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Fitness with a country flavor
The contents

  • When losing weight will not be a burden?
  • How to grow fruit, vegetables and lose weight?
  • What rules should be observed during physical fitness?

Spring came soon pulled strings of cars on the infield, will start the worries associated with the planting, hoeing, digging. For many, this work brings not only benefits but also pleasure. Is it possible to combine care of the garden and fitness? As it turned out, many have successfully mastered this science, and now have a slim figure, the bins full of all kinds of pickles, and in season all home eat fruits and berries.

When losing weight will not be a burden?

Moderate loads on the plot are very useful, and can not see how a couple of pounds will disappear without a trace. Stay in the fresh air — an option, in addition to the fitness we get a charge of optimism and a great harvest. But you must follow some rules, otherwise the benefits will be less than harm.

It is important to understand that losing weight always depends on how regularly we exercise. So with the loads in the garden, they should be regular, but at the same time modest. Not worth it to sunset to dig in the ground and trim trees, it is better to plan their actions, to alternate the types of work that have not been long involved one group of muscles. Then the work will not be too heavy, and the result after this fitness is guaranteed. Let every approach will be time no more than 2 hours, and you can continue after you rest, which will take 20-30 minutes.

How to grow fruit, vegetables and lose weight?

When the head is “jammed” problems associated with weeding and planting vegetables and thinking about eating are less frequent, the person is diverted, and a small snack will help remove the feeling of hunger. It is known that it is better to eat fractionally, little by little, but often. And when will the first cucumbers, peppers, fruit from the tree alongside the house, you can eat on the spot. There is one important fact: do not forget that you need all fruits and vegetables wash.

In the spring sunshine getting a dose of vitamin D, the skin is tanned, leaving painful bruises under the eyes, but do not forget about protection for your hands, face. It is proved that an early start contributes to weight loss, and morning walk in the garden will help to quickly Wake up. But how often, having unbent, we have a sore low back, crunchy knees, and dizzy. This is because it is necessary to organize the work: to distribute the load during digging beds, lifting heavy buckets, to choose the suitable particular person the tools for the job.

What rules should be observed during physical fitness?

To avoid problems with the spine and prevent pain in the joints, it is necessary to know the basic rules that would easy to do all the exercises without compromising health. First we need to warm up before any workout. Mash the cervical spine by rotating the head to both sides, shoulders, hip, legs. This can be done in any form: the rotary motion, rocking hands and feet, can be a little jump on the spot. To perform bending in all directions, touching the ground with your hands, squat several times.

Can not grow vegetables without digging beds, and it is important to do it correctly. The bad position of the body when it is arched back, straight legs. No back pain no cost, and the productivity is low, as in half an hour, will appear discomfort.

Fitness in the garden with assistant trainer shovel is the perfect solution. Sticking a shovel in the ground, put on her leg, the second bent. When you load the position of the half squat, after the earth is tilted, straighten. This exercise uses several muscles, and it is complex. Better turn to change your feet, and not to forget the back, seek not to return to the usual technique of digging.

Not to hurt the back and at the time when you have a lot to carry buckets of water, you need to remember that it is better to divide the amount of water to 2 buckets, than to toil and to drag both full to the brim. They need to lift with straight back, slightly pre-bent. They do the same when we put them on the ground.

To take the load off the lower back and helps position the legs in the half squat. If the back is flat at the moment work, you will be able to avoid pain in this area. Hands you must swap, so will be able to distribute the load evenly.

While working in the greenhouse when tying tomatoes reach high up to the noticeable stretching in the muscles, stand on tiptoes. You can also combine work with lunges on both legs alternately.

Weed the vegetable garden. It is better to use a fixture for which stand knees, not squat. Along the way, we raise the feet alternately up, after warming up, we continue to weed.

The least effective exercise in this kind of fitness, when using the watering can when watering. Carry it should alternately by different hands, back straight as always. To monitor the condition of the back alone is not easy, and pulls back in a habitual half-bent state. But if you periodically do the exercises, then it is easier to remember, and eventually it will become a habit.

Instead of rods you can use a fork, it is helpful to raise small tool weight 15 times. You can use other tools, or two small plastic buckets of water as dumbbells. Do not overdo it, if one feels pain in the lower back or back, in the thoracic spine, it means that something goes wrong.

While working people sweating heavily, out excess salt, fluid, so after fitness in the garden you need to take a shower, and then a little lie down, to rest. The entire inventory needs to match the increase in operating, so as not to bend excessively.

If you want to continue working in the evening, after work, it is useful to treat yourself to a soak in the tub, apply a body scrub and a facial to clear pores. Weight loss will occur smoothly, safely, energy is wasted when working in the garden a lot, and if you combine fitness in the garden with beauty treatments, skin will be toned, silky.

It is also undeniable emotional satisfaction from their activities. It’s nice when you can see the result of labor, to observe, how to grow vegetables, sing fruit, plain work can be called a kind of meditation. People who have a dacha with a kitchen garden, or flower beds, a vineyard, fruit trees, do not lose heart, and get pleasure from life, able to survive in any conditions.

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