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Fitness on a treadmill: the benefits of treadmill training for weight loss
The contents

  • The advantages of training on a treadmill
  • Exercise to burn fat
  • Training rules for weight loss on a treadmill

Today is absolutely undeniable is the fact that the most effective weight loss is achieved with cardio. The most popular and efficient is running, to do which is the most convenient on the treadmill. This is a sporting fixture is present in every gym and specialty stores offering them at quite affordable prices.

The advantages of training on a treadmill

Aerobic physical activity are very useful to build beautiful toned body, better health and maintaining it at the proper level. Running is one of the best forms of cardio, because it is in varying degrees, engages all the muscle groups of the body, affects the internal organs and increases stamina of the body as a whole.

Jogging is best outdoors in a beautiful area with diverse topography. However, current employment is not always possible to allocate time to go to the nearest Park to run. In addition, in the cold season to do it at all uncomfortable and even not recommended — bad weather is not conducive to effective and comfortable training. In such a situation, the best option to continue the training process is the acquisition of a treadmill, the classes which have following advantages:

  • the possibility of training at any convenient time;
  • ease of administration and relative safety;
  • the opportunity to engage in walking and running, carry out interval training and to climb uphill;
  • control workout intensity and other indicators;
  • the display of health indicators;
  • effective weight loss and strengthening the muscles of the whole body;
  • improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • accelerate blood circulation and improve overall health.

And although models for home use in terms of functionality differ from those that are found in gyms, the efficiency of them no less. In modern models there is option to select a personal virtual trainer, selecting a workout program on fat burning or gaining relief.

Exercise to burn fat

On a treadmill, regardless of its functionality can only work in two directions: to maintain the existing level of physical fitness and for weight loss. To achieve the first goal, simply run at a moderate pace three times a week and at least half an hour. Weight loss is best achieved with a combination of different exercises and methods of training on the treadmill:

  • Interval training.

Allows you to provide the body an intensive exercise by alternating periods of fast running with periods of movement at a moderate pace. To carry out such training for obtaining the desired effect should be at least three times a week for 30-40 minutes. To start the lesson you need with an easy warm up, including joint exercises, followed by 1.5 minutes of walking and as much running at a moderate pace, which will in the future alternate with a quick run.

  • Exercise for weight loss.

This method is suitable for those who get bored of the same type running. Training begins with warm-up walking, then speed needs to be increased to 8 km/h and turn left, after half a minute to turn to the right, after another half a minute to turn forward and run for 3 more minutes. Then all repeat the cycle as many times that the whole exercise took a maximum of half an hour.

  • Jogging and walking.

These workouts are interval and consist of alternating fast walking and running at high speed. At their regular meetings it is possible to achieve significant results of weight loss, because such exercise can burn up to 300 calories.

Training rules for weight loss on a treadmill

Training on a treadmill will be much more efficient if during it to follow several simple guidelines:

  • keep in mind that the results depend on several factors: rate and time of the run, and the initial weight of the athlete;
  • the higher the speed, the shorter should be the exercise and Vice versa;
  • intense and short races better are struggling with fatty deposits and prevent new ones;
  • the running pace should be such that during it the athlete can safely talk;
  • training should be done as diverse as possible in order to avoid habituation of the muscles to the same type of stress and lack of motivation;
  • to maintain motivation during the class, you can view your favorite TV programs or listen to upbeat music;
  • log in to the training process gradually, starting with a small running pace and duration of training for weight loss no more than an hour (for absolute beginners — 10 minute);
  • each subsequent workout you need to do longer than 3 minutes, and when it reaches the duration of 20 minutes, you can start to increase the speed of movement;
  • to increase the load on the glutes and thighs, and complication of training, you can increase the angle of incline;
  • the recommended frequency of Jogging three times a week;
  • changing the type of training you can do after a month of regular classes.

In addition to all the above points, should also pay special attention to how you feel while Jogging, to control the increased heart rate. The latter must not exceed 75% of the maximum level, otherwise the body will work on wear.

Equally important is safety while working on the treadmill. Initially you should put both legs on the sides of the treadmill, turn the treadmill on low speed and stand on her feet. Only after that should you increase the speed to the necessary and to perform all the planned exercises. When training is completed, you need to go on a slow step and move at the same pace for a while until your pulse returns to normal.

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