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Fitness slimming arm: home exercises
The contents

  • Weight loss no equipment
  • Home fitness training for weight loss zone hand
  • Exercises for arms without building mass

Weight loss is a complex process and not always quick. This is especially true of weight-loss in specific areas of our body. Hands are not usually attributed to the most problematic areas, but even for them the study should be a detailed plan for home exercises. Compliance with rules and best practices to achieve results in a short time and will give attractive hands even without visiting the gym.

Weight loss no equipment

Before embarking on a home fitness, you should understand that to lose weight locally will not work. Losing weight in one particular area — only a myth that has long been supported by unqualified people. For example, wrapping the legs, arms, stomach with plastic wrap before Jogging is a common delusion. This technique brings short-term effect, and then only due to the increased local sweating and dehydration.

So before you start burning fat in the arms, you need a whole to get rid of extra pounds. The work will have on their menu, and on the development of a program of home fitness. Just a competent combination of these factors will help to achieve significant positive results.

To activate slimming (namely, the splitting of fat cells in the body) requires two important conditions:

  • A deficit of calories.
  • The increase in energy consumption.
  • Compliance with the first condition, available only with complete adherence to the diet a proper healthy diet. Second, the regular execution of active exercises that will burn the gain calories to bring the body in tone.

    Of course, it is possible to lose weight even with occasional afford pastries or milk chocolate. Note, however, that the daily calorie gain only two or three puffs or buns. With this diet it is impossible to remain full, which means that the body will begin to experience serious stress si even harder to store fat.

    To begin the process of losing weight properly, you should calculate your daily intake of calories. It completely depends on the weight losing weight, growth, daily activity. To calculate an approximate value will allow a special calorie calculator, which is found on almost any portal for fitness.

    Make your menu need-based fiber (vegetables) and foods with a high content of protein. Healthy fats are also important: these minerals can be obtained from a handful of nuts or a few servings of fatty fish. Of carbohydrate intake per day should not be more than 20% of the total consumption of substances. Also limit the fruits that have significant amount of sugar and fast carbohydrates, as well as alcohol and baked goods.

    Home fitness training for weight loss zone hand

    The most highly effective exercises for enhancing weight loss are considered to be mixed and combined basic movements. In the implementation of the action intensely studied virtually every area of the muscles. The house for this purpose you can use:

    • Squats.

    At first glance it seems that squats — exercises for development of muscles of the legs. However, in the case of shoulders, squats be a great movement for the development of hands. Exercise activates the quadriceps, the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, back, and stabilizing and extending the muscles (especially in the area of the hands).

    • Push-UPS.

    Effectively involve the chest, shoulder muscles. Hands get huge fiznagruzki. Also exercises have many variations to implement, allowing to carry out their will, even people with low level of physical training. For example, pushups can be done from push-up position, and relying on the knee joints or support lower legs on a fitness ball.

    • Push-UPS from the static support.

    They will help to work the triceps. The energy consumption of the movements is quite low, but the systematic implementation of the elements will improve the shape and silhouette of the hands.

    Exercises for arms without building mass

    Many women avoid fitness workouts for the hands, because I believe that with additional weights or equipment they get big muscles like bodybuilders.

    However muscle growth is actually slow, gradual process that many athletes spend years. Also for a visible muscle building requires specific conditions (weights, special protein supplements, etc.).

    For example, weight loss requires a caloric deficit, and to increase muscle mass need to consume calories about two more than you need for daily values the average person. When losing weight, there is no need to increase fiznagruzki in the implementation of the trainings, but for pumping up muscles not do without it.

    Before starting the exercises, do some home workout. Pay special attention to warming up of joints, ligaments, spine, lumbar. Don’t neglect rotational movements and tilt: these basic exercises are great help to avoid injuries. After warm-up gym you can proceed to the main complex.

    • Squats with wide placement of stop 3 times for 10-15 runs.

    Stand straight, feet apart slightly wider than shoulders. Lift your chin and hands behind your head or cross your chest, bend your legs, pelvis pull back a little and lower it parallel to the surface. Take the initial position.

    • Push-UPS with support on the knees — 3 sets of 5-10 runs.

    Sit on the fitness Mat, stand on it with your knees. Palms rest on the Mat so that the width between your hands was a bit more than shoulder width. Keep your posture straight, lower body to floor is very low, then take the initial position.

    • Push-UPS on bench — 3 sets of 5-10 runs.

    Stand with your back to a support (stool, bench, Cabinet), lean your hands, stretch your legs. With a straight posture, lower the pelvis as long as the angle between the elbow joints and support reaches 90 degrees. Go back to the original position. The main rule in progress — do not place your elbows too far away from each other and not to round the shoulders to avoid injuries and sprains.

    • The rise of the pair of shells on biceps — 4 sets of 10-15 accomplishments.

    Grab a small kettlebell or a dumbbell. Raise your hands with shells to the shoulders. Then at a moderate pace, return to the starting position. This exercise slimming arm is allowed to do as alternately and simultaneously with both hands. For more effective development of the muscles of the hands, it is recommended to combine the options.

    Relax between calls to any of these exercises should not be more than a minute.

    Do not look for exercises that activate only slimming hands. Better pick up those moves that will start the fat burning throughout the body, but it will improve the appearance and will result in the tone arm.

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