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Food for a proper dinner
The contents

  • The foods suggested for a healthy dinner
  • Light dinner: food for healthy sleep
  • Eating right: recipes for dinner
    • Pasta with chicken breast and Parmesan cheese
    • Pumpkin curry

Many people who even sleep the required eight hours, Wake up tired and “broken”. Maybe it’s the food that they consume before bedtime. What the experts recommend to make for dinner, to Wake up full of strength and energy?

The foods suggested for a healthy dinner

With the coming of night, the human body has to adjust to the rest and relaxation, so do not want to overload his digestion difficult digestible food. But to go to bed hungry, too bad – it can cause various disorders of the digestive system. In addition, hunger affects the quality night of rest – it will be disturbing and shallow.

Therefore, dinner should not be less than several hours before bedtime. However, its quality has an impact not only evening meals, but the foods that a person chooses for this meal.

Nutritionists recommend to give preference to low fat meat poultry, beef, seafood and sea fish. Cook them for a couple preferably by braising, or roasting in the oven with minimal oil.

People who prefer vegetarian food, suitable for foods such as lentils, beans and other legumes.

Good for dinner, green leafy vegetables, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, carrots and various types of cruciferous. They are a valuable source of fiber and water-soluble vitamins, stimulating the growth of new cells. A good addition to these products nutrition will be buckwheat or rice (cooked without salt and oil).

But from fat, smoked, spicy and salty foods must be abandoned, because it is a long time to digest, interfering with normal sleep. In addition, pickles, smoked meat and sausages cause fluid retention in the tissues, where in the morning the face will not look their best. A large number of spices contained in them, stimulates the appetite. So after dinner, you might be tempted again to eat.

Also of note is food, not less invigorating coffee or strong tea. These include chocolate, cheese, soy and beef liver. They contain the substance tyramine, which helps to maintain the body in the waking state.

However, there are products having the opposite effect. So, bananas, milk, nuts and oatmeal have a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system, promotes healthy sleep and a full night’s rest. Good relaxants are also considered as herbal teas based on chamomile, mint or lemon balm. They soothe and improve digestion.

Light dinner: food for healthy sleep

It is proved that proper nutrition not only supports good health during the day, but also significantly improves sleep. It was also found that people eating irregularly, often suffer from insomnia.

Therefore, a balanced diet, not overloaded with unnecessary calories, will help make sleep more long and strong. It will also allow you to avoid a morning of dullness and malaise, as well as increase the efficiency throughout the whole working day. Well rested for the night man it is easier to cope with stressful situations and less prone to depressive moods.

It is also important to maintain a normal drinking mode, which requires sufficient intake of clean water (about 2 liters a day). However, it is undesirable to drink during the meal.

Proper nutrition implies a sufficient presence in the diet of unsaturated fats. However, the amount of butter should be limited. Also, do not want to eat sandwiches with tea. Diluted liquid stomach acid worse recycles the already “heavy” for digestion sandwiches. This is not the best way affects the condition of the body and the person becomes difficult to sleep after such a meal.

For the prevention of sleep disorders is recommended to give up Smoking. Since the presence of this bad habit makes fruitless all attempts at repairing the body.

With regard to taking alcoholic drinks, eating healthy allows 1 glass of dry wine a few hours before bedtime, which will help to relax. However, the abuse of alcohol has on the nervous system opposite effect. It causes thirst, which hinders the normal night’s rest.

Eating right: recipes for dinner

So dinner was light and nutritious, and sleep after him strong and healthy, you must learn to choose the right food for cooking. Below are a few recipes that conform to the principles of a balanced diet.

Pasta with chicken breast and Parmesan cheese

For this dish you need to bake it in a preheated oven 3 peeled and cut lengthwise pepper. Bake the vegetables for about 10 minutes, then remove from the oven and wrap in foil. Then cool, remove skin from peppers and cut into strips.

It is necessary to separately prepare the filling: mix in small bowl 2 tbsp olive oil, 4 tbsp of chicken broth 3-4 garlic cloves, minced, 1 teaspoon dried oregano 0.75 Cup grated Parmesan cheese and 0.5 cups of fresh, chopped Basil. Mix all the ingredients.

You should then prepare two chicken Breasts. They should be rinsed, dry with paper towel, then season with salt and pepper to taste. Then fry in a pan with minimal amount of oil, cool slightly and cut into pieces.

Boil according to the instructions pasta (240 g).

While boiling pasta, you need a big pan to stew with a small amount of vegetable oil 1 chopped small cubes of zucchini and 2 shredded carrots.

Drain the water from the pasta and pass it to the vegetables in the pan. To remove the heat to low.

Add cheese mixture, chicken, and peppers. Stew for another 5-7 minutes.

Pumpkin curry

In a heated saucepan pour in 1 tbsp olive oil, add 1 chopped onion and 3-4 garlic notch. Cook on medium heat for 5 minutes (until soft).

Add 400 g pumpkin puree, the same amount of chopped tomatoes without skin, 400 g of red beans (drain the liquid) and 0.5 cups of canned chickpeas.

Pour 0.5 cups of vegetable broth and the same amount of coconut milk and then add a couple of tablespoons of the paste of red curry. Mix thoroughly and increase the fire. Simmer without covering with a lid, for 15-20 minutes, stirring constantly.

Curry is ready to serve, garnish with green onions.

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