Your health: food partners

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Your health: food partners

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  • Eggs and tomatoes — foods for eternal youth
  • Lentils and vegetables away anemia
  • Chicken and carrots: what vitamins they provide us?
  • Oatmeal and apples for healthy blood vessels and heart
  • Buckwheat with onions prevent thrombosis

Someone who likes bacon and eggs, and for someone the most desired dish is stuffed peppers. Do we always think about how the combination between the products and what benefits this Alliance brings to the health of the body? But the food largely determines the health of the person, condition of skin, hair, nails and internal organs. Which products partners are of the greatest value?

Eggs and tomatoes — foods for eternal youth

He who does not love scrambled eggs with tomatoes, loses a lot, because it is the perfect tandem to preserve youth and beauty. The most important thing is to cook the dish on vegetable oil and try not to stir the egg yolks. In the past, like tomatoes, are a lot of selenium — a mineral responsible for of the antioxidant-antiradical protection of an organism. Selenium is essential for the quality of the flow of redox processes, metabolism, production of enzymes, hormones, nucleic acids. Men it helps to maintain fertility function, so for them scrambled eggs with tomatoes can be a sort of dish is an aphrodisiac.

Why is it better to not cook it in butter and vegetable oil? Yes, because it contains a lot of vitamin E, namely, it is essential to the body for better learning selenium. However, another synergist for this trace element is iodine, so you can’t go wrong if you add in eggs not only the aforementioned vegetables and seafood. Pair iodine, and selenium will support the thyroid gland and the normal functioning of the immune system.

Lentils and vegetables away anemia

Anemia is not a disease, but its symptoms associated with a variety of pathologies, familiar to many. The hemoglobin level is very “fragile and delicate”. He may fall due to colds, irregular meals, or malnutrition. According to dieticians, every fourth woman suffers from iron deficiency, but this situation can be remedied if you include in the diet of lentils. This product is a real store of iron, because for every 100 g of this culture have 12 mg of this mineral! It is almost two times more than beef liver!

However, it is no secret that animal sourced iron is absorbed much better and all because it is there, and heme is part of hemoglobin. Non-heme iron we get from plant foods, but only a small part of it goes to the needs of the body. It would seem, in the light of such events, the use of lentils significantly diminished, but the situation can be corrected if to use it together with pepper. This vegetable is rich in ascorbic acid, which as a key opens the door of the erythrocytes in the storage rooms, hammered with beneficial trace elements, including iron.

Chicken and carrots: what vitamins they provide us?

The vitamins in our body’s supply a variety of products, but it is difficult to find among them another source of vitamin A, like carrots. Even far from the medicine people know that it is essential for us to maintain visual function, but not only. Women should pay particular attention to it, because the supply of vitamin A is the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, so necessary to maintain youth and beauty. However, without the presence in chicken zinc for our body it would be hard to take advantage of the beneficial properties of vitamin A. the Latter is bound in the bloodstream with protein, and its formation just need the zinc.

So from now on actively add when cooking chicken, the carrots, and do not spare butter. As already mentioned, it contains large amount of vitamin E, contributing to the preservation of retinol in its active form, its absorption by the intestines. To enhance the effect of vitamin and maybe vitamin D. Maybe that’s why chicken soup is often served with half boiled eggs. This food will help to quickly restore power and expedite the healing of the flu and colds.

Oatmeal and apples for healthy blood vessels and heart

Nutritionists are often called oatmeal the best way to start the day and charging energy, because it is rich in complex carbohydrates, for a long time prolonging the feeling of satiety, besides has beneficial effects on the digestive organs, enveloping the stomach wall and preventing the negative action of hydrochloric acid. However, the grits is of interest to health and due to the presence in it of beta-glucan and avenanthramides concentrated in whole grains, the husk of the seed, leaves, and fine oatmeal. The latter is known for its antioxidant properties, positively influencing the skin’s health.

Strengthen the invigorating effect of the morning cereal will help pieces of fresh Apple, which is also contain vitamins are antioxidants that protect the body from the harmful effect of oxidation and is able to contribute to the preservation of the beauty of the skin, helping to fight inflammation. So these foods is worth a closer look for those who have any skin problems — acne, acne, inflammation, redness, etc.

Buckwheat with onions prevent thrombosis

Buckwheat — one of the few grains, proteins which are metabolized very quickly, which gives grounds to consider it the best dietary food for both adults and children. In addition, it is without fear can be used for food allergies, which are now on the planet is becoming more and more. Regular consumption of buckwheat has beneficial effects on the body: it normalizes metabolism, improves blood flow, and present in this cereal dietary fiber and normalize bowel movements. Buckwheat is able to act as a means of preventing myocardial infarction, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and all because of the presence of anti-inflammatory quercetin.

To complement its beneficial effect and improve the functioning of the circulatory system is capable and some vegetables, particularly onions. It contains catechins that prevent the development of atherosclerosis. It is no coincidence that since ancient times, buckwheat is used together with fried onions, and a large spread of cereal with mushrooms. Especially tasty with mushrooms, which contain up to 20 different amino acids, including irreplaceable. Is present in them and tryptophan, needed by the body for the production of the pleasure hormone serotonin. So buckwheat can not only satisfy hunger, but to lift the mood.

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