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Exercises with a jump rope: exercise for quick weight loss
The contents

  • Jumping rope as a useful physical activity
  • Contraindications to exercise
  • Jumping rope for weight loss
  • Variations of exercises
  • The results of the exercises

Jump rope is one of the best shells for losing weight and bringing the body into attractive form. Despite the fact that exercises with a rope familiar to us from childhood, not all know how to train to how long to get rid of extra pounds.

Jumping rope as a useful physical activity

Jump rope is a unique simulator, combining power and aerobic exercise. Favor of the projectile is difficult to overestimate, because it can help you not only start losing weight, but to tighten flabby muscle areas. Particularly useful are outdoor air: while jumping, the body is actively saturated with oxygen, which plays a huge role in the normalization of metabolism.

Systematic physical loads with a rope is useful because:

  • help to strengthen the calf, thigh, buttock muscles, muscles of the back;
  • develop agility, strength, endurance, coordination of movements;
  • start the process of splitting of fat cells;
  • improve the heart, blood vessels, thus preventing diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • stimulate blood flow and lymph flow in the body;
  • rid of cellulite;
  • normalize the functioning of the vestibular apparatus.

Jumping rope is popular not only among beginners but also experienced athletes. Often a sports element in their individual complexes of physical activity include weight lifters. All because of exercises with a rope at the intensity comparable to swimming, Jogging or Cycling.

Contraindications to exercise

Jump rope is one of the safest exercise equipment for weight loss, however when used should take into account all possible contraindications to training.

Rope jumping is not recommended for people with a high degree of obesity. All because during such jumps impact physical activity affects the joints (hips, knees), and cardiovascular system works on a limit of forces that can be dangerous to your health. Therefore, those who suffer from a large excess weight, weight loss is recommended to start with a balanced diet and regular walk.

Only after the weight is reduced to suitable parameters, you can move on to exercises with the rope. Jumping will help to tighten the body, strengthen weakened muscles and allow you to continue the process of weight loss. The training rope is contraindicated for people with serious diseases of the spine, heart, vessels.

Jumps you must perform at least 1.5 hours before or after a meal.

Jumping rope for weight loss

Slimming and improving body contours — the main goal of those who choose the rope as sports equipment. The main advantage of this simulator is that it can be used as a standalone (separate) training, and in combination with other loadings.

Often jumping rope are included in the complexes of aerobic along with swimming, running, walking and squats. More advanced athletes use jumping as a warm-up before a complex of strength exercises or as a hitch for the correct completion of fitness training.

The main mistake of novice when using rope — improperly constructed the mode of training and improper exercise. Inexperienced athletes should start with a small duration of training (15 to 25 minutes). It is better to divide this time period into 3-4 parts, between which to arrange the rest in 1-2 minutes.

To train in this mode should be for 2-3 weeks until the body gets used to the intensity of the exercise. After that, the duration of jumps can be increased by another 10-15 minutes. Ultimate training — 70-80 minutes.

Even experienced athletes experts do not advise to jump rope more than 90 minutes of exercise the heart rate can increase up to critical values, and the excess rate of heart rhythm inevitably leads to health problems

If jumping rope for weight loss run as the main compound, then the optimum mode of training — 4-5 times a week. If the jumps are combined with other physical activity, not more than 3 times a week.

Variations of exercises

For quality weight-loss physical exertion, you need to diversify. Weight loss will happen more quickly and effectively if you regularly alternate versions of the movements and experiment with their intensity.

Among the most popular variations of jumping rope include:

  • base jumping at a moderate speed;
  • alternating feet jump (simulated running exercises);
  • alternate jumping on one leg;
  • jumping from side to side or front to back;
  • jumping with high knees, and backwards;
  • option with loop (with crossover cable);
  • jumping in the shallow squat position.

Such a simple but effective complex will help to diversify the same type fitness training with a skipping rope. Each of the physical exertion is intense, so you should follow the correct training regimen to the body is not experiencing stress overload.

The results of the exercises

The first 6 minutes of jumping rope are the most complex. In this time interval the body is experiencing a serious shortage of oxygen: there may be shortness of breath and irregular heart rhythm. However, by 7-8 minutes the body comes back to normal: the pulse is restored, there is a so-called “second” breath. At this point, the body starts the process of active lymph flow.

The first results can be noticed after 3-4 weeks of a full-fledged regular training. At the same time, it is recommended to increase the duration of physical activity for 10-15 minutes for best effect.

Already after 1.5 months of constant playing you can see how caught up and postrhinal body. All because high-intensity physical exercise for just 25 to 30 minutes allows you to break down about 700 calories. During the first weeks of the exercise the body gets rid of stagnant water, and direct burning fat starts after about 2-3 weeks of regular classes.

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