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Food gluten-free: gluten is harmful to whom?

The contents

  • Healthy diet: common myths about gluten
  • What is the required power in celiac disease and a gluten Allergy?
  • A gluten-free diet: foods that do not harm the body

Human nutrition is hard to imagine without bread. This product is used for thousands of years. However, recently more and more often hear that people refuse to wheat flour products because of its content of gluten (gluten). What has caused this change in preferences? What kind of food you can organize gluten-free products?

Healthy diet: common myths about gluten

Gluten (gluten) is a complex protein compounds, able to give elasticity and porous structure of baked goods. The greatest quantity of the substance located in wheat. However, gluten is present in other grains (rye, barley, etc.). During heat treatment the bread rises and the gluten ceases to be viscous, retaining its elasticity (so fresh pastries can restore the form when pressed).

Unfortunately, there are people suffering from gluten intolerance (celiac disease). And although there are more than one percent, more and more supporters of a healthy way of life tends to go on a gluten-free diet. The reason the myths that surround popular gluten-free diet. Experts understood how they correspond to reality.

  • Products with gluten cause bloating and flatulence

Many people choose a gluten-free diet to avoid such unpleasant symptoms as bloating and flatulence. However, as a result of investigations, it was proved that such manifestations are characteristic only for celiacs. In healthy people, gluten doesn’t cause bloating.

  • Gluten contributes to obesity

Specialists in nutrition claim that obesity is the result of the abuse of fats and simple carbohydrates. However, bread and pastries (regardless of gluten), really high in calories and include them in the diet should be in moderation.

  • Products with gluten lead to cardiovascular disease

To date there is no scientific study that would confirm this theory. At the same time in persons with intolerance of vegetable protein it really is high cholesterol, which could lead to cardiovascular diseases.

  • Gluten-free food provides more vigor

Vigor – a condition which is quite difficult to accurately assess and measure. Fans of the vegetarian diet claim that plant foods really gives the feeling of lightness and vigor. However, this is more of a rejection of meat and other heavy to digest food. At the same time, nutritionists urge to absorb unlimited quantities of bread and sweet pastries, which are also quite hard to digest.

What is the required power in celiac disease and a gluten Allergy?

To answer the question, what kind of food have intolerance plant based protein, you should understand what is this disease?

First of all, it should be noted that celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disease. Its main manifestation is inflammation of the walls of the small intestine, through the consumption of products containing gluten.

Even a small amount of gluten in the diet can provoke a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • bloating and diarrhea;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • loss and lack of energy;
  • reduce appetite;
  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • osteoporosis;
  • reproductive functions;
  • problems with the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

The disease is often inherited and can manifest even in young children. Therefore, if you have a family history of this disease, you need to carefully monitor the reaction of the child’s body to the introduction of first complementary foods cereals. Celiac disease if left unchecked, there is a risk that the child will lag behind in growth and development.

Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, the doctor will first recommend to go on a gluten-free diet, which will help to reduce unpleasant symptoms. Because today there is no cure from this disease, then patients will have to completely eliminate foods containing gluten from the diet.

It should be noted that in addition to celiac disease there is still allergic to plant protein. This condition has nothing to do with the presence of enzymes processing gluten and the condition of the walls of the small intestine.

Allergic reaction develops in contact with even tiny amounts of gluten in the body, and is accompanied by digestive disorders, skin rashes, headaches and (in some cases) anaphylactic shock.

Like other types of Allergy, allergic to vegetable protein cure is very difficult. To alleviate the condition by using changes in diet. Doctors recommend to give up not only from bread, pasta and most cereals, but also from many prepared foods and sauces, sausage, cereal, candy, etc. in Addition to the correction of the diet of the patient can prescribe antihistamines and multivitamin complexes.

A gluten-free diet: foods that do not harm the body

To understand what nutrition you need with celiac disease, you should determine what you can replace glutenallergie products. Doctors and nutritionists recommend to pay attention to the following analogues of wheat flour, which will help to reduce the consumption of gluten.

  • Rice flour

In many countries this kind of flour is the most popular. It is possible to bake bread, make noodles, and more. Its advantages include not only gluten, but also an abundance of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

  • Buckwheat flour

This gluten-free product preserves all the useful substances contained in buckwheat, and it helps maintain the vigor of the body. A low calorie of buckwheat flour allows you to incorporate it even in the diet losing weight. In addition, it is possible to prepare a lot of healthy options.

  • Garbanzo bean flour

The benefits of chickpeas known to all fans of healthy nutrition. After all, he is the source of many vitamins and minerals. And made with chickpea flour meals help to improve digestive processes and help to fight fatigue and provide energy.

  • Corn flour

Another important product for celiacs. Cakes made of corn flour obtained not only delicious and low calorie, but very useful. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly include in the diet even healthy people.

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