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Error in healthy diet hindering weight loss
The contents

  • Basic principles of organizing a healthy diet
  • Myths about proper nutrition, prevent weight loss
  • Food needed to get rid of excess weight

As you know, the organization of healthy nutrition involves the formation of a balanced diet and correct food habits. However, many people make a number of mistakes that nullify all the efforts. Nutritionists recommend to see the most common myths about nutrition, and in the future to avoid repeating mistakes.

Basic principles of organizing a healthy diet

A healthy diet involves adherence to several basic principles.

  • Moderation

This principle of a healthy diet provides the right balance between the calorie content of food consumed and daily energy expenditure. It should be noted that the human body consumes energy not only during intense physical activity, but also to maintain their vital functions (breathing, thermoregulation, digestion). To ensure a smooth process of losing weight, you must create a small deficit between incoming and consumed calories. However, note that the daily energy consumption of the human body largely depend on the age, sex, the presence of excess weight, lifestyle and health status.

  • Diversity

It is no secret that different foods have different chemical composition, which involves a variety of combinations of nutrients. Almost everything you need for normal life of a substance a person can get by consuming a variety of foods (fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and dairy). And to fill the shortage of missing useful micro – and macronutrients, you can use ready vitamin-mineral complexes.

  • Mode of food intake

Healthy eating means eating at the same time. The common recommendation is fractional and frequent (at least 4-5 times) food. This is the number of meals allows you to avoid bouts of hunger and to fully saturate the body. As a light snack suitable for such foods as fruits, nuts or low-fat milk products.

Myths about proper nutrition, prevent weight loss

Often people who are on a diet and going to exercise can not lose weight. One of the probable reasons is that their “healthy eating” is not.

As you know, weight loss is a result of the reduction of calories consumed. At the same time, many of the foods that people include in your diet contain hidden fats and sugar that prevent weight loss.

Therefore, wishing to organize a proper diet should know about the most common errors are not allowing you to lose weight.

  • All vegetable salads useful

If the salad consisted solely of vegetables, their usefulness could be no doubt. However, the vast majority of cases, these vegetable dishes are seasoned with various sauces and dressings, oil-based, which greatly increase the overall calorie content of the salads. Therefore, their addition should be very careful.

  • Choosing “healthy” snacks

Replacement of such foods as pastries, chips, crackers for snack bars, granola and other little snacks promote weight loss. After all, in addition to useful components (nuts, grains, and fruits), they contain large amounts of sugar. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to a small handful of regular nuts, or fresh fruit.

  • Replacing refined sugar with honey

Many people prefer a proper diet, actively replace refined sugar with natural sweeteners such as honey. However, their calorie content is not so different, therefore, to reduce the energy value of the food and preserve its sweetness, nutritionists recommend adding a little honey instead of fruit.

  • All of the products with fruit fillings useful

Fruit juice in packs contain not only fruit but also lots of sugar. In addition, these drinks there is no fiber, which is essential for proper digestion. The same goes for smoothies and toppings. Therefore, it is desirable to use fruits and berries fresh.

  • Drinks have fewer calories than food

Not everyone is aware of the high calorie alcoholic beverages. For example, two glasses of red wine, which sometimes let myself losing weight, comparable to the nutritional value of a slice of pizza.

Another important recommendation for weight loss is a reasonable, smaller portions and the end of the meal with a sense of light starvation. And the best way to feel the saturation is considered to be slow and thorough chewing of food.

Food needed to get rid of excess weight

After reviewing the most common mistakes when getting rid of excess weight, you should decide the foods that must be included in the diet losing weight. These include food, able to organize the work of the digestive tract, to satisfy hunger and supply the body with useful substances.

  • Protein foods

Optimum protein foods for weight loss are various varieties of fish. It is not only a source of easily digestible protein, but also valuable unsaturated fats, and also vitamins and minerals. To the diet varieties of fish include cod, pike, hake, flounder. To prepare it I need a couple or by others. However, nutritionists do not recommend abusing this group of products. Enough to use it 2-3 times a week, alternating with dietary poultry and rabbit.

  • Eggs

Eggs are also an indispensable product for weight loss. To include them in a healthy diet is recommended because of the low calorific value, and large amounts of protein and vitamins D, E and group B.

  • Dairy

This group of products contains animal protein, calcium and phosphorus. Modern research has shown that for weight loss without harm for health it is necessary to choose low-fat dairy products, and foods with average fat content. Because they are a source of valuable milk fat is essential for the normal functioning of the body.

  • Cereals

Cereals play an important role in the process of weight loss. They are low calorie, the presence of fiber and rich vitamin and mineral composition. Therefore, the inclusion in the diet of various cereals will help speed up the process getting rid of excess weight.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

This group of products should be approximately half of all food eaten. Slight heat treatment that enables them to be included in a large number of various dishes.

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