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Fitness for weight loss: squats with jumping

The contents

  • What kinds of fitness use Jumping Squats
  • Technique
  • Features of the squat jumping with
  • The most common errors
  • Options fitness program
  • Use Jumping Squats fitness for weight loss
  • The benefits of squats with jumping

Squats jumping with belong to the category of plyometric exercises used in various types of fitness. They help to develop all the major muscle groups, strengthen cardiovascular system, improve endurance, strength, speed. In addition, this variation of physical activity is a great way of burning extra calories. A big plus of this training is its ability to use of muscle-stabilizers, which contributes to the overall strengthening of the muscle corset.

This article tells about the technique of proper execution of the item — squats with jumping: in the English version the exercise is called the Jumping Squats and is very popular not only in strength-trained athletes, but also those who use alternative jumps fitness programs for weight loss.

What kinds of fitness use Jumping Squats

Squats with jumping — accessible exercise for all age groups. It is recommended to include in their training of novice sports, experienced athletes and also those people who want to improve their health and acquire a strong, athletic figure.

Elements Jumping Squats can be found in these types of fitness like aerobics, Pilates, body Flex, workout, crossfit. Squats jumping with are also used in modern and trendy today, the sport is called Jumping Jack (Jumping Jack).

Thus, Jumping Squats can be included in any exercise aimed at developing physical qualities. Suitable for jumping and for those who want to lose weight and make your figure more slender.


Squats in their classic version used to strengthen thighs and buttocks. If you add a squat jump, you get a vigorous set of exercises of aerobic character.

Squat jumping with often include interval training. Such exercises strengthen the leg muscles, heart and start the long process of weight loss. Regular fitness using Jumping Squats will make the body beautiful, slim and fit.

The technique of this exercise:

  • Stand up straight. Feet slightly wider than shoulders, feet divorced a little to the side. Make the squat is the thigh and lower leg should be at right angles to each other. The palms are joined together, and arms bent at the elbows and stretched along the body.
  • Make a dramatic jumping up. Keep your head straight. Hands to perform the Maha down, simulating the repulsive motion.
  • Land on socks and feet, without stopping, return to the squat position. Repeat the exercise. Proceed to jump full stop.
  • Before any training you must do a complete warm-up to prepare your body for increased physical load.

    Features of the squat jumping with

    During training using Jumping Squats, pay attention to the following points:

    • the back must remain straight from the beginning to the end of the exercise;
    • shoulders should be relaxed;
    • look forward;
    • movement of the legs springy, soft landing;
    • knees do not go beyond socks.

    The athletes and fans of physical culture, who want to pump up the legs, it is recommended to do squats with jumping with dumbbells. However, you must first work without weights to strengthen muscles.

    Jumping movements should be done in athletic shoes with elastic and thick soles.

    The most common errors

    When you perform exercises like Jumping Squats often make such mistakes:

    • tilt body forward;
    • a hunched back;
    • feet are in focus on the socks;
    • the hard landing.

    Effects of incorrect jumps can be a reduction in the effectiveness of the training and injuries of the joints and ligaments.

    Options fitness program

    For untrained athletes who are just starting to train, will fit this fitness program:

    • 10 jumps with 3 repetitions. Rest between repetitions is not more than 1 minute.

    For mid-level athletes, the program is complicated:

    • 20 jumps with 4 repetitions. Time for a break is 30 seconds.

    Confident in their physical qualities of athletes will approach the most challenging fitness program:

    • 30 jumps with 6 series and rest 30 seconds.

    To diversify your workout and jumping on the TABATA principle. This means that by jumping, you need to keep within a limited period of time. For example, 20 seconds to do max squats with jumping. The number of series depends on the fitness level of the athlete. Rest between the series — no more than 10 seconds. This fitness develops explosive ability of muscles, maximum speed and endurance.

    Use Jumping Squats fitness for weight loss

    Squats with jumping exercises are high intensity. Moreover, in their implementation involved a large group of muscles:

    • buttocks;
    • biceps and quadriceps of the thighs;
    • press;
    • calf.

    Therefore Jumping Squats is a great way of burning excess fat. For those who are looking for effective fitness slimming, squats jumping with fit perfectly.

    People can be very overweight, you should approach the training with caution, given the shock to the joints. They can perform the exercise with the half squat. The more jumping will be done per workout, the better. But at the same time, the need to monitor heart rate: it should not exceed 150-170 beats/min. If heart rate is too high, increase the pause between the series of exercises.

    In addition to all other conditions, those who want to use Jumping Squats as fitness for weight loss, you need to remember about proper nutrition. Without it, all efforts may be in vain.

    The benefits of squats with jumping

    Jumping Squats — this is a generic way to strengthen the muscles and correct the shape of your body. To other positive qualities squats jumping with include:

    • strengthening the heart and blood vessels;
    • the decrease in the volume of the thighs;
    • improving coordination and agility;
    • study of stabilizing muscles, which is beneficial to the state of the spine.

    Jumping Squats refers to a rather energy-consuming exercises. Therefore, this type of fitness requires planning not only training, but also comfortable. The simplest scheme of training through the day.

    Those who use squats as the gym for weight loss can be practiced daily. But only if the body can cope with such load. If the next day after the lesson, a feeling of fatigue or lethargy, you need to give the muscles a rest.

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