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Energy positive: the food fatigue
The contents

  • Oatmeal, sir!
  • Fresh herbs — perfect for a snack
  • Honey is a food product, rich in carbohydrates
  • Banana and other fruits
  • Fatigue save iodine

Fatigue, lethargy, melancholy — these are signs of problems in the body familiar to many, especially in the autumn. But in many cases, seasonal depression is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences. When you need to immediately enhance the vitality of the body and to boost your energy, help simple carbohydrates, but in the long run you will help foods rich in complex carbohydrates. We can not abandon them, because it leads to the destruction of important proteins and poisoning by products of metabolism and decay.

Oatmeal, sir!

The best candidates to provide energy for a long time hard to find. Oatmeal is a repository of complex carbohydrates, which takes a long time to adjust, but how long they prolong the feeling of satiety. But besides power, oatmeal contains lots of valuable nutrients — amino acids, fiber, starch, fats, vitamins E, b group, minerals — sodium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, etc. oat bran have a large amounts of dietary fiber, which lower the concentration of cholesterol in blood, improving cardiac function and promoting the normalization of weight.

Snack oatmeal without adding sugar and salt can benefit high blood pressure and diabetics, but anyone watching their appearance can be recommended to use oatmeal in facial masks. Better if cereal will usually require cooking and not pre-processed. They still have all the benefits of grains, in contrast to the preconditioning of the past. If you do not want to boil them, you can pour the cereal in the evening with yogurt or kefir and in the morning they will be ready to eat. Will just have to add your favorite fruits and berries, nuts and seeds.

Fresh herbs — perfect for a snack

Top and young shoots of plants and herbs are best suited for recuperation. The main advantage of greens is the presence of a large number of antioxidants that reduce the negative impact of free radicals, prolonging youth and reducing the risk of many ailments, including cancer. Even the color green and life-affirming can benefit by improving your mood and helping to combat the effects of stress, which today affect many residents of large cities.

Among these foods is of special interest asparagus, watercress and some other varieties, parsley, onion, celery, nettle, coriander, etc. Asparagus can be green, white and purple, but whatever color includes a lot of valuable components that enhance the liver, heart, urogenital system and help fight chronic fatigue. All lettuces are beneficial to digestion, and celery will be appreciated by those who struggle with excess weight.

Honey is a food product, rich in carbohydrates

If you are looking for than you can replace the sugar in the menu, there is no better option than honey. But to use it in large quantities is impossible, because it is one of the most allergenic foods. Besides glucose and fructose in its composition increase efficiency and tone the body only for a short time. But the flaws of honey, perhaps, the end, and its good for the body and health benefits cannot be overemphasized. Honey is a known natural antibiotic that helps the body cope with seasonal viral infections and diseases of bacterial origin.

Honey can be used for the treatment of cough associated with colds and flu, and as a component of oral rehydration solution in treatment of gastroenteritis. Snack honey can bring you back to life and increase the efficiency of your work when the power is running out. And it’s a great tool for the care of face and body.

Banana and other fruits

Rich in glucose and fructose, the fruit can also be used for recharging and provide energy. Most attention in this respect deserve the sweet varieties of apples, pears, peaches, grapes, figs, apricots and Apples. perfect for digestion, and for that they are recommended to be consumed after a hearty and heavy meal. Pears can help those who suffer from fatigue and apathy. And they are like honey to kill pathogenic microorganisms and can benefit in inflammatory diseases.

Peaches are delicious, and just as useful. Their diet includes losing weight, which by reducing the total calorie diet you want to stay cheerful and full of energy. However, among all these fruits, one representative, which is more suited to snacking and eliminating traces of fatigue is a banana. According to researchers from the University of North Carolina, bananas can replace the traditional energy bars and shakes. This is also evidenced by the famous Professor and presenter Elena Malysheva.

Fatigue save iodine

Of course, it is not about the use of iodine in pure form and its receipt in the different food products. A trace element that directly controls the metabolism of fats and proteins in fully providing the body’s need for energy. It is the iodine regulates the consumption of oxygen by cells and tissues, and it acts as a synergist with a number of vitamins, particularly of vitamin E and activator of mental activity. To products containing iodine include marine fish — haddock, halibut, salmon, cod, herring. Incidentally, in the past scientists have found a substance that can boost mood.

Seafood — the most important sources of iodine, along with feijoas and walnuts. Exotic fruit green in addition to iodine, contains many other valuable substances — fatty acids, phenolic compounds, vitamins and minerals. Feijoa has antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties, and most importantly — stimulates the brain. Walnuts — just a storehouse of nutrients and minerals. They are recommended to use it as a tonic for exhaustion and various diseases. There are other nuts who are coping with fatigue. Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and other foods make up for the lack of energy, support the nervous system and brain. But to use them better without any additives, not fried, and dried.

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