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Food rules for fast and effective slimming

The contents

  • Rules of nutrition to reduce excess weight
  • An example of effective short weight loss diet
  • The principles of fitness to weight loss

The people who decided to fight against excess weight you want to lose weight as quickly as possible. But they must understand that sudden weight loss can have a negative impact on the health and kilograms, departed as the result of drastic measures are likely to come back in twice the quantity. Effective and safe weight loss happens only when in accordance with the principles of proper nutrition on the body are regular exercise, and the amount spent by the body of calories by 10-15% over the number received. The decrease in excess weight will happen as fast as it allows the individual characteristics of the organism.

Rules of nutrition to reduce excess weight

Nutrition is an important factor which determines the weight gain and weight loss. Food is the main source of calories and nutrients, due to which the body operates. That is why the fight against overweight should start with analysis and correction of food habits. Wanting to reduce excess weight, you need to make such changes in eating habits:

  • to reduce the overall calorie all foods and dishes consumed in a day, so that the number of ingested calories was 10% less of the recommended daily intake.

This law should be calculated in each specific case, taking into account the anthropometric data, the intensity of physical activity, particularly lifestyle and overall health. Most likely, the first time it will be difficult to comply with such restrictions in food, so food is allowed within individual calorie intake. But this will somewhat slow down the process of losing weight;

  • the entire amount of allowed calories should be divided into 5-6 meals, 3 of them due to the large portions are considered essential and 2-3 with snacks;
  • nutrition, slimming, should be balanced and comprise 50% protein, 40% slow carbs and 10% fats.

All the carbohydrates and fats provided by the diet should be consumed for Breakfast and lunch. Proteins should be present in every meal, but most of them in the evening. Dinner should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime;

  • to reduce excess weight from the diet should exclude all foods and dishes, not in the category of healthy.

We are talking about fatty meat, baking, sweets, processed foods, fast food, sausages and canned food, alcoholic and sweet drinks, packaged juices;

  • the menu should be protein products, for example, diet white meat, fish and seafood, low-fat dairy products, eggs.

Carbohydrates should be ingested in the form of products and dishes legume and cereal flour. Vegetables, except potatoes, should also be present in the menu in large quantity because they are low in calories and are a valuable source of fiber. Vitamins must be ingested in greens and unsweetened fruit, and fats from fish, avocado, nuts and vegetable oils. Reducing excess weight does not provide a complete rejection of fats, as they are involved in many important processes in the body, for example, in the formation of cell membranes;

  • the slimming process is impossible without the observance of special drinking regime.

According to him, the total amount drunk per day of liquid should not be less than 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. Under the liquid means clean drinking water without any other beverages and liquid foods. It is especially important to drink during fitness classes, doing it in small SIPS and not waiting for the emergence of an acute feeling of thirst.

An example of effective short weight loss diet

Starvation and strict diets for a long time though and give a noticeable result of weight loss, but adversely affect health. In addition, after the transition to the usual mode of eating the weight immediately returns and often doubled. But in some cases, for example, in the absence of progress in weight reduction on the background of all of the measures taken, the body needs a jolt to overcome the so-called “plateau”. For this you can resort to short diets. As example is the cabbage diet. It involves eating all the cabbage varieties as main product. A sample diet looks like the following:

  • Breakfast: salad of cabbage or red cabbage without salt or butter or boiled broccoli, kohlrabi or cauliflower.
  • Snack: green tea, kiwi.
  • Lunch: 200 g boiled or steam meat diet, cabbage salad with olive oil.
  • Dinner: one half quail or chicken eggs, cabbage salads, one sour Apple or paraprof.
  • Snack: a glass of nonfat yogurt.
  • The principles of fitness to weight loss

    Fitness classes are also important in the process of weight loss, and proper nutrition. They are the primary means of increasing calorie consumption. Of course, any physical activity is useful for weight loss, but to extract the maximum benefit from it and accelerate the process of losing weight, you must train in accordance with the following principles:

    • physical activity should be regular.
    • Depending on the nature and intensity of training can be from 3 to 5 during the week;
    • fitness classes the preference should be given to cardio, working fast to 70-80% of maximum heart rate for at least half an hour.

    Individual maximum you can see if you subtract from the rate of 220 years. If the level of physical training allows to train in such a rhythm, it is possible to reduce the load, gradually increasing it as you improve fitness;

    • power training should not be neglected.

    Fitness classes with its own weight and the weights help to strengthen and build muscle, which in combination with cardio gives the most effective result – slim and athletic toned body.

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