegetable muffins, yogurt, or a slice of baked fish and salad.

The bottom line is that the food was tasty and healthy. We should not forget clean water which should be drunk between meals.

Physical activity for health and beautiful figure

Without physical activity to achieve weight loss very difficult. The best option is cardio. They not only help to get rid of extra pounds, but also to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Classes should last at least forty minutes, as only fifteen minutes the body starts to consume body fat.

However, if the regular load is the weight is worth it to go from intense exercise to a more calm. For example, yoga, Pilates, callanetics. After some time the extra pounds will again start to leave.

In principle, any useful exercise. The point is that you have to do it regularly, and you can choose anything. This can be running, walking, swimming, volleyball, Cycling, aerobics, dancing.

And very useful daily morning exercise. Fifteen minutes is enough to start the metabolism, Wake up and speed up the process of weight loss. Must do exercises for all muscle groups. And breaks should not be —even at the weekend should take a few minutes similar charge.

So, we must remember that losing weight is not a quick process. But not to make the mistakes that will slow down the process. Exercise, proper nutrition and good mood — all that is needed for weight loss.

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