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Exercise body ballet for effective weight loss
The contents

  • What is a basic set of exercises?
  • Exercises at the Barre
  • Exercises without props
  • Effectively whether classes of body ballet for weight loss?

Being a relatively new fitness trend, Barre already has its army of fans. The fact is that such exercises not only help to get rid of excess weight, but also to develop the grace, to make the posture more smooth. At the same time to complete the exercises in this direction both at home and in the fitness center.

What is a basic set of exercises?

Body ballet as a highly effective set of exercises based on elements of classical ballet, yoga and Pilates was developed by a choreographer from America Whether Disease for more than 10 years ago. Contributing to rapid weight loss, tightening muscles and improving physical fitness in General, this method quickly gained popularity around the world. Its supporters also point out that regular exercise help to get rid of pain in the joints, spine, insomnia, depression, and improve overall health.

Exercises at the Barre

Usually body doing ballet in the fitness centers, and special machines. However, this does not mean that such classes cannot be provided at home. So, as an alternative the machine can be a regular chair with a back.

  • Lifts foot forward.

Stand near the machine, grasp it with the left hand. Heels should be pressed against each other, toes apart. On the exhale, lift your right leg as high as you can do it stretching. If possible, do not allow flexion of the leg at the knee. Do this exercise for 1 minute. After his execution on the right foot rest (20 seconds will be enough), then in the same way, work the left leg.

  • Mahi leg back.

Stand right side to the machine. Press the heel to one another, pointing to the side. The right hand grasp the machine, the left put on the waist. Toe of the left leg stretch back. Raise it by 10-15 cm from the surface of the floor and take short spurts uphill for 1 minute. This will make sure that the leg is in the process of the exercise remained straight. Rest 15-20 seconds, then proceed to the elaboration of the right limb.

  • Lifts legs back.

Stand near the machine, grasp it with your right hand. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend your knees. The toe of the right foot pull, and then lift it up. Body down parallel to the floor. In this position, do for 1 minute the movement of the right leg, up and down, trying to lift her as high as possible (as it allows stretching). After completing the exercise, get some rest, catch your breath. Then repeat the same thing, only with left leg.

Exercises without props

The following exercises are performed without the machine.

  • The slopes of the body forward.

Take a position sitting on the floor, legs brought together. Trying to keep a straight back, begin to gently lower the housing down. My hands raised above his head, the toes stretched. Stay at the bottom for 1-2 seconds, then with an inhalation, rise up to the starting position. During the exercise you should feel a stretch the back of the thighs and also the stress of the back muscles. Do it for 1 minute.

  • The leg lifts up.

Take a position lying on the floor. Raskinte hand in hand, palm press to the floor. Pulling socks, start to slowly lift up the left leg. The end point of the angle between the foot and the floor must be approximately 45 degrees. Hold this position for 1-2 seconds, then lower the limb. The same steps repeat with the right leg. Do alternate leg lifts for 30 seconds. If you wish to intensify the exercise, at the bottom not let your foot touch the floor surface.

  • Leg lifts lying on your side.

Take a position lying on his left side. Left hand bend at the elbow, put your arm around her head. The right hand for convenience place at the level of the abdomen. From this position, raise your right leg as high as you can; the toe should be stretched. Not stopping at the top, lower your leg to the initial position. In the process of the exercise you should feel tension on the inner thigh. Do 15-20 repetitions first on the right leg, then left.

Effectively whether classes of body ballet for weight loss?

This question is raised by almost all beginners and, to his delight, get an affirmative answer. The fact that classes of body ballet belong to aerobic exercise, which start the fat burning process. Therefore, regular workouts provide fairly quick weight loss.

Contraindications for practicing body-ballet

This set of basic exercises you can perform almost everything. As an exception can be noted that the classes of body ballet undesirable conduct:

  • people suffering from varicose veins;
  • in chronic heart failure, disruptions of cardiac rhythm;
  • in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

To do body ballet can be, regardless of age. It often happens that the exercises included in this training complex are performed during the rehabilitation period after illness.

Clothing for classes of body ballet

For classes of body ballet is no need to buy special sports clothes. You only need the following basic things:

  • narrow tank top or t-shirt;
  • tight pants or shorts;
  • gymnastic shoes to choose from — ballet Slippers, half shoes, textile ballerina. Beginners can practice in socks.

Intensity of physical activity and frequency of classes

The above set of exercises is only a framework for beginners. Being effective enough, they can ensure proper weight loss (assuming your diet is balanced). Gradually, however, the training movement need to complicate or add to your training program more complex elements.

Exercise 40-60 minutes at least 3 times a week. Remember that good results are achieved only through persistent and regular work on his body.

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